The One

This girl gose foster home to foster nobody wants her because of her anger.That was until a lady named Sara adopted her. Then her whole world gets flipped ass backwards.


3. 3. Birthday or Hellday

    After driving for a bit longer we pull up to this two story house it's pretty big. When we pulled up this boys came out. One had blond shot/long hair and blue eyes he was really tall. He walks up to me and says"Hi I'm Caden Luke Rockwell"  "Hi I'm Jazmine Spitfire" "you'll have to wait till after school to meat the rest of the family but I think my sister is here follow me" I follow him up the stairs and go to the first door on the right then he knocks on the door and a girl with long black hair and big brown eyes came running out and she hugged me "Hi I'm Kaitlyn Yanin Rockwell. I'm so happy I get a sister a house with two brothers and only one girl is a pain in my ass" Then she lets go "H-hi I'm Jazmine Spitfire y-your new sister I guess."

     Then she drags me me to the room two doors down from hers and says "This is your room Jazmine and the room next to yours is our older brothers room you'll meet him tomorrow after school. Go unpack your stuff and get settled in bye" "Bye" 

  Walk in  the huge room wih all of my stuff in it so I unpacked what I had and after I was finished I took a shower and went to bed.


    •°•-so the peson Kaitlyn is my friend in real life and she is very important to me so I wanted to put her in my book.....And so sorry about the short chapter I'll try to make the next one longer bye loves ~meow~ °•°  

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