Us, Just You and Me

8 friends.
Friends that thought that would last forever.
Until life happens and they are sent into different directions.
Can a love story bring the high school rejects back to family?


1. Spontaneously

I fell in love with an amazing person.

A guy that cares for me and loves me like no other.

He makes me feel special.

And if I close my eyes, I can remember the exact moment that I fell in love with him.

The first time I met him was in a concert.

That day changed everything.

That was the day that our fates changed.

That was the start of everything.



I had been in the merch line for almost an hour, but I decided to be patient in order to get my shirts and other things like a book and some bracelets.

And as a normal teenager, I was wearing black jean shorts with a band shirt and I completed my look with a pair of Vans and some band bracelets, I thought that I looked awesome.

I was still in high school and I remember that I decided to lie to Genevive, one of my friends, telling her that I was going with a date, just because I really didn’t want to go with her and her two silly friends.

So, the first thing that I did when I saw her was grab the nearest guy.

When he turned around, and smiled at me, I realized how cute he was. He had black hair wavy hair with simple blonde highlights in the front, he looked pretty hot. He also had a really cute smile and brown puppy eyes.

“Hey.” He said.

“H---hey…” I stuttered finally realizing how good-looking he was.

I remained silent for a while trying to compose myself.

“Um. I know this sounds really weird. But I lied to a friend that told her that I came with a date just because I really didn’t want to come with her and I just saw her. Can you please pretend to be my date? I promise you that I will buy you dinner afterwards.” I hurriedly said.

“Oh. I mean, I wasn’t going to agree to be the fake boyfriend of a pretty and adorable girl like you, but when you mentioned dinner, you actually got me.” He said raising his hands.

I giggled a little.

“Okay, then. You are my adorable date now.” He said putting an arm in my shoulders and squishing my cheeks.

I giggled a little more.

“I´m Calum Hood, by the way.”

“I´m Heather Stewart.” I replied.

“I like the name Heather.” He said.

“Is is really okay, though?” I asked putting his arm off of my shoulders.


“You pretending to be my boyfriend? I mean, date? Don’t you have a girlfriend already?”

“Oh, I don’t. But from I have heard, you are interested in being my girlfriend.”

I blushed.

“No, but really, I don’t have a girlfriend.” Calum added putting an arm in my shoulder again.

Then, Genevive and her two dumb friends found us.

“Hey, Heather!” she said hugging me.

“Hey.” I replied.

I grabbed Calum´s hand, and it really felt nice.

“Oh, you must be Heather´s date. I´m Genevive, her friend.” She said.

“Nice to meet you. I´m Calum.”

“Anyways, do you want to get dinner tonight?” my friend asked me.

“Sorry, I can´t. I decided to have dinner with Calum.” I answered.

“Oh, okay, then. See you tomorrow at school.”

I just smiled in response.

Genevive left and her two friends followed.

“Come on, I need soda.” I said taking his pinky with mine, it looked like a promise.

We ordered our drinks and just walked for a bit.

“So, who was that girl Genevive?”

“The friend that I told you about.” I replied.

“Mhm. I know why you hate her.”

I laughed at his comment.

“So, what type of person are you, Heather Stewart?” Calum asked.

“I like literature, that makes me sound like a nerd, I know. But I also love music. Music is like the only thing that I really love besides books. I mostly like nice vocals and fine instrument sounds, that´s why I really like bands. What about you, Mr. Calum Hood?”

“Hmmm. I love music too. I know how to play the bass, that´s why I am in a band. But, yeah, I just like music.”

“It´s so cool to finally know someone that is part of a band!” I exclaimed.

“But we are a really horrible band.”

“Ah, it´s okay. You are still trying to reach your dreams and I admire that a lot.”

“Thank you.”

We shyly smiled to each other.

“Anyways, I think that we should stay together today. I mean, I am alone and you too.” He said.

“Yeah. I would like that.”

It was nice being next to each other, it made me feel comfortable with myself.

Now that we are older and famous, people usually asks us when was our first kiss, we always answer that is was at the first soccer game from our senior year, when he magically lift me up in the air and stuff.

But the truth is that our first kiss was on our first date.

Calum and I were next to each other in the concert.

I still remember when it happened.

It was in one of my favorite songs, the melody was slow yet sweet and sad. So, as a music lover, I decided to stop doing everything and just breath in every single melody.

I looked to Calum and he looked back. Then, he came closer and we kissed. It felt nice and warm because we were both full of emotions due to the song. The moment was just beautiful, not because we finally kissed or because we started feeling something. But because it felt so beautiful and pure of emotion. It happened so spontaneously that it was more special. It was like one of those beautiful moments that just happen in life, but suddenly change your life forever. And it felt nice to be able to feel that with Calum. It made me feel special and unique because it was a bond that only we shared and that no one else could make us feel.

Even today, I know that everything that has happened in our relationship has been spontaneous. We have always had our ups and downs, but at the end, we still love each other because there is no one else in the world that can make us feel this way. We have fought always every single day of our lives, but we know that most of our fights are about who loves the other more or just because we care so much about the other that we are afraid to loose them in the blink of an eye.

So, this is it.

This is where are story began.

The story that created more stories and changed lives, lives that were the ones that mattered the most to us. The lives of those around us.

Our story created the high school rejects.


Ashton met Sandy.

Luke met Genevive.

Michael met Camille.

And Calum met Heather.

The four matches from high school that were just too perfect to be true.

Ashton and Sandy were the typical best friends couple that the whole school shipped. They were that annoying couple.

Luke and Genevive were the typical forbidden romance of the generation, a modern Romeo and Juliet, maybe? Yuk.

Michael and Camille were the typical match that had everything in common, the classic punk-rock couple. The ones that dye each others hair with crazy colors and get matching tattoos.

Calum and Heather were the typical match that was never meant to happen, but it did and it was that special love that nothing could tear them apart because everything that prevented them from being together was burned down with their flammable love. Yep, they were that explosive. Still are.



Ashton, the typical quiet guy from class with good looks.

Sandy, the pretty girl that always wanted to be loved.

Luke, the typical intelligent guy that would never fall in love.

Genevive, the wealthy girl that never wanted to hang out with the high school rejects.

Michael, the crazy guy that everyone was scared of.

Camille, the crazy girl that everyone hated.

Calum, the best soccer player of the school that never spoke to anyone.

Heather, the shy girl that only loved reading.

And the thing that made them all come together?

Their devoted love for music. Sure, they looked like a group of weird people, but they loved each other as no other group has loved each other. They were always there for each other. Until, life happened and everyone was sent into different directions of life.








Maybe Calum and Heather´s story can bring them together once more. Just maybe.







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