The One

This girl gose foster home to foster nobody wants her because of her anger.That was until a lady named Sara adopted her. Then her whole world gets flipped ass backwards.


1. Jazmine intro

~Okay I know I may have spelling problems and grammar im really sorry~

Hi my name is Jazmine Spitfire i'm 14. I've been in so many foster homes I stop counting around 10. I weant into foster care system when I was 3. The reason I keep getting kicked out is because I lose my temper and well lets just say i'm like super strong. The last foster home I was in the man hit me because I wouldn't let his daughter cheat on my homework. When he hit me I blacked out and grabbed a baseball bat and I beat him until the cops came. So now im in a group home wishing to be adopted.

~ Well thats what I have so far so thxs alot for reading it by loves~😜✌💜

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