Diary/ Bio (Not fiction) Meh #4

Hello, so if you count the ones from Wattpad, this would be my 4th Bio aka Meh #4. So this is just gonna be filled with rants maybe, feelings and stuff that goes on I guess.Enjoy! Leave comments please, so that I can make friends and get advice xD


30. Rant

There's a reason that I'm not close with my parents, or family. I have a past, a life, BIG regrets, guilt, memories, anger, sadness, and stuff. But understand that I can't "just be "open" " with my parents. No Anna you're over thinking it. No I'm not. Because I've TRIED being open, I've TRIED telling them what's wrong. I've TRIED communication . -.- And the "I feel..." statements. I've never even gone to a therapist before and I've tried that method. It DOESN'T work. I am not as close as I'd like to be with anyone in my family. I've tried; that's all I can say. Yeah, there's times I feel close, to them, but not permanently. Not like...and it's so complicated to explain. I don't want to get into this until Luke and I can talk about it. Or at least until I tell him about it. I want him to hear things first. I don't know why...It's weird because I'm writing this 2 hours later and I'm still a bit pissed, but I am calmer. 

Okay, so this is gonna sound funny, I guess? XD But I like to remain a lil' bit of a mystery. In relationships, finding things out about the other is fun and interesting!! It's like solving a mystery or puzzle. I always liked puzzles when I was younger. I guess also I'm just afraid they'll get bored of me. :/ But also, my life story is private. Not in my best friend in real life knows my complete story. None of them do. But that's another rant/story all in its self. 

Anyway, sorry that I sounded rude and selfish and childish in my mumble. Something else was currently going on that annoyed me, and then my dad saying that I HAD to go to a meeting; about NOTHING that would help me or interest me as a career, future anything or anything. I mean yes, I support my dad's job and company, but just because I'm a boss's child doesn't mean I need to go to the meeting. -..- And it's not just about the meeting. It's the fact that I'm ALWAYS being drug around EVERYWHERE!!! 

You see, I'm the youngest in the family. -.- You'd think I'd be spoiled or something right? Welp you're wrong. And yeah yeah I know that, that's cliche and that it's not always the youngest that gets favored; I know. Calm ya terts. XD But anyway, so my dad's FAVORITE quotes are, "You're not 18 yet." AND "You can't drive yet." / "You don't have a car. Soooo...you're going." -.- Just because I don't have a car YET and I'm not 18 :( Doesn't mean that I HAVE to get drug everywhere!! Okay? And then when I was younger, my parents favorite quote was, "I'll give you something to smile about." Or something alone the lines of, "You better smile or I'll give you something to smile about." -....- So, waiiiiiiiiit. Spanking me, is gonna make me smile?!?! WHO KNEW?!!! ------.............--------😔😔😔😔😔😑😑😑😑😒😒😒


I mean, I told you I didn't want to go. Also, you knew I'd put up a fight and be grumpy. Sooooooooo why are you telling ME to fake a smile??? It's your fault you even drug me there!! 

Yes, yes, I know that for some circumstances, I HAD to go somewhere because I was too young to stay at home. But I'm soon gonna be 16 now!! -.- Like, nobody is gonna kidnap me or break into our house! We live far enough away!! -.-





@3 Second Luke


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