Diary/ Bio (Not fiction) Meh #4

Hello, so if you count the ones from Wattpad, this would be my 4th Bio aka Meh #4. So this is just gonna be filled with rants maybe, feelings and stuff that goes on I guess.Enjoy! Leave comments please, so that I can make friends and get advice xD



So I accidentally reset my school's laptop that they gave us, and I'm freaking out because they'll probably most likely get angry. And annoyed at me. I DIDN'T MEAN TO RESET THE WHOLE THING. It wouldn't let me on the internet and I didn't really see what I clicked and stuff. Although it said that it didn't reset properly I think....but I need an addministravite password. >.< And the one tech guy is rude and I don't want my parents knowing, because of the whole responsibilty thing. That's a whole other story btw. and Stuff. UGHHHHHHHHH I made a huge mistake, anyway I won't be on until maybe monday. Which is when I'll have to tell them what I did, and I dunno if they;ll let me borrow one for a few days or not. Anyway yeah I'm screwed. And don't have a phone. Another long story. I'll come back as soon as I can/ 



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