Us, Just You and Me

8 friends.
Friends that thought that would last forever.
Until life happens and they are sent into different directions.
Can a love story bring the high school rejects back to family?


4. I´ll Be Fine

Summer 2016


Sandy´s Point of View

I remember the first time Ashton Fletcher Irwin sat down in front of me on our usual lunch table.

He was already friends with Calum and Heather, and they were talking about a band that Calum discovered on the internet the other day. He had different hair back then, it was straight and too blonde compared to now. Oh, and he had a fringe.

But he still had an amazing smile with cute dimples since then.

The first week we me was very quiet since it was only my second week there, and we would never talk, but we got really close I our second week together.

We were practically best friends.

We still are, but I think that things are about to change because Ashton has invited me to have dinner with him this Friday, which is today…

I wake up really tired, even after sleeping for nine hours, which is something usual for me.

After taking a morning shower, putting on my make-up, doing my hair and wearing a pretty and super tight black dress with red stilettos, I leave my crappy loft and go to work.

My day at work passes slowly and without much things to do, as always.

Suddenly, I am almost running through the whole office trying to not be late for my date with Ashton.

Ashton is already in front of the building in front of his car wearing an amazing black shirt with black skinny jeans and boots,

Then, while I am trying to get to the door to meet Ashton, reality soon hits me.

Ashton looks attractive, instead of cute. He has grown up too much and looks hot He has an amazing body with strong arms, and his face has become more mature and I have no idea where all that cuteness went to. But he still has his sweet little boy smile, but the rest of him has changed including his amazing hair, which is long and golden, but I have to admit that it makes him look much older.

I suddenly blush thinking that my feelings for him have returned.

I still remember the time when Ashton used to sit near me in almost every class.

In math, he would sit behind me every time. He would kick my seat daily with his long feet ad whenever I turned around to glare at him annoyed, he would say “sorry.” Then, he would flash me his amazing smile and I would immediately blush and say that it was okay.

In biology class, he would always help me with the projects and he would always explain to me everything I didn’t understand. That´s exactly how I ended up liking biology class.

In literature class we would always discuss together the reading out loud trying to prove that our point of views was better than the others.

In P.E. we would always talk while running around the school and we would laugh so much that we always needed to stop in front of the science building.

But French class was my favorite.

Ashton would always sit in front of me and he would feel insecure about speaking French our loud, so he would turn around, look straight to my eyes and ask me if he was saying it the right way after saying something in French softly, sweetly, shyly, but simply perfect. Then, I would just blush and nod while my heart was still beating super-fast.

But those were the good days because we would see each other daily, and we could laugh and talk about anything. Now, we can barely hang out because of our jobs.

I guess it is true.

Some feelings never die, even after years and years of trying.

I clear my mind when I am standing in front of Ashton and I immediately hug him tightly, as always, forgetting about my feelings.

But for the first time I have some hope inside of me because maybe Ashton and I will finally make things right.



Ashton´s Point of View

What do you expect on a first date with your high school crush?

I was expecting some sweet and exciting talk just like the past years, but it doesn’t come out that way.

“So…” Sandy starts awkwardly.

“Um… How was work today?” I ask trying to start a conversation.

“Normal. As usual, I guess.” She replies without much energy.

“Do you finally like your job now?”

“Not really. I mean, I never wanted to end up stuck in a shitty office for the rest of my limit.”

“But at least you can still try.”

“Nah, it is too late and I already gave up.”

“Then, it wasn’t really your dream.”

“What are you talking about?” Sandy asks me curious, yet almost annoyed.

“If you really want to reach a dream, you would never quit because it would be too beautiful and too perfect for you to give up. A dream is the only thing you have left when your world if crumbling down your feet. Dreams are the only things that truly describe you since you are the creator of your dreams and believe it or not, you will chase your dreams and sometimes your dreams will be close enough that you can even feel them and touch them softly with the end of your fingers. But you can´t try or fight for your dream if you are trying to chase something you don’t want or believe in.”

My eyes become watery afterwards.

Sandy stays silent for a long moment, but smiles all of a sudden after thinking and processing my words.

I grow really nervous while I try to make up my mind and wonder if I was to harsh or too insensitive with her.


The girl I have been liking, almost loving, since high school, since that very first day I sat near her at every single minute of the day since we had the same schedule and I would always follow her around because she is my best friend and we would do everything together. I mean, I never meant to fall in love with her. But we were always left alone after our friends decided to start dating.

Calum was already dating Heather when I met them. Michael and Camille had already gone out 5 times. While Luke was getting interested in Genevive, but eventually they started dating because Genevive was bored with her life.

So, Sandy and I were just left alone whenever they went out together with their couples, and we would get like to not go out with them since they would get all cheesy and gross, even though I wanted to get there with Sandy too.

“Can I please tell you something real quick?” Sandy asks awkwardly

“Sure. What is it?”

She lets out a dramatic sigh.

“I-I… um… I… like you.” Sandy says it quickly, yet softly.

Then, we both stay silent.

And I start thinking…


Well, that was unexpected.

But that was becautiful and those were the sweetest words I have ever heard.

“Look, it´s okay if you don’t feel the same way. I mean, I understand. You don’t have to worry about it. I just thought that I should tell you because I cant keep it inside of me for so long and I just wanted to let it all out since I have been feeling that way since high school and I… I just need to go outside and get some fresh air. I´ll see you later.”

Then, Sandy walks towards the door slowly while my mind is desperetly telling me to go after her, that this is my chance, that this is it and that I have finally gotten a chance.

I immediately get up from my seat and quickly walk towards her.

I take her hand, which is small compared to mine, and when she turns around looking directly to my eyes, I immediately smile because this is what I have been dreaming of.



Sandy´s Point of View

Ashton takes my hand and I immediately turn around. I find his pretty honey-green colored eyes looking directly to my eyes.

Ashton´s face comes closer to mine and we are about to kiss, but I back off quickly and my eyes start filling with tears.

“Ashton. If you don’t feel completely sure about this, just don’t kiss me because I am sure that I´ll be fine and I don’t want to end u hurt just because you felt bad for myself. I know that I am not the special type of girl you like so much.” 

I turn around ready to leave, but Ashton grabs my wrist and turns me around again.

“If I told you everything that makes you special and the one for me, we would stay here forever. Can’t you see that you are pretty much everything I have been wanting since high school? It hurts me to see you being like this when I am passing through the same thing.”

I stay quiet for a brief moment.

Then, I say my goodbye to him and leave.

“Ashton, I think that I will see you tomorrow. I can’t think clearly right now and I don’t want to make mistakes because I have been bleeding enough all these years.”

“But at least give me the opportunity to show you that I am worth it.” Ashton replies quickly.

“That’s exactly what I don’t want to give you so easily, an opportunity. Even a little and simple opportunity hurts me. I have seen enough blood coming from my heart. I don’t want to be in the same experience. I will call you later.” I say and leave the restaurant.

I walk for a couple of minutes. Then, I decide to call Heather to ask for help.

“Hello?” Heather answers softly as always.

“Hey. Are you available at the moment?” I ask.

“Sure. What’s the matter?”

“Can you please come and pick me up?”

“Yeah. Where are you?” my friend asks.

I give Heather the exact directions before I break down into tears.

Heather’s car is soon in front of me and Heather looks worried.

I open the car’s door and enter.

“Are you okay? What’s wrong? What happened?” my friend asks me as soon as she starts driving.

“Ashton just told me that he likes me back.” I say.

“Then, why are you crying? I thought that you had a huge crush on him.”

“I do. But I’m afraid.” I reply.

“Afraid? Of what?”  she asks.

“I’m afraid of not being what he expects me to be and to the end of all of this.”

“The end? Sandy, whenever you are trying to start a new relationship, you have to keep in mind that your decisions may change the relationship a little bit, but the thing that really sets the direction for the relationship is fate and in most of the times, it takes a lot of suffering and tears to get to the love of your life.”

“But I don’t want to end up with my heart broken.” I quickly say.

“Maybe the relationship with the love of your life won’t work out, but if the pain and suffering swells, it means you never loved them enough since they aren’t the person that you deserve in your life. But, you have to keep in mind that sometimes you just have to learn to live with the pain and suffering because at the end of the day, the memory of that person will still be there, but you can control your life and you can change your destiny if you wish. Believe it or not, Sandy, you are the only one that can manage your life because your fate only decides the ending of things, but you can change the way it will happen, the route and path of the things in your life.” Heather says.

I stay quiet for a couple of minutes.

“Do you mind if we stop at Genevive’s?” Heather asks me.

“Did something happen?” I ask.

“Luke and Genevive broke up today.”


“Luke went to have dinner with Genevive’s family and it was a disaster.” She says.

“Genevive’s family is awful.” I say.

“Yeah. Do you remember that time when we went to have dinner at her house dressed up with our best and most expensive clothing, but she still said that we looked like ugly pauper rats from the street?”

“Of course. But you and Calum were called beautiful, elegant and somehow sophisticated.”

“Calum wanted to buy us the most expensive things at the store the week before.”

“Your lovely boyfriend has money. He is rich and he likes buying you nice and expensive things because he feels like he needs to.”

“Really?” Heather asks me unsure.

“Yeah. He told us. He said that he knows that you don’t like him buying you expensive gifts, but he wants to because he grew up without money and somehow he still thinks that a little bit of expensive things can show affection because he works hard for that money. And besides, he even said that you deserve a little bit more than emotional things since he is always somewhere else and you are left here alone.” I say.

Before we know it, we have already arrived at Luke’s house instead of Genevive’s.

“Weren’t we going to Genevive’s house?” I ask.

“Calum just sent me a text that says he needs us.” She replies

We get out of the car and Heather knocks softly the wooden door.

“You guys finally came. We have been waiting for you.” Calum says appearing in the front door after giving his girlfriend, Heather, a deep and sweet kiss.

We enter the little apartment where Luke lives.

“Where’s Luke?” I ask.

“He is in his bedroom and refuses to come out.” Calum says playing with Heather’s hair softly.

“How’s he holding up?” Heather asks.

“I guess heartbreak is something inevitable when you have ended a relationship where you were in love.” Calum answers.

“Can I please go and see him?” I ask.

“Sure.” Says Calum.

I slowly walk towards Luke bedroom door and I knock before entering.

Then, I see the most precious and beautiful human being sitting on his bed with his amazing blue eyes closed, but he still has some tears coming down his face and the only thing I want to do now is try everything I can to make him smile again because I am desperate to see his amazing and radiant smile, and hear his adorable little laughs.

Ashton´s Point of View

I decided to leave the restaurant immediately after paying the check and decided to go home, but my plans changed when Michael called me desperately to tell me the sad news, even though, the news somehow seem pretty good now.

I know that I should feel devastated. I mean, the girl that I really liked has just left me alone in a fancy restaurant because she likes me, but is still insecure about the relationship.

Well, that’s confusing. If the person I like tells me that she likes me, I would immediately be happy and try to start something. Opportunities like that only happen once and I have heard a lot of amazing stories that start like that, but Sandy is somehow insecure about everything, which is surprisingly weird since I was the only one who was by her side beside our friends when she was hurt, when she was “bleeding” as she had said. I think that I deserve at least a simple opportunity, but I think that I will let her decide that this time, I already made my move and honestly, I can’t do anything else.

When I arrived to my destination, I parked the car in the gigantic parking lot.

Then, I slowly entered the luxurious apartment using the code that Michael has passed me right now on the phone.

“Is Genevive okay?” I asked when I finally see my friends.

“I think so.” Camille said playing with her boyfriend, Michael’s hand.

“What happened?”

“Luke decided to end things after their he met her family.” Michael said.

“Why?” I asked.

“Ashton, just try to think about Genevive’s family. We are all hated by her family and we actually doubted that they would like Luke as the guy for their precious and amazing daughter.” Camille replied.

“Guys, you can’t say those kinds of things inside her house. She is right here with her heart broken.” I said in a low tone.

“Heartbroken?!” Camille asked me laughing.

“Dude, you think that Genevive is heartbroken? She called us so we could celebrate with her. She says that she is free now.” Michael added.

“Everyone is heartbroken after a long time relationship.” I said defending Genevive and somehow myself indirectly.

“Not Genevive. That’s why Calum and Heather aren’t here. They said that the end of a relationship wasn’t something to celebrate for. Calum was actually going to come here and join us, but Heather said that she wanted to be helping Luke, so he changed his plans. Besides, I am pretty sure that they dragged Sandy along. By the way, we also felt like we needed to help Luke out, but honestly, we were asked to help Genevive by coming to her party earlier because she wanted to have drinks with people before she could officially be free surrounded by people. Those were the exact words from Genevive, my friend.” Said Camille with a silly grin.

Then, someone appeared at the door wearing one of her best smiles.

“Ash! You came too!” Genevive said hugging me tightly.

“Yeah. They told me that I needed to come.” I said.

“Well, now we can celebrate properly.” She said making us walk towards her dining room.

She had already putted some glasses of alcohol on the wooden and expensive table.

The day passed quickly once we sat down on the table and started chatting.

“So, Luke actually admitted that he had nothing to give me. I mean, it was pretty obvious. He is just a musician and he doesn’t even get a lot of money for his music. I think that I had better chances with Calum, at least he has money, right? He could fill my pleasures.” Genevive said and in that same moment, Camille exploded and was about to throw her a cup of red wine at Genevive defending her friend Heather.

But, someone was already shouting at her.

“No wonder why Luke decided to leave you! You are a total bitch.” Heather said from the front door.

“Heather, let’s just go. You don’t have to be fighting with Genevive. She’s your friend and…” Calum starts saying trying to calm his girlfriend down.

But Heather just walks closer to Genevive.

“By the way, Genevive, you look miserable. Remember that thing that your mother called us because you didn’t like us? Well, you look exactly like that. And if you think that you being a total bitch to everyone because you consider yourself better than others will get you somewhere, you are dead wrong. The only thing you got yourself after being like that is a lonely life because you know how hard I tried to get someone like Calum. I thought you knew that I deserve someone like him, but I was wrong. And you know what? The worst thing a human being does is being envious of her own friend because it only shows how desperate you are and how low you have fallen. Good luck trying to find actual friends who tolerate all your bitch-y attitude because we are all done here.” Heather says before turning around and leaving next to Calum.

Then, Camille actually throws her wine at Genevive’s face.

“Ups. Sorry, do you remember that time when you threw me ice tea over my head in high school because I started dating Michael and you were still single? Oh, and that time when you told me that being nice to people wouldn’t get me anywhere? Maybe you should ask yourself where all that bitch-y attitude of yours got you.” Camille says sarcastically before taking Michael’s hand again and leaving the apartment.

I get up from my seat and try to leave before I can explode too at Genevive, but she takes me by the hand.

“Ashton. Please don’t leave me alone.” Genevive says to me almost broken, still with wine stains and her make-up running down her face since she is crying.

“Genevive…” I start saying.


“Alright.” I say softly and I hug her tightly.



“Can I tell you something but you promise me that you won’t feel sorry or pity for me?” Genevive asks me crying and softly.

“Sure. What is it?” I ask.


Sandy´s Point of View

“Lukey, are you okay?” I asked softly.

“Yeah. Don’t worry.” He answers.

“Luke, you look broken.” I say.

“I’m fine. Just leave me alone.” Luke says.

“You can tell me anything, you know. I am still here waiting for you to say something.”

“You already know that I decided to end things with Genevive.”

“Yes, but I don’t know how you are holding up.”

“I’m heartbroken. Okay? Are you happy now?”

I suddenly feel panicked.

“I’m sorry. I was just trying to help.” I say.

“I’m actually done now. I am ready to move on, but something feels empty inside of me.” Luke says softly.

“Luke, after a couple of weeks, someone will soon fill up that emptiness. Just hold on a little bit and maybe the pain will go away soon.”

“I guess.”

“Um. Do you want to hear what happened to me today?” I ask my friend trying to change the subject.


“Ashton just told me that he likes me back, but I feel insecure about myself and the relationship. I don’t want to start bleeding again, but I have been liking him for so long that the feeling is almost normal and part of my life.” I say.

“Then, it means you have moved on. I think you should tell him that you are no longer interested.”

“Why? Maybe I can still try to have something with him. Maybe my feelings will someday grow bigger and bigger.”

“Tell him that you are now interested in me. Maybe we can start something too,”



Ashton´s Point of View

“My life has been full of lies, Ashton. This is not the real person I am. I am the type of person that no one knows about. I am still a girl with beautiful dreams, where I meet the love of my life and we live in a beautiful house and then, we have kids and we just live a normal life and maybe my parents can give me enough money so I can live in the most luxurious ways. I know that I look and act like a total bitch all the time, but that’s the only way I will get through my days sometimes. My parents basically raised me like that and honestly, I don’t know any other way to act like a successful person. And surprisingly, you guys were the only ones that stayed with me even when I was being such a bad person and honestly, I am really thankful to each and every one of you because you guys somehow saved me.”

“Genevive. I’m sorry. We really didn’t know any of this.” I say.

“It’s okay. I know that this explanation doesn’t even justify my actions.” Genevive says.

“I think that you should try to talk with the guys. Maybe they will understand. You know, Genevive, a life where you are alone is always boring and sometimes annoying. Anyways, it’s getting late. I should go.”

“Yeah. Thank you so much, Ashton. You are the first person that stayed here next to me listening to my boring story.”

“It’s okay. I will come by tomorrow to check on you. See you. Goodnight.” I say and I leave her apartment.

While I am driving, I start thinking.

Genevive looked like a really nice girl today and I think that she was being herself this time. Maybe I should ask her to go out in a really nice date, but then, there’s Sandy.

I think that she is really nice person too. I mean, I have been crushing for her since high school and I like her too much.

Should I ask Genevive on a date and forget Sandy or just stay with Sandy forever?

Honestly, I think that I should just stick with Sandy.

I don’t want to end up broken because Genevive was such a nice person for only a few days and then, she somehow turns into a really bad person.

On the other hand, I am sure that Sandy will stay the same for a long time. I have known her for a lot of years and she is still the same person and that is one of the qualities that I like the most in a person.

But life is very unexpected. People change throughout the days because you find someone better than the other and somehow you forget about everything else because you too stuck inside a dream.

Isn’t that how we all live every day?

Isn’t that how people get married? Isn’t that how people find their happiness?


Winter 2016


Ashton´s Point of View

The concert finally finished, but I am still looking for Sandy.

Everyone leaves the venue with a smile on their faces, talking with their friends about the concert.

Calum and Michael are having so much fun with Heather and Camille in the front row.

Then, Genevive was at the back looking confused trying to find someone, probably Luke.

But someone more special catches my attention.


I immediately walk towards her with my best smile.

“Hey, Sandy.” I say, but I’m immediately interrupted by Luke, who is holding Sandy’s hand tightly as if he was proving me that my high school crush was his.

“You ready to go?” Luke says when he gets here.

“Luke, you should talk to Genevive. She…”  I start saying trying to help my friend.

“Ashton, we have to go. I guess we´ll talk later.” Sandy replies.

“Are you going to leave with him tonight?” I ask hurt.

“We really have to go.” Luke says to me harshly.

“Okay. Yeah, whatever.” I say and I leave the two of them.

I walk towards the guys that are talking about how Luke just left with Sandy when he perfectly knew that Genevive wanted to talk with him.

After Genevive decides to leave us alone, I also leave the venue and Calum, Heather, Michael and Camille go on a double date as always.

I go home without much energy.

This was finally the day when I would tell her how much I liked her too and that I was desperate for an opportunity, but she just decided to give that opportunity to someone else.

I am not mad about the fact that she chose someone else over me even when she said that she liked me since years ago, the thing that really drives me crazy is that she gave Luke an opportunity as if she gave opportunities to everyone when she said that she didn’t want to get her heartbroken again. I just hate the fact that she lied to me about having feelings for me when she didn’t even cared enough about my feelings.

Maybe it is time for me to invite Genevive and stop chasing Sandy around, that girl isn’t worth it.


Sandy’s Point of View

When Luke asked me to be his girlfriend for real, I was too happy.

I have liked Luke since the first time that I saw him, but he suddenly started dating Genevive and the truth is that I just started liking Ashton because he was the only one who really cared about me. But those feelings soon left me and they somehow came back when I saw him again and he invited me on a date and believe me, the last time I went on a date was more than six months ago, so I guess that when somehow invites you on a super romantic date after having zero man to date, some feeling start growing inside of you, and in my case, some feelings come back.

Luke has always had that little thing that makes me like him a lot, even though I still don’t know what that something is, I am sure that I am going to find out in the next few days and I am excited.

Is just like Ashton said, if you really want a dream to come true, you don’t give up and the truth is that I didn’t give up and something wonderful just happened.


Spring 2019

~Calum and Heather’s wedding~


Sandy’s Point of View

Heather looks amazing dancing next to Calum wearing her perfect wedding dress while I am dancing with Luke.

But something looks off about him. He has been too serious and somehow distracted by everything, and he just looks at Genevive and Ashton all the time when I am right behind him.

At least, we are dancing and we will be together next month at Genevive’s wedding.

The ceremony ends really late and Luke doesn’t even looks at me directly and just laughs and hangs out with his friends, everyone except me.

I sit next to him awkwardly until it is finally time for me to leave the ceremony because Calum and Heather have left.

“Luke, I think it is time for us to go now.” I say.

“Sandy, you can’t leave yet. We have to help out before leaving.” Camille says awkwardly next to me.

“Okay. What can I help you out with?” I ask.

“Can you please help Genevive get all the flowers. We want to keep some of them.” Michael says.

“Yeah, sure.”

I leave and walk towards Genevive, who is laughing so hard with Ashton, and I immediately leave the place.

I try to find Luke, but he isn’t even there.

Suddenly, someone take me by the hand softly.

I immediately turn around and see Luke looking serious.

“I need to talk to you.” He says.

“Yeah, what is it?” I ask.

He takes my hand and leads the way.

We stop walking when we get to a dark place next to the place where the ceremony was held.

“I think that we need to break up.” Luke starts saying.

“Why?” I ask.

“I can’t do this anymore.”

“Luke, please. Don’t.” I say with tears running down my face.

“Sandy, I am very sorry.” Luke says.

“How could you? I really like you, Luke. Please.”

“There are certain things you let go when you shouldn’t and I need to go and get it back.”

“It was always about Genevive, wasn’t it? I was nothing compared to her! You just wanted to forget her.” I scream in response to Luke.

“No, I really wanted to work this out with you, but Genevive keeps coming through my mind. I am very sorry, Sandy. I can´t keep doing this.”

“I hate you.” I reply angry.

“Believe me, I hate myself too.”

“But, can we still be… friends?” I ask sadly to Luke.

“I guess that´s the only thing we ever were.” He says.


Ashton’s Point of View


I slowly take Genevive’s hand while she gives me one of her best smiles.

I look at her eyes, which are shinning with excitement.

We start dancing next to our friends. I mean, it’s their special day anyways. Calum and Heather look really happy and excited, Michael and Camille look very emotional, they broke up a couple of months ago, but they are still having feelings for each other; Luke and Sandy are together dancing, even though, Luke looks pretty tired while Sandy looks really happy and excited.

I have known about Sandy liking Luke for a couple of years. We were always together at high school anyways, so I guess it was usual for them to be together after all these years.

But life is funny and weird, right?

Luke and Genevive were a couple while everyone thought that I would end up with Sandy, but somehow I ended up falling in love with Genevive after she broke up with Luke and Sandy ended up with the other half of the couple.

When Calum and Heather leave, we are all left alone.

I help Genevive gather some flowers she wants to keep from the wedding, since she wants to dry them and give them to Heather, so she can decorate her house.

Then, when the night is over, I walk Genevive towards the hotel and before we break apart, I take her by the wrist and get closer to her.

“Genevive, I have to tell you something.” I start saying.

“Go ahead.” She says with a smile.

“I think that I have fallen in love with you.” I say.

“I know.” She replies.

“What?” I ask surprised.

“I know it because I feel the same way. At the end, you were the only one who supported me all the way because you are such a nice person, but I think that it is just too late for us to work out. But, Ashton, I’m not saying that I don’t want you. I really do, you know. But I am getting married next month and honestly, it’s too late for me to stop the plans. Maybe we can still be friends?” She asks me sweetly.

“I guess.” I reply.

“But it’s okay, right? I mean we will still know about each other and we will still meet each other sometimes. You should get someone too, Ashton. It will make this less painful.” Genevive says.

“Yeah. Maybe it is time for me to do so.”

“See you tomorrow?” She asks.

“Yeah, see you tomorrow. Good night.” I say before leaving the hotel lobby.

I enter the elevator and go to the last floor, where we are all staying.

I open the room’s door trying to not make a single noise since I know that everyone else is already here.

I prepare myself to go to bed, I take a shower trying to let go all the pressure I had today and I change to some comfortable clothing.

I try to sleep, but something still makes me smile at this hour.


“But it’s okay, right? I mean we will still know about each other and we will still meet each other sometimes.”



Fall 2019


Sandy’s Point of View

I take a deep breath while I try to hold my tears.

“Ashton, please. I really miss you. I need someone in my life.” I say.

“Sandy, you can’t be like this with me. You only come back to me when you need someone. You weren’t even here when I needed someone. I am not going to be your second option every single time you get dumped by my best friend.” Ashton says harshly.

“But I know that you need someone too. Ashton, Genevive is never going to miss you.”

“That’s none of your business. Genevive is different from you. She actually cares when she promises herself to.”

“Let’s at least try it.” I say.

“I can’t, Sandy. Just go and find somebody else because I am not going to be always that second person you look for when there is no one for you.”


“Leave. I don’t want to see you here anymore.” He says.

“Asht…” I start saying.

“Leave. I am not going to be with someone who comes back only when she has the time for me.” Ashton says before closing the front door of his apartment in front of my face.

I leave the building with some tears.

Who knew this would our ending?


Ashton’s Point of View

Genevive is getting married tomorrow, but that isn’t a serious problem for me.

I still like Genevive.

The thing is that I am not in love with her for her good looks, I like the type of person she is. She is such a nice person, she has deep feelings and ideas about everything, even though she rarely admits them.

We have been friends for a longer time now, even when we both know about the feelings we have for each other, but somehow the fact brought us way closer.

I lay in bed before going to sleep and wonder,

Is it wrong that I am still in love with her?

Is it wrong to have feelings for someone, even though they are getting married tomorrow?

Does that make me a bad person?

Before actually falling asleep, I think to myself that sometimes having someone to live for everyday and someone to deserves my tomorrow, is the best thing that can happen to anyone because that way we will always look forward for tomorrow. To see if by any chance, tomorrow is better than today.


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