Furry Little Problem

Holly Lune is a shy girl from Gryffindor, only friends with Lily Evans. The only social interaction she has with people is during classes. One day in her fifth year, something happens that will change her life, for better or worse, forever.


1. Prologue

 Holly Lune tearfully waved to her mother as the train started up. Sitting back down by the door in the compartment, Holly curled up as she watched the remainder of Kings Cross Station speed by. After pulling her long auburn hair into a messy bun and sticking her wand in it, she took a notebook out of her extra bag and started sketching a fancy Hogwarts crest.

   *A thump from outside, laughter, and the door is wrenched open*

A boy stepped in. He had messy black hair and glasses. Another stepped in behind him. Long black hair hung almost to his shoulders. Not even noticing Holly's presence, the bespectacled boy shoved his and the other boy's trunks onto the overhead racks.

  Holly quietly got up, put her trunk (which was under the seat) and her extra bag outside the compartment, she almost got out without them noticing her, but then she heard one of them talk to her.

 "Oi! Who're you, and what're ya doin' in our compartment?!"

    Holly turned around and saw them looking at her. She looked down and whispered, "I was just sitting here and you guys came in. I'll be leaving now...."

 She turned but heard the bespectacled boy say, "Did you draw this?" Holly looked and saw that they'd taken her notebook, and were looking at her picture of the Hogwarts Crest. Holly just nodded.

   The bespectacled boy said, "You could sell these! By the way, I'm James Potter, and this is Sirius Black."

Holly squeaked, snatched her notebook out of his hands, stepped backwards, and squealed, "Black!"

  Potter quickly said, "No, it's fine! Sirius is cool. We're gonna be in Gryffindor. What house are you..."

 Holly ran out of the compartment and down the isle, looking for an empty compartment. Seeing that none of them were empty, she chose one that had a girl with red hair and a boy with long black greasy hair. She quietly rapped on the window and the girl saw her.

    The girl opened the door and smiled. "Do you need a compartment?" Holly looked down and nodded. The girl smiled and took her trunk in. Holly carried her bag in and sat down. 

  The girl sat down in front of her and said, "Hi! My name is Lily Evans, and this," she gestured to the boy, "is Severus Snape."

 Holly gave a small smile and said, "I'm Holly Lune." She grabbed her notebook and opened it, but stood up and exclaimed, "Bloody hell!" 

   Lily stood up too and said, "What?!" 

 Holly sat back down and said, "Nothing. It's just," she told Lily the story about what happened in the boy's compartment, "one of the boy's must've taken my sketch. Oh well."

   Lily put her hands on her hips and exclaimed, "No, not oh well. Sev, stay here. Holly, come with me. We're gonna get your sketch back. Come on." Lily marched out of the compartment and Holly shyly followed. Lily looked around and found the boys (Holly had described them, but not named them). 

     She wrenched the door opened to see four boys sitting, laughing, and eating candy. Storming in, she demanded, "Give Holly's sketch back right now!"

 Potter and Black stood up, and Potter said, "Well, well, well. Who do we have here? I don't know of a 'Holly', princess. Who might you be?"

  Lily, death staring them down growled, "Evans. Lily Evans. Now, Prince Charming, you can tell me your name and boast all you want, but give my friend's sketch back, or for Merlin's sake I'll curse you so hard!" She whipped out her wand and pointed it at them threateningly.

 Potter and his mates looked slightly impressed and/or terrified. Potter said, "Well, Evans, my name is James Potter. These are my new mates Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew. Now who is this 'Holly' we're speaking of?"

    Lily moved aside, revealing the cowering Holly. Holly squeaked and ran out of the compartment, half hiding behind the door. Potter exclaimed, "Oh! You're the Holly we're speaking of. Cute. You want this sketch?"

 He pulled out the fancy Hogwarts sketch Holly had drawn and held it above his head. Holly moved forward and jumped once, but being short, she couldn't top Potter's reach. "You'll have to pay, Holly." Potter smirked.

  Lily walked forward. Even though Lily was only two to three inches taller than Holly, she looked strong and powerful. In the blink of an eye, Lily had trust her fist at Potter's stomach, Potter doubled over, and she snatched the sketch out of his grasp. 

 Lily said, "Now, Potter, you've learned not to deal with me and take my friend's things."

  Potter, who had stood up again, said, "I want that sketch!"

 Lily said, "Potter, if you want the sketch, you'll have to pay Holly for it."

    Holly interjected, "No, Lily, I don't want any gold for-"

 Potter said, "Two Galleons."

 Lily cried, "Four Galleons!"

 Potter exclaimed, "Three Galleons!"

 Lily cried, "Six Galleons!"

 Potter exclaimed, "Five Galleons, take it or leave it!"

 Lily held out her hand. He dropped five pieces of solid Galleon into her hand, and Lily passed him the sketch. Lily gave Holly the gold and said, "Boys, you can try to boast all you want, but if you bump into me, you're gonna pay big time. C'mon Holly." 

    Lily pulled Holly out of the compartment and closed the door. Holly put the gold in her pocket and said, "Lily, you work miracles."

  Lily smiled and said, "Yeah, I know. Let's go back to our compartment. We must be close to Hogwarts by now." 

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