Forbidden || M.G.C

When a shy girl named Lila moves in with her brother Ashton she ends up finding love with a close friend of his. Will their love be forbidden or will Ashton allow it?

(A/N this is when 5sos is not a band.)


2. Chapter 2

Ashton's POV

I can't believe it. My baby sister is finally here and my father is in prison. I hope he rots in that hell hole. I never trusted him when I saw him lay his hand on our mother's face. He never deserved her or Lila. When I left I got so guilty. Depression started and I always looked for my "friend". The shiny blade filled my guilty hunger. I stopped last week. Even though I still have scars I cover them to make sure Lila doesn't see them. I don't want her to go down that road. Thank god Luke was here. He finally got me to stop.

The clock hits 8:30 and my two other friends arrive. Calum and Michael. These guys are like brothers to me. I just hope none of them get interested in Lila. They are kinda players. They know when to quite but ya never know.

"Hey guys what's up?" I start off the conversation with a normal starter.

"Nothing much. I heard you had your sister here? Is she coming to the party?" Calum. He is so tan compared to the rest of us. We call him a kiwi though. So.

"Guys what's up with Michael?" Luke asks pointing to where Michael is standing. He's away from the group. That's kinda unusual.

"Guys can you not talk about me I'm literally right here. All I did was get a text." Michael amazed us by responding. Michael ended up laughing and we all laughed about it.

"Guys get ready tonight's the night. The epic party to start off another semester of school." I say. In thirty minutes I expect people to show.

~~Thirty minutes later~~

Lila's POV

I woke up at 8:30 hearing voices talking to Luke and Ashton.

"Guys can you not talk about me I'm literally right here." I heard a cute voice respond. The laugh afterwards was adorable.

I ended up not wearing a dress. I'm not going to be a slut like some people that might be here. I wore some black skinny jeans. Along with my black high top converse. I wore my grey t-shirt that was v-neck. I let my hair stay down in its natural wave. I decided for no makeup. It's too much work.

I went downstairs and instantly regretted it. I saw people I didn't know. And my breathing got heavy. I ran upstairs to my room and took two pills from my medication. Like the bottle says. I started feeling better so I headed downstairs to find Ashton.

I couldn't find Ashton. So I found Luke instead. When I tapped Luke he was talking to some girl. I felt bad.

"Hey Luke. Sorry. Have you seen Ashton?" Like turned around to look at me with a red solo cup in his hand.

"I haven't seen him. Calum might know where he is." Luke pointed towards a dude with black hair with a blonde streak in it. He was really tan.

Calum. That sounds really familiar. But why.

"Hey are you Calum?" He turned around and looked straight at me.


(A/N They know each other?? Idk what I'm doing. Sorry I'm so slow at updating I am. )

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