Diary/ Bio (Not fiction) Meh #4

Hello, so if you count the ones from Wattpad, this would be my 4th Bio aka Meh #4. So this is just gonna be filled with rants maybe, feelings and stuff that goes on I guess.Enjoy! Leave comments please, so that I can make friends and get advice xD


21. To be honest

Things I like/want/look for/adore/wish for in a boyfriend

1.) PRIDE-I want you to be PROUD that I'm your girlfriend. I want you to be happy that you're dating me. That I am worth shouting, "I AM DATING( fill in the blank)!!!"

2) Safety

3) Happiness-Not that you have to be happy all the time or anything. You make me happy in whatever mood you're in just because we are talking ^~^

4) Love

5) Spontaneousness-Being random, "hyperactive"

6) Random texts-See how I am, how much I mean to you, stuff like that. I don't need it like 24/7 but at least once in a while. ;-; or once...

7) Understanding

8) Good listener

9) Honesty-Probably should actually be up there with #1

10) Spam-sometimes-although I do it all the time >.< I need to stop spamming you >.<

11) Someone that would stay up late with me or to talk to me-depending on time zone and conditions-you've already done that for me :3

12) Cute names-already done

13) Inside jokes-already done

14) Weirdness-already done

15) Awkwardness-depends on person-already done 

16) Texts first SOMETIMES- Doesn't have to all the time but at least like do it once? ;-;

17) Not be afraid of

18) Helpful

19) Patient

20) Funny

21) Mature- but immature too

22) Supports me- I'll support you in anything :3




Obviously these aren't all gonna come true and I won't find all of them in one person. But mostly all of them are in Luke. He just needs to work on responding. -.- to me. But I do love him. I just have to get used to things and change my clinginess. ;-; 

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