Us, Just You and Me

8 friends.
Friends that thought that would last forever.
Until life happens and they are sent into different directions.
Can a love story bring the high school rejects back to family?


5. Tell Me That You Love Me


Calum and Heather have been together since high school and they are the typical dramatic couple, probably because Heather is a dramatic girl.

They both love each other so much and believe it or not, they are going to get married.

But, a little drama could probably spice things up for everyone since Camille, the maid of honor, is pushing everyone too much.

Heather, being too dramatic as always, has some of her usual depressions and Calum always wants to be around her to take care of her in case she feels too lonely.

But even though, Calum is near her, Heather wants to hear words from him after all this year because her soul needs to hear the beautiful things only Calum can say to her.

And sometimes, saying I love you can fill the broken inside of someone, including Heather´s.



















Fall 2018

I got up from the dirty and wet ground with Calum´s help and I let out a small giggle.

“We should go to our room. You are probably tired after this long day.” He says.

“We should, but I am not tired at all. I am just hungry, aren´t you hungry?” I ask.

“You are probably the only girl who thinks about food after crying and being emotional.” He says while smiling a laughing.

“I want to survive, I mean, I think that we all have to eat a lot if we want to survive. Anyways, I am fine, I guess. After all, I don’t even need them at all!” I say.

“Well, I think we should get room service tonight. I am tired and I don’t want you to be wandering around the city in that little and short dress your sister chose for you.” Calum says.

I let out a small giggle and I think that I am a very lucky person. Maybe even the luckiest in the whole universe.

“You are always jealous! It makes you look so cute!” I say.

“You are jealous too. Remember the past concert?” he reminds me.

“Let´s not talk about it and besides, I just don’t like other girls like them using my Mrs. Hood tittle.”

“They are probably going to stop using it this spring. I mean, they should.”

We walk back to the hotel talking about anything because that´s just how we work, we always match, as if we were meant to be.

“I think that you shouldn´t have done that.” Calum says in a non-usual deep voice.

“Do what?” I ask

“Say that it was your fault. It really wasn’t, you know. It was my fault because I was the one who made you feel unsure, the one that made you feel different than before…” Calum keeps talking in a soft and sweet voice, but my mind focuses on him and a little smile appears in my face.

His little puppy eyes are shinning and he has this soft, yet serious face. And I think that I could do this all of my life, just look at him until the time passes because he can certainly stop time and then there are just two little small, dark but scared and terrified shadows. Us.

We are just two little shadows because no one knows truly about us, but we try to keep fighting because we are going to make it together. It doesn’t matter if we are scared, because we are going to be together till the end and we are invincible together.

I guess those are the thoughts that blurry you when you are in love.

Before Calum says anything else, I just hug him tightly and I breathe his scent. That scent that has been there with me for so long that at some point, I can consider it as a scent of home because that is where I belong. In his arms…

Calum hugs me back, and he puts his head on top of mine and slightly brushes my hair while some little tears start falling, messing up Calum´s white shirt.

I don´t have to say anything because Calum somehow understands me. Words aren’t needed.

“Everything is going to be okay. You´ll see that we will make it eventually.” He says in a sweet and delicate voice.

The love of my life hugs me tighter this time and we stay like that for a while until my tears have stopped.

Then, he slowly takes my hand again after brushing off my tears with his large thumbs.

“Are you okay?” Calum asks worried.

“Yes.” I whisper.

“Are you sure?” He makes sure again.

“Yeah. I am still hungry.” I say smiling now.

“Okay. I got it. The first thing we have to do when we get there is call for food.”

“Yes! You understand me so well. This is why I love you.”

Our relationship has always been like this. We have always had jokes even when we are down and delicate because that is something that makes us. All of us. Not just us, but including our friends. We are all like that because we are just used to that, because we have grown up like that and we certainly enjoy being like that and we feel comfortable being just what we are, just ourselves.

We get to the hotel and we use the elevator and get to our hotel room.

When Calum opens the door, I immediately rush to the bed and lay down after taking a long breath.

“I told you that you were probably tired.” He says laughing and I just laugh with him because it´s the truth.

“It´s just that it has been a very long day!” I say quietly.

Before Calum can call to order our dinner, someone knocks softly the door and Calum immediately opens the door before I can even get up.

“Hey, guys! We came to visit!” Camille shouts entering the room with a big smile.

She is wearing a cute black, medium sleeved dress, with white details at the borders and she probably just comes from the wedding too with the others.

“Hey.” I say.

“Are you guys coming? We were going to have dinner tonight because it´s our last day here.” Sandy says nervously while she is making sure her wine colored dress is in the right place.

“You guys can´t be absent. I mean, Heather is the one who always talks too much, so it will be super quiet and awkward if she doesn’t come.” Michael says.

“Alright. But I need to change before leaving. I don´t want to wear this bridesmaid dress the whole night.” I try to say a little ashamed.

“Okay, but make sure to wear something very formal because the restaurant we are going to is somewhere very fancy. That´s why I have to wear this dress.” Genevive says pointing at her short and fitted, red dress.

“I guess we will meet you all at the lobby.” I reply before my friends leave us alone.

Before I even realize it, I slowly take Calum´s arm and I look at his eyes before doing what I attempted to do.

I unbutton the first buttons of his shirt and I make sure everything is in order before I smile at him and kiss him quickly.

“Did you just made sure that I look better than usual?” he asks me and I start laughing.

“Yep. I want you to look amazing like always. I mean, why do you even want to hide your amazing looks?” I ask still laughing.

“For you. Not everyone has the same luck as you, you know. You are special, baby.” Calum says in a serious tone and I just smile and giggle more.

“I know how lucky I am. Having you makes me the luckiest person in the whole history of humans.”

Calum gives me another quick kiss before asking me what he always asks.

“What are you going to wear? Please tell me that you are going to wear long pants and a blazer.”

“Nope. I am going to wear a cute black dress or do you prefer a white one?” I ask showing him two of my favorite dresses.

“I think you look amazing in both and the color of the blazer counts.” He says making an obvious notice of the word blazer.

“Calum, I don’t need a blazer because I can wear yours. I mean, I like yours and even if I go with mine, you are still going to insist on putting on another one at least in my shoulders and legs. And since your blazer is black, I think I will wear the white dress with my red shoes. Do you think it is too much?” I ask noticing that I am talking a lot.

“You can never have too much because you look good in everything, baby.” He replies and a wide smile appears on my face.

I take out the white dress and I catch a glimpse of the pink dress that I wore for the announcement of my engagement.


“Okay. I´ll see you tomorrow and please wear the dress that you just received.” I say through the phone to Camille.

I end the last phone call I needed to make, and I enter my closet. I take out my pretty pink dress and I leave it hanging in front of the large mirror.

Then, I hear Calum entering the little apartment that is soon going to stop being our home.

“Hey.” He says before leaning forward to give a sweet kiss.

“So? How was it?” I ask curiously almost jumping up and down.

“Good. They are all very excited and happy. And they promised to not say anything to the girls yet.”

“I still can´t believe this is happening!” I say excited.

“I always thought that this was eventually going to happen. I mean, we have been together for a lot of things.”

“You´re right. I mean, that´s what makes us special and a story to share.”

After we talk till midnight with wine and beer, we eventually go to sleep.

The next morning, Calum decided to do “breakfast” which consists of some weird thing with salad and egg and the mango juice that I am addicted to.

“This thing is amazing, Calum! I am in love with you and with this weird thing you made me for breakfast. But, more with this breakfast.” I say and Calum laughs softly.

“Thank you. I will make sure to cook more often now that you have finally realized about my amazing and high cooking skills.” He replies.

“You are coming today, right?” I ask him nervously.

“Of course. I wouldn’t let you do this alone. Besides, it is going to be exciting to see how they react to us and the guys are probably going to come to.”

When we finish breakfast, I clean the dishes since Calum made breakfast.

Then, the day just passes quickly while Calum and I cuddle while we watch TV.

Finally, the night comes and we start getting ready.

I decide to put on a pretty fluffy pink dress with some jewelry and of course, my gorgeous engagement ring.

Calum comes out all dressed up with an amazing suit and we leave the house.

Then, Calum drives us to the fancy restaurant where we made reservations for eight.

Before we enter the restaurant, Calum puts me his blazer on my shoulder and I smile widely.

When we enter, our friends are already there.

Camille in her amazing blue dress talking to Ashton, Sandy in her black dress with little silver details next to Luke and Genevive with her white dress with gold details alone.

The eight of us sit down and I start to thank our friends.

“We would like to thank you guys for taking the time to come. And I would personally want to thank my three lady friends for even wearing the dresses I have sent and requested for you to wear. And before you say anything, I brought you some little things that I would like to give you before we start things off.” I say before I start giving my three friends little boxes in colorful boxes.

Then, Camille is the first one to shout.

“Oh my god! Yes! I have been waiting for this announcement for years! Is this our little special necklace?!” she asks before hugging me and trying on our new friendship necklace, which is the same infinity sign with little hearts at the endings with little diamonds.

“I am glad you like it!” I say.

“I can´t believe I am going to be your maid of honor! I mean, we have been talking about this our whole lives!” Camille says.

Then, Sandy and Genevive are the next ones to come and hug me.

“I can´t believe it!” Sandy says hugging me tightly.

“You made it!” Genevive says hugging me next.

“Hold on everyone!” Camille shouts.

“What is it?” We all ask alarmed.

“I have to see the ring!” my friend says coming next to me.

I show her my beautiful ring and she is amazed.

“Calum, you got this one right!” Camille says to him and we all laugh.

“Why aren’t you guys surprised?” Sandy asks.

“We already knew. Calum told us yesterday.” Luke says.

“Are we the last ones to know?” Genevive asks surprised with her usual dramatic wide eyes.

“Not really. I mean, I just wanted this to be perfect and I needed to make sure you guys got the dresses and the necklaces I just brought you and I just wanted everything to be perfect!” I answer.

“Well, congratulations to you too. Especially you, Calum.” Camille says.

“Thank you.” Calum responds.

“I mean; everyone should congratulate Calum because he did an amazing job proposing.” I say.

“You need to tell us everything, girl!” Michael and Ashton say imitating a feminine voice and we all laugh.

“What was that?” I ask.

“It´s just that you guys are all excited and sound just like that.” Michael replies.

“Well, I mean we are just too excited for our friend´s wedding. But, can you please tell us?” Camille asks me shyly, probably because of Michael.

“Well, a couple of days ago. Calum just came home after being out for a couple of months. Then, he bought me a beautiful blue dress and he invited me on a date, but he wanted me to wear that dress and I did wear it. Then, we went to an amazing and romantic Italian restaurant and guess what? He proposed with the most beautiful and precious words.” I say softly with a wide smile to my friends.

“Calum I can´t believe you knew about her obsession with Italian food.” Genevive says.

“Of course I knew! I mean, we have been together for years now!” Calum replies to my friend.

“Guys, we should totally celebrate!” Michael says.

“Oh, look at him! Already doing the duties of the best man.” Calum says teasingly.

“Oh, stop it, you two. Camille, you should start doing the duties too.” I tell my friend teasing him and everyone laughs.

“Anyways, we have to start preparing the wedding!” Sandy says excited.

“When are we going to celebrate your wedding?” Ashton asks.

“We thought that in between spring and summer.” Calum replies.

“That sounds beautiful! You will be able to have the prettiest flowers, though.” Genevive says happily since she has been a big flower lover since she was little and since I have met her, which was more than five years ago.

“And since I am in charge of the wedding, you are going to be the one to help Heather choose the most beautiful and amazing flowers. I hope to have some talk with the three of you and the guys sometime soon for the wedding.” Camille says getting in character and we all laugh.

The night goes pretty much the same.

Teasing each other almost all the time, laughing a lot, talking about the wedding, too much teasing to Calum and me and everyone just being happy and excited for us. This is how we all are, how the eight of us are very time something exciting happens between us.

We just congratulate and get excited for everyone because we all have been together for so many years that we just got used to it. We just already know what to expect from each other, how to keep each other where they are supposed to be. We are just like a little family that will stay together for long and long years. Many of us will get married and we will of course, be together of every important day.

“I have to admit that this is one of our best nights. Even though when we are seeing each other again as a group of friends after a lot of months and for some of us, even a year. But I think that we can all agree that this is something that is going to be marked as something beautiful and special for the eight of us. And I personally think that we should thank and truly congratulate Calum and Heather for their engagement, which is something that we all have been waiting patiently for since years ago. But, we should thank them because they have once again made us join and be the ones that we were before. I know we all met alone and personally for this past months and days, we all have been hanging out together, but it has been months since the last meeting of us, of the little group we have been since high school. This will be the start of the new us, of the new Calum, Heather, Michael, Luke, Ashton, Sandy, Genevive and me. This is finally the official start of the second phase of the rejects from high school.”

We all raised our little champagne glasses after Camille´s emotional speech.

I was brought to tears because this was in fact, the first time we all have been reunited after long months of pure confusing emotions such as the tragic break up of Michael and Camille and the harsh way Luke and Genevive decided to end everything, while Ashton and Sandy never started something between them.

This was just like Camille has said, the start of the second phase of the rejects from high school and it would start with excitement, yet a lot of hard work because planning my wedding would bring us stress and some emotions were waiting to strike back.



I putted on the tight white dress and the little red high heels before Calum enters the room.

“Ready to go?” he asks sweetly.

“Yeah. Does this look good?” I ask one more time.

Calum puts me his black blazer on my little shoulders and gives me a charming smile and says,

“You look amazing.” Calum says in a deep voice and a shy smile appears in my face.

We leave the room and take the elegant elevator.

When we get to the lobby, our six friends are already waiting for us.

“Oh, the love birds are finally here!” Camille says in the usual maid of honor tone she uses every time she sees me with Calum, but Michael says something sweet and soft before I can even say anything.

“You are doing a nice maid of honor job.” He says sweetly to his ex-girlfriend.

Camille smiles shyly, a smile that I haven’t seen in years.

“Should we get going?” Genevive asks awkwardly.

“Sure.” I answer taking Calum´s arm more dramatically.

The eight of us go out of the hotel and we get in our cars. I go with Calum, Luke with Sandy, while the rest of them, Camille, Genevive, Michael and Ashton end up ridding together even though, we all know there is going to be a very awkward silence between them for a long time, but they keep on insisting that everything is going to be alright.

When we get to the fancy restaurant, we all enter quickly thanks to the special reservation that Genevive made earlier today before my sister´s wedding.

Then, we all order before actually getting loud like always.

“We have a lot of things to do when we get back!” Camille says excited.

“Yeah. Too many. I wish this could last a little longer.” Michael says with a little shy smile.

A big smile appears in my face and Calum´s. We all know that Michael and Camille still can´t forget about each other, but they keep trying and maybe they will eventually do so.

“So, the first thing we are going to do is check out the venues.” Camille says proudly.

“Okay, but is Calum going to be there with us?” I ask.

“Oh, yes. Camille and I actually talked about it and we wanted to be planning a wedding where both of you agree and take the decisions together.” Michael says.

“That actually sounds pretty good.” Calum says.

“Yeah, I like it.” I say with a smile.

We all stay silent until I cut the silence saying what everyone desperately wants to say to each other before breaking apart again.

“Guys, we are going to see each other again, right? I mean, we should. This trip has been awesome because we had amazing times together after long months. We should try to make these meetings constantly. The wedding is still months away, and I know we will all meet there, but I think that we should do more meetings and going out before the wedding.” I suggest.

“Yeah, we would all like that.” Sandy says.

“Because we will always stay together, right? As we said in high school?” Calum says.

We all smile and we raise our glasses.

“To all the stress that is about to come to everyone because of me and Michael.” Camille says, saying Michael in a soft and delicate tone.

We all laugh tonight as if tomorrow we were falling apart, but the truth is that believe it or not, we are all going to the airport together and we are all going to aboard the same plane. But I guess it doesn´t matter because we always need and want to be more with each other.

The night goes sweetly, full of laughs, smiles, many cute looks among each other because we still need to be with the person we love.

We leave the restaurant and we drive to the hotel. Once we get there, we all say our goodbyes.

“Alright, we will see you guys tomorrow.” Calum says holding my hand tightly while my friends try hugging me.

When I separate from Michael´s hug, Calum is already trying to leave and I just laugh.

“See you, guys.” I say.

Calum and I walk to elevator that has been waiting for us.

“Why did you wanted to leave so quickly?” I ask him.

“We have a lot of things to talk about.” He replies.

“Like what?” I ask nervously.

“About earlier today at your sister´s wedding.”

“Calum, I am really tired for this. Maybe later.” I say entering the hotel room.

“Okay. Don´t worry.”

“I will take a shower.”


I enter the shower awkwardly.

I later find myself down the hot water crying.

What is going to happen with the wedding?

I think that the wedding can totally go on without the approval of my parents, but there is something inside of me, telling me that we are taking the wrong decision and the wrong path for ourselves.

But I deserve him, right?

I deserve to be happy after all these years of working so hard for myself.

I mean, I did everything I could. I think that I did everything I could possibly do for myself.

After trying to clean all of my ugly tears, I come out of the shower with my usual white pants and my long extra-large size shirt.

Without sharing a word at all with Calum, I just lay down on the bed in the right side.

Calum leaves to take a shower while I try to fall asleep, which seems impossible and I just stay there making myself smaller trying to hold on my tears again.

Some little tears finally make their way throughout my face and Calum comes out of the shower quietly, trying hard to not talk to me as he always does. Instead, he comes closer and looks at my eyes with a softness and sweetness. Then, he takes away my little tears with his long fingers and gives a little kiss before saying,

“Good night, Heather.”

He slowly lays next to me and he quickly falls asleep and his breathing becomes peaceful and quiet.

Then, I slowly end up falling asleep softly without realizing that my tears are still falling, harder this time.


I wake up with a big headache and I desperately try to find Calum.

After, scanning the room and not finding him, I just get up from the hotel bed and walk straight to the bathroom, where I take my usual morning shower before the long flight that is waiting for me.

When I come out of the shower, Calum is already there, but he looks concentrated in his iPhone.

“Morning.” I say the happiest way I can, even when my head is almost exploding.

“Oh. Hey.” He says coldly and my heart shrinks hardly and slowly, hurting me ad trying hard to not breaking apart.

Without saying a word, I give him an awkward little smile and leave the room.

I go back to the bathroom and start putting on make-up while Calum is still concentrated in his iPhone.

I finish my make-up and brush my hair. Then, I leave the bathroom and I go into the little closet room, where I change into one of my usual outfits, which consists of some formal pants, a nice white blouse, some big coat and beautiful pointed high heels.

When I finish, Calum is already ready to leave.

And so we do.

We meet our friends in the lobby not sharing a single word after our weird early morning conversation.

“Hey, guys!” Calum says happy, which makes my heart shrink in the same hurtful way as before.

Everyone replies to him excited.

Then, Camille takes me by the arm and separates me from Calum and whispers,

“Is something wrong between you two?” My friend asks carefully almost terrified of what my answer could be.

“I th-think so. I don´t even know that myself.” I say tired.

“How can you not know?” she asks me.

“He has a very awkward this morning and last night. We barely shared a word.”

“Ready to go?” Genevive asks us joining our conversation.

“Yeah.” I reply quickly.

The eight of us go to the airport and we all get on the same plane and we all go back home from Germany.

I spend the whole time reading and talking with Camille, who decided to seat next to me after Calum wanted to change seats with her, which made me wonder if he wanted to avoid me for the rest of his life. But I guess that would be kind of difficult since I am in fact wearing something that cost him a lot, an engagement ring.

When we land after being several hours in the plane, we all separate from each other since we are all tired and wanting to go home.

Calum and I get home after a long, silent and awkward drive.

Before I open the door of our apartment, I stop him.

“Calum, is something wrong between us?” I ask him nervously.

“You really don´t know.” He says.

“No, I don´t.” I say firmly.

Calum opens the door harshly and enters.

I hurry and get inside too, annoyed and mad at him.

“I know you do. But you are trying to look like you don´t.”

“Calum, I have no idea what you are even talking about!” I shout at him desperate.

His eyes turn watery and his expression turns hurt and soft.

“Every single time I try to get near you to help you, you just run away. I want to be there to help you. I want to hold you in my arms and tell you that everything is okay. I want to listen to you, but you keep running away from everything and from me.” Calum says in a loud and sharp voice that I have never heard him say.

“I just needed some time yesterday. I was really tired.”

“You can´t just run away from everything with the same excuse!”

“You are calling me a coward?!” I ask.

“Maybe a little bit.”

My face grows hot and I shout at him.

“You can´t say to me that you are there for me when you are not even there for me when I need it.” I reply firmly.

“I am not? I was there yesterday for you and you wanted me to stay away.”

“You don´t even love me! Why do you want to be by my side if you don´t even love me?” I shout at him with hot tears streaming down my face.

“What?” Calum asks surprised.

“You don´t love me, right? I am not even worth it. I am not worth your time. Why can´t you tell me that you love me? Why can´t you even lie to me when I am dying? When I am desperately in need of someone…” I say in a slow whisper and I slowly fall to the ground.

“If you think that I don´t love you by the way I act around you. Then, I don´t think that we deserve to be together because you clearly don´t know me or understand me.” Calum says in a quiet tone and starts walking towards the door.

“Calum…” I try calling him, but it only comes out as a whisper.

“Don´t. Because you don´t even understand me.”

The place is quiet now because he left.

I get up from the cold floor and lock myself in the bedroom crying.

Why am I this stupid?

What did he even do wrong?

Why am I blaming him when I perfectly know that I am the one who is wrong?

I don´t sleep tonight, I just stay awake sitting in the cold floor listening to slow and depressing music drinking a couple of beers and wine, smoking a little bit and crying because what else can I do?

I have already lost everything I had…



Calum´s Point of View

I go to the first bar that I can find in the longest and loneliest road of the whole city.

I really love her.

I think she loves me too.

Why was I that hard to her?

She doesn´t even deserves it.

She deserves much better.

I mean, after all those horrible and stressing days and having her heart broken by me for a month.

My mind is spinning after a couple of drinks.

I don´t even remember what drinks I had or how many, but I keep on going not caring about a single thing.

A couple of girls come near me trying to flirt.

“Hey.” A blonde girl says.

“Are you from here?” another girl says.

Without saying a word, I just ignore them, not even feeling sorry about it.

Then, the girls just get annoyed and leave.

After a couple of more drinks and losing my mind completely.

Then, without even thinking about it.

I leave the bar and stay outside while the fresh air hits me.

I try to think straight but I can´t because I am too drunk and my thoughts aren´t clear.

But, then, Michael comes for me.

“What are you doing here? Leave me alone, Michael.” I say annoyed.

“Come on, Calum. Let´s go home. Heather is probably waiting and is probably worried for you.” He answers.

“No, because I am an idiot and I said the worst things to her.” I say with some tears in my eyes.

“Okay. Then, let´s get you to my apartment.”

And before I even know it, I am already in Michael´s couch asleep.

I wake up tired with a terrible headache and I feel a weird emptiness inside me.

Then, I remember that she is not with me and my body has just realized that after not feeling that rush I always get near her.

“You are finally awake.” Michael says.

“What time is it?” I ask still tired.

“One in the afternoon. Calum, what happened?” my friend asks me.


“I know you and Heather are going through a hard time because of her sister´s wedding and all that, but I think that maybe you should go and get her back.”

“I don´t want to talk about.” I say because I already know that it is going to be more painful if I talk about it.

“You need to go and get her back before the time passes by and you are left without a single thing.”

“Michael, I just made the biggest mistake ever. She is not going to consider it. I just broke her apart.”

“That´s not true. Camille just called in to tell me that you are not the only one that is hurting. Heather is devastated. Camille says that she even drank alcohol, smoked and didn´t sleep at all. Come on, Calum. It´s time for you to save her again and finally save yourself because you want to be saving her every time she needs someone.” Michael says.




I open my eyes after being concentrated in the music for hours, when I hear Camille´s voice through my bedroom door.

Then, my friend opens my door sharply.

“Why the hell aren´t you answering my…?” She shouts before opening the door.

Then, she pauses and looks at me surprised.

She starts counting the wine and beer bottles, then, she starts counting the empty cigarette packs that are left in the floor.

“Are you crazy, Heather?! What is all this?!” Camille asks me surprised and mad.

“Calum and I…” I try saying with a dry voice, but she stops me.

“Okay, I got it. You are a mess. Did you even get some sleep or ate anything besides alcohol?” She asks and I shake my head without much energy.

“Come on, let´s get you something you eat first before you start vomiting all of that alcohol in your precious bedroom. Then, you will get some sleep.”

Camille drags me out of my bedroom and she makes me eat a lot of waffles with some of my favorite mango juice.

Then, she sends me to bed because she says that I look like shit.

But weirdly, I fall asleep quickly as if I already knew that my life was getting better the days after.

I wake up quickly after I feel the need to throw up all the alcohol I consumed last night.

I rush to the bathroom and stay there.

Then, without much energy, I take a shower trying to wake up and to forget everything that is running through my mind.

I get out of the shower in some clean clothes which consists of some simple cotton shorts and a comfy t-shirt.

When I feel my hair a little dry, I decide to make a ponytail and walk to the little kitchen.

I turn on the coffee machine and make myself some coffee trying to start being active again, even when I know that I am going to start drinking again in a couple of hours, at night.

I try to organize my bookshelves keeping my mind messy and busy with a one of my favorite chores.

I start putting all books in the floor and then, I start to place each one of them in a new order trying to have a better organization and make it look better.

When I finish organizing my bookshelves, I take out some drinks and some cigarettes.

Then, I just stay there, looking at the living room we have been sharing since months ago and some memories come back to me. Like the one when we were trying so hard to decorate our living room as we always wanted to.


Calum and I got out of the car happy and excited.

This was the first time we were going to enter our new apartment.

Calum looked excited and he hold my hand tighter than usual. He had this beautiful and amazing smile on his cute face, it was a smile that I wanted to see on his face more frequently.

We entered holding hands together and we got excited and happy.

“I can´t believe this is going to be the place where we will be for lots of years!” He said happy.

“Yeah. It is just perfect. This is exactly what I had in mind.” I reply excited too.

The couch and the table are already there placed in the exact place we wanted to. They arrived yesterday before us, along with the other furniture we ordered a couple of days ago.

“We should decorate this place!” I say.

“Yeah. We should. Everything just looks so simple for us.” He says.

So that´s what we do after having a little tour of the apartment.

We go to the nearest store and start looking around the aisles.

“We need to have a lot of this!” Calum says pointing at the pillows.

“Yes. We should buy them with the meaningful quotes that I love and while you do that. I will go for some of the frames we need to buy for our new little home.”

I leave Calum in the pillows section and go trying to find some frames and paintings we can put the naked walls we have at the moment in the apartment.

The day passes quickly and we end up going home with big bags of only decoration since the furniture and boxes are already in the apartment waiting for us.

We enter the apartment and I start by decorating the little living room.

I put a lot of pillows in the couch and some flowers and little figures around the house while Calum is figuring out where to hang all of the quotes and frames he has been filling since we got here.

When we finish with our chores, I enter our beautiful bedroom and start decorating while my lovely boyfriend is now filling the fridge after getting frustrated with the picture frames that should be filled with our pictures.

After not finishing that night, we decide to just go to sleep without really caring about anything at all.

The next morning, we try to have something quick and easy for breakfast, which just ends up being toasts and cereal.

Then, we start organizing our boxes.

After organizing our closets, we decide to invite our friends over happy and excited because they have been asking us how everything was going.

I decide to shower before my friends see me all sweaty and Calum does the same while I still try to make the final touches on our apartment.

When Calum comes out of the shower all fresh and clean, someone knocks on our front door.

“Hey, guys!” They all shout excited when we open the main door.

“Hey!” I say hugging everyone.

“We brought you guys some flowers, chocolates, drinks and lots of food!” Genevive says proudly.

“Oh, thanks.” Calum says.

Everyone leaves everything in the kitchen and they take a little tour of the apartment.

“Guys, this is so beautiful!” Sandy says.

“You look like a real couple.” Luke says.

“I guess that´s because they are.” Michael says.

“Anyways, I will cook something for you guys.” I say.

“That is actually the only reason why we bought this gigantic dinner table. Heather wanted to show her amazing cooking skills to everyone.” Calum says when I start taking out the ingredients from the fridge.

Then, after a few minutes, my friends start talking again.

“Is she even good at cooking?” Camille asks.

“I am very good at cooking. Who told you that I am not good at it?” I ask.

“Your sister.” Michael replies.

“No, she is lying. Heather is really good at cooking.” Calum adds.

“You just probably think so because you love her too much.” Ashton says.

“Nope.” My boyfriend says.

“Why don´t you guys try my food before deciding if it is good or bad?” I say putting the last plate down.

After everyone comes and eats a little bit of the food, I receive a lot of compliments.

“This is so good!” Camille says amazed.

“I know. Even my mother told me that she was the perfect one.” Calum says.

“Oh, look at you! You are already part of the Hood family.” Sandy says teasingly.

And that was the night that I knew that I deserved being there because that was where I belonged.


I look at our pictures, which are framed in the cute little frames I wanted to buy so much.

Feeling sad and depressed, I sit down in the cold floor still drinking and smoking while I try to breathe and not choke not my own tears and sobs.



I drive slowly and park my car in the parking lot.

Then, I get out of the car, enter the building, take the elevator and open the door slowly and quietly.

But something breaks me as I enter the apartment.

Heather is sat on the cold floor without make-up with hot tears still marked in her face, as if she cried the whole night before falling asleep.

Near her, there are lots of empty cigarette packs, a couple of beer cans and a wine bottle.

She probably drank all the alcohol supplies we had been saving.

But before I take her in my arms, I enter the bedroom checking if everything is the way it is supposed to be, but the answer surprises me.

The bedroom looks like a mess, with more empty cigarette packs, more beer cans, wine bottles and other alcohol beverages we don´t like at all and that have been kept in the last cabinet trying to forget about them since they were too much for us or we just simply didn’t like them.

Before I think about my next move, I go out and get closer to Heather.

I try cleaning her tears with my fingers and I let her hair fall down from the high ponytail she has.

Then, I softly take her into my arms and enter the bedroom.

I lay her down in the bed after pulling out all the sheets with one hand.

I look at her while she sleeps and my heart breaks.

How can I still be here after doing what I did to her?

How can I even come back here?

Before I do anything else, I start taking out all the trash from the room and trying to clean up the mess a little bit, I leave the room.

When I am outside, I clean the living room too.

Then, I take out some sheets from one of the drawers in the living room and try to fall asleep in the couch.

But I can´t find any sleep knowing that she is in the same place with me, but far from me.




I wake up with a headache not remembering anything at all.

The last thing I remember is that I was in the living room remembering the cute times Calum and I had in the past times.

But all of a sudden, I am in the bedroom just waking up.

I get out of bed and found myself with a clean room, which is strange.

I open the door and leave.

Then, I find the sweetest yet hurtful surprise lying in the couch awake.

A big and happy smile appears on my face and before I can even think about it, I am almost running towards him.

“Morning.” I say in a bright voice.

“Morning.” Calum replies with a big smile too.

“You came back.” I say in a surprisingly soft voice.

“Yeah. I really needed to see you. Look, I am really sorry. And I am very sorry if I didn´t show you my love the way you wanted to. But the truth is that I just thought that you already knew about my feelings because I know about yours and…”

Before he can do or say anything else, I get close to him and press our lips together.

“Calum, I know that I told you that I wanted to hear those words, but now that I think about it. I really don´t need those words because I know that you love me by the simple fact of you being here, next to me ready to help and save me from anything.” I say.

“Do you really think that I save you?” Calum asks.

“Of course! You are always here for me and I feel honored to have you next to me saving me.”



Spring 2019


“I can´t believe we are actually going to Venice for your wedding!” Camille yells excited once we aboard the private jet.

“I can´t believe it myself.” I say.

“Oh my god! You are going to get married!” Sandy says.

“I know.” I reply.

“Are you going to miss Calum all this weekend?” Camille asks.

“She will.” Genevive replies.

“You are old now.” Camille says.

“You are still one year older than me.” I answer.

“I know. But you are now going to be married. That makes you ten years older.”

Then, the guys aboard the private jet.

“Hey.” Calum says sitting next to me.

“Hey.” I say.

“I can´t believe that we are actually doing this.”

“You´re not the only one. But you know what´s the worst part?”


“That I am not going to see you through the whole weekend. I will be just wandering around the city with the girls.” I add tired.

“But we will see each other in a couple of days later and we will be officially together.”

“I know. I can´t wait.” I say.

Then, we all fall asleep in the plane after trying hard to talk throughout the journey, but we all fail at out attempt and wake up when we have landed.

We all ride to the hotel in separate couples.

Michael and Camille, Ashton and Genevive, Luke and Sandy and Calum and me.

When we get to the beautiful and elegant hotel of Italy.

I have to say my temporal goodbye to Calum, which probably lasted too long, but was too short for us.

“I will see you later.” I say.

“Yeah. Bye.” He says.

I am dragged to my hotel room by my friends and they get all excited.

My life is finally going to conclude completely in a couple of days because Calum is all I need.






~Wedding Day~

The night ends loudly with happiness and excitement from everyone that has come to celebrate the bond of the beautiful young couple.

Calum looking good in his fine tuxedo is dancing fluently looking at his, now, wife with soft and sweet eyes with a charming smile enchanted by Heather´s beauty. While Heather is glowing beside Calum in her classy, big and gorgeous, white dress. A big smile is on her face.

Next to the couple of the night, are Michael and Camille. They are dancing after being apart for more than a year and they both look at each other as if they are seeing their own dreams.

Luke is dancing with Sandy without much energy, as if he was tired. But he certainly looks happy for his best friend. While Sandy looks like she is having the time of her life.

Genevive is dancing with Ashton, even though, she is going to be married to some other guy in a couple of months. She is dancing with him because everyone asked her politely to and she agreed because it was the night of her friends and she was very close to Ashton anyways.

Before the night is over, the eight best friends gather around in a small table.

“I can´t believe all of this has occurred!” Heather says.

 This night has been amazing and we would like to thank you, guys. All of you because Heather and I know how hard you all worked for this wedding, which is amazing. This night is definitely the best night of my life because you guys are here with me after trying so hard to do the best work ever and believe me, you guys have done a beautiful job. Congratulations!” Calum says to our friends.

“And special thanks to Michael and Camille, we all know that you guys have been pushing everyone hard to make and get this wedding just right. Thank you. You guys have created the person I now am because as we said at the start of the preparations of this wedding, this is a new start for all of us. So this one goes to us, the rejects from high school that has somehow managed to stay together still being the same rejects as years before…” Heather says crying giving the last champagne toast of the night.

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