Us, Just You and Me

8 friends.
Friends that thought that would last forever.
Until life happens and they are sent into different directions.
Can a love story bring the high school rejects back to family?


6. Little Shinning Broken Pieces


Michael and Camille thought they were going to be forever, but when reality soon hits them after a big and eventful evening, they have nothing left.


No plans.

No idea of what they will do.

They don´t even know who they were before meeting each other.


As they start to discover themselves, fate decides to make them cross paths again.


And again…


When a snow globe is broken, the only things that are left are the little shinning broken pieces of the snow globe. But Camille is sure that their relationship isn’t the only snow globe this time.


















Spring 2017


Camille´s Point of View


“Michael…” I whisper slowly while I start crying more and more.

“Camille. You don´t deserve someone like me.”

“Someone like you?” I ask.

Michael sighs.

“You don’t deserve an idiot.”

The atmosphere is tense, but neither of us says a single word.

“Just forget about me.” He murmurs.

His words make me sob.

Then, as if he feels bad for me, he holds me in his arms carefully, yet sweetly.

“You´ll be fine. Everything is going to be okay.” He adds before kissing my forehead.

I break free from his arms quickly and look directly to his eyes.

“How can you tell me that everything is going to be okay when you broke my fucking heart?!” I shout at him.

“Your heart is going to be okay. Your heartbreak is going to be easily fixed by some other guy.” He mutters.

“Don’t you know that heartbreaks are the only things that can’t be mended?” I say without energy, as if he had taken my breath away.

Michael remains silent and looks away as if he was feeling guilty.

“Congratulations, Michael. You just shattered my heart. Maybe you can write a song about it too.” I shout while violently giving him his jacket, the one that he putted on my shoulders a while ago.

“I actually liked writing the song I dedicated you. I though that the melody matched you well.” He whispers hurtfully holding his jacket.

Michael looks at my eyes directly and I can see that his eyes are watery too.

“Camille, you´ll be alright.” Michael repeats.

“Michael, I´m not going to be alright and you know it.” I say.

“I´m very sorry, but I don´t know it. You always manage to be okay, you are the one that has always done the saving in our relationship. I never knew how to fix anything emotional. So, I have no idea how I´m going to fix myself this time.” He replies sadly with a couple of tears.

We keep quiet for a very long time while I still try to pick up the broken pieces of the glass from the snow globe that contained each and every one of our dreams.

My hands start bleeding again, the glass probably cut my fingers, but I just ignore it and continue picking up the pieces, as if picking them up could put together the broken pieces of my heart.

“Camille…” Michael whispers behind me.

He places his hands around my waist and makes me get up from the ground.

“Now, look at me. Please, Camille, look at me.” He orders sweetly while he plays with my hair and wipes away my tears.

I slowly obey him and suddenly, my brown eyes are connected to those familiar green eyes.

“I wanted to tell you something before I leave. Camille, you will always be the best thing that has ever happened to me. You are amazing, beautiful and unique. You are special, and I know that extraordinary people like you only come once in a lifetime. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be by your side living my life and experiencing the many sides of life. I love you, Camille. That’s why I think that you deserve some better, someone that has better things to offer you. I love you, never forget that.”

After that, Michael leaves quietly closing the door behind my back.

I swallow the bitter tears and try to breathe slowly to calm myself down.

Then, I leave the house and drive to Heather´s place.

When I get there, I see Calum leaving quickly and I am suddenly glad when I realize that my best friend is home because I really need her. 


Michael´s Point of View


It´s the first time I´ve cried in front of my friends.

My heart aches so much that it makes me think that my whole body is going to stop working after my heart explodes into pieces.

“Are you okay?” Calum asks placing a hand on my right shoulder.

“Do I need to be okay?” I ask.

None of my three friends answer.

“I got a brilliant idea, Michael!” Luke exclaims.

We all look at him waiting for him to finish.

“We should all go out tonight and pick up some girls, even you, Calum. Maybe that way you can cheer Michael.” My friend replies.

Almost immediately, Calum stands up and glares at Luke annoyed.

“How can say that when you know that Michael loved Camille and that he isn’t going to go and pick up any girl from the bar.”

“I think that you should leave.” I say.

“What? Why?” Luke asks.

“You clearly don’t understand how I´m feeling. You are one of my best friends and the only thing you are thinking about is whether you are going to get laid tonight or not.”

“Michael, that´s not…”

“Come on, Luke. Let´s leave this two. You have done enough already.” Ashton stays standing up.

Luke sighs before standing up.

“See you later, Mikey.” Ash says patting my shoulder.

“I´m sorry, Michael. But, you are going to be okay. We all know that.” Luke mutters before leaving my apartment with Ashton.

Calum immediately opens the fridge and takes out two beers, then, he hands me one of the bottles already opened.

“Here. You need some alcohol in your system right now.” My best friend says sitting right in front of me.

“Thanks.” I reply before I gulp down almost half of my bottle.

We keep quiet for a moment and I know that Calum is waiting for me to say something about the way I feel.

“Calum, it really hurts, you know. I feel like I have lost something that made me the type of person I am.”

“You feel that way because you truly loved her.”

“I still love her.” I say.

I stay quiet for a moment.

“I love her so much that it hurts me.” I mutter without much energy.

“But didn’t you break up with her?” Calum asks after drinking his beer.

“I did.”

“Why, Michael? Why would you do that when you know for sure that you are going to end up feeling broken and empty?”

“Because I care about her. Because I love her and I have failed her. Again. I have failed her too many times that I began feeling useless next to her.” I reply.

My friend remains quiet.

“Calum, I missed her graduation day and I knew how important it was for her. It has been her dream since middle school to graduate with her best friend Heather! You went to see Heather while I didn’t. Her best friend´s boyfriend was next to her giving her the best and the biggest present while her stupid boyfriend was on the other side of the world.”

“You forgot, Michael.” He says putting down his beer in the small table that I have in front of the sofas.

“I did and that is just a clear example of how I have messed up like I always do.”

I drink more beer.

“Besides, Camille deserves someone way better than me. She needs someone special and unique that can match with her personality.” I say.

“Michael, she loves you and that means that she loves the exact type of person that you are. Remember that she loves the normal and geeky Michael Gordon Clifford, and not the internationally known punk-rock star Michael Clifford.”

I stay quiet and only drink more of my beer.

“Anyways, I´m going home. I think you need some time alone. Take care and don’t drink too much, otherwise you´ll regret it tomorrow with a big headache.”

I silently nod while Calum leaves.

When he finally closes the door, a dead silence fills the small apartment that I bought a couple of months ago.

Why and I always the one that ends up hurting her more?

Why do I have to act like an idiot all the fucking time?

Suddenly, I get so mad that I end up throwing the bottle of beer now empty to a close wall while screaming due to the anger that I am feeling. It soon breaks and I just take out another one from the fridge and decide to shelter in my messy bedroom.



Camille´s Point of View


When Heather opens the door, I immediately hug her.

“Camille, are you okay? What´s going on?” my best friend asks.

“Michael.” I answer.

“Come on, let´s get you inside first.”

Heather takes my hand and drags me to the tall table that she has in the middle of her kitchen and makes me take a seat while she goes to her wine collection and opens one on our favorite wine bottles.

Before she can even pour them in the wine glasses, I take it from her and start drinking straight from the bottle.

“Woah, slow down! I know you are feeling sad, but that´s still my favorite wine, Camille.”

Heather comes next to me after putting down the two glasses on the table and tries to take away the bottle.

“Camille, stop. You are going to spill it everywhere!”

“Oh my god, Heather. You are acting like my mother again.” I reply laughing.

“I´m not acting like your mother! I just don’t want you to be spilling an expensive wine in my kitchen!”

I continue to not give her back the wine.

“Okay, you know what? Fine. I see what you are doing there.” Heather says opening the fridge and takes out another bottle of wine.

I look at her confused.

“We are going to drink a bottle each. Cheers!” She casually says as she sits in front of me and I smile.

“Ah, there it is! The beautiful smile that only Camille has.” Heather says trying to bother me in a friendly way.

“Stop!” I say laughing with Heather.

After a moment, my best friend stops laughing and just smiles after taking a big gulp of her bottle.

“Why are you drinking?” I ask.

“Because I think that as your best friend, I have to drink for you, that way your hurtful feelings will go numb way quicker.” She replies.

“Thanks.” I say smiling.

After that, I just break down and start crying. Heather gives me time to cry.

“I can´t stop crying. It hurts too much. I am suffocating in my pain.”

Heather quickly hugs me.

“Camille, it´s okay. You´ll be fine. Everything is going to be okay.”

“I don´t think so. It hurts and that´s the only thing that I can think about.”

My friend takes the bottle of wine and immediately puts it in my hand.

“Drink.” She says.

It feels good to be able to drink so much wine, I think to myself.

“Feel better?”

“Just a little bit, it still hurts though.” I answer.

“You love him, that´s why.”

“He said that he loved me too. But he broke up with me. Why would he hurt me?”

“Sometimes people hurt others because they love them so much, so you just have to continue living life with that idea.” She says drinking her wine as if she has done something similar.


Calum´s Point of View


Immediately after I enter my flat, I decide to change into a pair of shorts and just lay in bed.

It kind of feels lonely to be laying here alone.

I wonder what did I do wrong.

I wonder if it was just something that was meant to happen to us.

I sigh and turn around as if she was still there.

I close my eyes and try to fall asleep, but a small yet powerful tear rolls down my face.



Heather´s Point of View


I had a really nice sleep after drinking wine and yes, it helped me to forget a little bit about what happened.

I leave my room after doing my bed and cleaning my face trying to not have swollen eyes, then, I brush my teeth.

After, I start preparing breakfast after checking that Camille is still sleeping in the second bedroom of my apartment. I am pretty sure that she will be waking up soon, although she could sleep till four in the afternoon.

I start making waffles for her and salad for me, but I still make yogurt with fresh fruits and nuts for both of us.

Then, Camille comes out still sleepy with swollen eyes.

“Morning!” I say from the kitchen.

“Ugh. Morning.” She replies.

“I know that you are still hangover, but come on, I made you waffles and I have mango juice in the fridge for you.”

“That actually sounds really nice.” She says still with her eyes only half open.

“Come on, I also made yogurt.”

I put everything breakfast in the table and fill the elegant glasses with mango juice.

We both sit down and start eating while chatting.

“Where´s Calum?” she asks.

Her question makes me remember yesterday and I can feel my heart breaking again.

“Oh. Umm. He decided to stay in his apartment. He knows that we are having our little sleepovers.”

“Ah, that´s nice of him.”

“Yeah. Also, I think that maybe he´s helping Michael.”

“Oh. You guys are like our rescue team, huh?”

“I guess. Are you liking your breakfast?” I ask.

“Yeah. It´s great. Thank you. By the way, you are such a great cook, I´m pretty sure that Calum loves you for that too.”

“Maybe.” I answer with a small smile.



2 Days Later


Michael´s Point of View


Calum enters the room silently.

“Hey.” He says.

“Hey, Calum.” I reply.

I get up from the couch and walk towards my best friend.

“How are you?”

“Good, I guess. You?”

“Uh, fine.”

“Do you know if Camille is alright?” I ask.

“I don´t know.” Calum slowly replies.

“Why? Didn’t Heather tell you?”

“We are taking a break.”

“A break? Why?”

“Heather thinks that our relationship is just too much for her.” My best friend says without much energy.

“Oh. I would really like to tell you that you are going to be okay, but… I am still hurt after two days. Sorry.” I add.

“It´s okay, Michael. I will be okay. Anyways, how are you really feeling? Have you been drinking?”

“No, after the first day I realized that drinking should be done when you are really happy because it doesn’t matter if it numbs your pain for a while, it is still going to come back for you. So I just stayed home eating a lot and playing videogames.”

“That actually sounds nice.”

“Yeah. Anyways, do you want to go out and have dinner? I really want to eat something other than pizza.”

Calum laughs a little.

“Yeah. Let´s go. I´ll drive.”



Camille´s Point of View


“Camille! That drawing is so cute!” Heather says while giving me back one of my drawings.

“Thank you.” I say.

“So, how are you holding up?”

“It´s okay. I kind of feel lonely being without him, but I think that it is something normal after being together after all these years.”

“Yeah. I think you are very mature about it.”

“What is that supposed to mean?” I ask.

“It means that you are finally acting your age.” She replies.

I glare at her.

“Anyways, let´s just go and have dinner. I want sushi.”

“That sounds nice. You drive.” I say.

“Of course I´m going to drive, I always drive.”

We leave my apartment and enter Heather´s car.

“You are leaving to Germany in a couple of days right?” I ask.


“Calum is leaving too, right?”

“No, he isn’t.” Heather quickly replies.

“Why? I thought you were excited about going together.”

“Yeah we were, but something happened. Also, I have to tell you something, but let´s talk about it at dinner while I´m drinking.”

I laugh a little and nod.

When we arrive to our usual Japanese restaurant, we see Calum´s car there with the decals that he pasted with his girlfriend.

“Heather, isn’t that your boyfriend´s car?” I ask.

“It is.”

“Why is he here without you?”

Heather shrugs.

“He isn’t cheating on you, is he?!” I ask entering the restaurant violently, but my friend takes my arm and whispers.

“He isn’t because he can date anyone now.” She answers.


“We decided to take a break, that´s what I needed to tell you.”

“Oh. I am very sorry, Heather. I didn’t know.”

“It´s okay. I was the one that didn’t tell you.”

“Are you okay?” I ask her while hugging her.


“When did you guys…?” I start asking, but Heather just shrugs.

“Later. First, I need a drink.”

We enter the restaurant. Heather immediately orders a bottle of wine. Then, she starts to search Calum among the crowd, but I find him first with Michael.

“He´s over there with Michael.” I whisper pointing at them.

At that moment, they both turn around and they see us.

Heather has teary eyes now while Calum walks toward us.

“Hey, guys. I guess you came for dinner, too?” he asks nervously without being able to take his eyes off of Heather.

My friend too seems to be lost in Calum.

“Ah, yeah. You know, sushi is always better after a break up.” I reply.

“Sushi is always good.” Michael says.

“I guess.” I say.

I look at Michael and my cheeks start burning, as if I was returning back to life.

“Anyways, Calum. Let´s return to our table. They are going to think that we ran away without paying the check.” Mikey adds after realizing that we have been looking at each other for too long.

“Uh, yeah. You´re right. Bye, Heather.” Calum says giving her a small smile.

“Bye.” Heather replies.

“Bye, Camille. It was nice seeing you again.” Michael says.

“Bye, Michael. It was nice seeing you too. Take care.” I reply.

The guys leave and we remain silent.

I look at Michael once more and admit that he looks really good, with his typical black skinny jeans and a black muscle tee with a red flannel. His hair is now black, my favorite color.

“Michael looks great, doesn’t he?” I ask.

“Yeah. You look great too, Camille. Also, Calum looks great.” Heather says after taking a sip of her wine.

“Yeah. By the way, anyone can see that you guys miss each other so much. You were literally eating each other with the eyes.” I say.

“That´s not true. Anyways, I was the one that decided to break his heart.”

“Oh. Why, Heather? You liked him so much.”

“I still love him, but I don’t know, I feel like my life depends so much on him.”

“Duh, Heather. THAT´S SOMETHING CALLED LOVE!” I scream making Michael and Calum turn and look at us.

“Shhh. Don’t scream.”

“Whatever. When did you guys break up?” I ask.

“The night before you guys did.”

“But didn’t he leave the next day?”

“Yeah. He was drunk, so I just made him stay in my apartment. I didn’t want him to get in a car accident.” She says.

“Heather, you are supposed to not care about them once you break up with someone. God, you are such a responsible ex girlfriend.” I say making my friend laugh.

“I love with and makes me want to take care of him.”

We end the night the same way, although I don’t remember much because I drank almost the whole bottle of wine and I know that I cried the whole night about Michael.


Calum´s Point of View


What happens when you are broken?

You pretty much loose everything that you have. Also, you start loosing the track of time since there´s nothing important happening in your life at the moment, so you just start living life without caring.

I realize that everyone in the restaurant has left, only leaving me, Michael and the girls.

I see that Camille is crying already drunk and that Heather is trying to help her, although she looks hurt.

Michael is drunk too and he is saying weird things about Camille that I can´t understand.

Heather looks at me and smiles, as if she was glad to see me here, so I smile her back.

Then, she takes Camille by the arm and tries to leave the restaurant, so I immediately get up from my seat.

“Michael, stay here for a while, okay?” I say before walking towards her.

Heather is wearing big and high waisted jeans that I think they refer to as “boyfriend jeans” and a cute white Panic! At The Disco shirt with a black bomber jacket and high heels, it looks really weird, but she somehow makes it work with her high ponytail.

“Need some help?” I ask.

“That would be really nice, but we are okay, I think. Besides, Camille is still awake.” She replies.

“YUP! I´m alive!” Camille says.

Her comment makes us laugh.

“Thank you so much, though.” Heather says.

I smile in response.

“And it was really nice seeing you again.” She adds.

“Yeah, it was. Bye. Drive safely. Oh! And have a nice trip in Germany. I am pretty sure that your sister is going to be excited to see you.” I manage to say.

“Thank you.”

She gives a sweet smile and takes Camille´s arm and leads her to her car.



Michael´s Point of View

I wake up tired and I now that it is already past five in the afternoon.

Feeling too tired, I stay in bed.

I am still hurt, but that doesn´t mean that I didn’t do the right thing. I am hundred percent sure that Camille deserves so much better than me and it really doesn’t matter how much it hurts me every single time that I try to breathe because at the end of the day, it is all worth it, she is going to be happy and be able to do all those things that she couldn’t because of me. She is going to be happy because she is going to have that someone next to her forever.

And yes, the memories still haunt me every day, but I know that she is alright now and that´s everything that matters to me as the love of her life.




A couple broke up, a couple that seemed like they needed to last forever. Like one of those matches that are too perfect. They both have crazy colors in their hair and they dress alike and laugh at the same things.

Camille looks at the last picture that they took together, Michael has blue hair and she has her usual brown hair with a little bit of purple in the ends. Then, she goes to sleep after crying. She has been holding up for too long, that at some point she just needed to break down. Sometimes even when you try to convince yourself that you are alright, you are always going to be crying on the inside.

Michael, is sitting down in the floor playing guitar and writing some songs, it makes him feel a little better because he is finally saying things out loud and not keeping it to himself only.

They both try to act as if they didn’t care , they both try to act as if they are okay, but they hurt and crumbling down, they shattered and broken.


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