Furry Little Problem

Holly Lune is a shy girl from Gryffindor, only friends with Lily Evans. The only social interaction she has with people is during classes. One day in her fifth year, something happens that will change her life, for better or worse, forever.


3. Chapter 2

Sirius's P.O.V.

Lily goes up to Holly, who is crying. Dumbledore gestures to the door, so Prongs and I go out to look for Moony. We find him crying in our dormitories. Prongs says, "Cheer up mate. We're going to be fine."

    I hiss, "James!" This is one of the first times I'd been really mad at him. Because of us not stopping Moony, we've ruined that innocent girl's life for ever. And she loved us. I'm not kidding. Lily kept telling us that, and us being arses, we didn't listen to her. But after a while, I started watching Holly. I thought that the most adorable thing about that was if we were both watching each other and our eyes met, her face would turn a very dark maroon and she'd turn away quickly. It was hilarious on my part to watch her, but I start to find it kind of cute.

  Prongs turns to me, a look of shock plastered on his face. We're never on real first name terms anymore; we usually use our Marauder nicknames. 

      Moony wipes his eyes on his sleeve and says, "I ruined her life. I ruined her life!"

Prongs plops down on his bed and sighs. "Have to agree with that. But the only thing we can do now is treat her like a person and help her!"

 I flop down onto my bed and whisper only loud enough for them to here, "But what if she want's to disappear off the face of the earth?"

Holly's P.O.V.


 Lily just hugs me and says, "I know, sweetie, I know."

    "They don't understand! They ruined my life!"

Dumbledore stood up and said, "Miss Lune, please come to my office when you're ready. It could be today if you're up for it. It could be tomorrow, or even the next day. Just come. But I would like you to bring Mr. Lupin up with you as well. I'll send him the message. Good day, ladies."

 I watched as he gave a small bow and left the room. I pull my legs to my chest, wipe my eyes, and whisper, "I should stop sulking."

   Lily jumps up like lightning and says, "That's the spirit honey! Now, you might not've known, but you've been out for three days, so in two hours we go to Hogsmeade. We should do something to take your mind off it.

Lily started to drag me along, so I reluctantly picked up my pace. When we're going around a corner, I say, "I was out for three days?!"

  Lily says, "Yes, and I would've made them wake you up, but they said they couldn't because you'd be in way too much pain. So let's go before the gates open at nine!"

 People keep staring. It's very unnerving. The fact that everyone keeps looking away and whispering makes me feel the most visible in my life. I ran my hands through my long hair and looked away. Lily kept dragging me, so I say, "Lils!"

     She stops and says, "Holly, we've only got a short time! Tell me when we get to the dorms. In the mean time, let's run!" We ran, even though the cuts on my arms were screaming with agony. By the time we got to the Fat Lady, we were huffing and puffing. Lily says the password and we walk in.

    Everything stops. Time is frozen. People are staring. Like, not the kind where you look for a while, notice they're staring and then look away, the kind where they acknowledge they're staring but don't look away. Then I saw them on the couch. James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter. They were staring too. Remus looked like he'd been crying. James just was staring at Lily, figures. But Sirius, he wasn't staring at my cuts, or my scars, or the oddly proportioned gashes on my face. He was staring into my eyes. I could feel my face getting red. But all I could do is stare into Sirius's silvery gray eyes.

  Then time defrosted and people carefully went on with their business. Lily told me to go up to the dorms, so I went up the staircase. But I stopped and listened to Lily:

 "Hey, boys, are you going to Hogsmede in about, what, forty-five minutes?"

(James) "Of course, my Lily-flower. Would you like to accompany me?"

 "No. I was wondering if you guys could meet me somewhere?"

 "Sure. Where?"

 I stopped listening and went into our dorms. It was empty, so I stood in front of the mirror. I was a small girl. My blue eyes rolled up to look at my hair. Reaching almost down to my waist, Lily called the color 'Honeydukes' Best Milk Chocolate'. I was very thin; people kept telling me to eat more and put some meat on my bones. My red sweater hung around my body, and my black sweats trailed down to my ankles, stopping at my tennis shoes.

      Lily ran in as I sat down on my bed, pulling Marlene McKinnon and Molly Prewett along with her. Lily said, "We're gonna get you ready for Hogsmeade, Holly!"

  After thirty-six minutes of intense clothing and makeup, they said I was ready to go. I was wearing a blue sweater dress and they had tied my hair into a braid that was trailing down past my right shoulder. They had applied some black eyeliner and red lipstick because I never wore any so I didn't know how. The closest I'd gotten to makeup is chapstick. Lily tried to talk me into wearing heels, but I finally swayed her that I'd just wear my black boots.

Molly passed my my gray beanie and said, "Holly, you look great! You're ready to go." Mary and Molly said good-bye; they were going on dates with Arthur Weasley and Matthew Simmons. 

   Filch, the assistant caretaker, checked us out, and we started walking towards Hogsmede. As we walked down Main Street, I asked Lily, "Where are we going? You said you'd take me to the bookstore, but that's behind us."

  Lily smiled and said, "We're going to the Three Broomsticks."

      I froze. I don't like people, especially a lot in one space. Lily dragged me too the door of the pub. After pushing me in, I stood in the room. It was almost FULL of students. Lily kept dragging me, and I saw where we were going and who was there. 

  In the far corner of the room was a table, and two boys were sitting there: James and Sirius. James waved us over as we walked closer. I stopped again. I turned to Lily and said, "I can't do this." And I ran. Oh I ran. Out the door and into the nearest book shop. I found my usual corner (the one that had a small stool and was almost hidden by books) and sat down. Right before I could hide my face in a book, I heard a voice. 

"Holly?" I looked up. Remus was standing over me with a quizzical look on his face. "What are you doing running into a bookstore and hiding?"

   I looked up and whispered, "Lily tried to drag me into what I think was a blind date. Just, let me stay here. Please." He nodded and walked away. Then I heard more voices.

 "Holly! Holly! Where are you?" The little bell on the door tinkled. Someone was walking down the isle, right towards me. I buried my nose into the book. The person stopped right in front of me. A hand grabbed my book and jerked it up. I looked at the figure. 

       I couldn't tell who it was; they were in a black cloak. The person took my arm and started running, so I ran along. I didn't dare say anything. I was too scared. We stopped by the fence outside of the Shrieking Shack. The person pulled down their hood, and I gasped. It was Sirius.

​Sirius's P.O.V.

She looked terrified. I'm not lying. Her blue eyes were wide with shock, fear, and embarrassment all at once, which I thought was almost impossible. I openly held out my hand and whispered, "Come with me."

  For a moment Holly looked scared to disobey. But then I saw a fire in her eyes that I'd never seen before. I noticed happiness with a hint of being accepted. She pulled the elastic hair band out of her hair and her long chocolate hair fell down her back. Holly held out her hand the same way I did and gave me a small smile. A snowflake fell into her hand.

 I put my hand into her small one, she squeezed it, let go, and then shot away at lightning speed. Quickly following, I ran along, slowly catching up to her. She held out her arms like she was a bird, and she smiled a full smile that made me feel warm inside. Then she laughed. The laugh was so bubbly, full of life and happiness. It made you want to smile and laugh along too.

    Holly pumped her arms and ran faster up a road leading to a mountain. She didn't stop once the rocks started; she just kept going. I stopped and watched her. She jumped from each jagged rock and stone like she was bouncing off mini trampolines, spinning and twirling in an elaborate dance of joy. When she got farther away, I transformed into my Animagus form and bounded after her. She stopped on a ledge, so I transformed back and jumped up up to the place she was standing. 

Now it was my turn to gasp. In front of me was a stunning view of Hogsmeade and some of Hogwarts. I said, "Holly, this is amazing." She smiled but said nothing.

Holly's P.O.V.

I never understood what people call 'love at first sight'. The phrase always seemed foreign to me. But now I think I kind of get it. Right now, I timidly wanted to share this moment with Sirius, maybe even hold his hand. 

   My accident proneness got to me first. I was looking into his eyes, and then I fell. The ground crumbled and fell out from under me. Did I mention I'm accident prone? I tumbled, I flew, and I bounced. Rocks, bushes, small trees, and more rocks.

 Something pushed me out of my flying, pushing me down the hole slope in only a few seconds and cushioned my fall. I looked up and saw a ruffled Sirius standing up from the ground. He held out his hand and helped me up. 

 Sirius said, "That was a big fall! Are you okay?" Oh my gawd his voice is so silky and he is SO hot, I thought. I nodded and we started walking forward, me limping a bit, back down the road we came from. I stumbled a little, and Sirius caught me. He brushed some of the rocks and twigs out of my hair. Then I saw Lily, James, and Remus running up to us, well, Lily running, James walking, and Remus carefully walking forward while reading a book. 

   Lily helped stabilize me and exclaimed, "Holly, what happened? Sirius, WHAT THE BLOODY HELL?!"

Sirius said, "I found her," I could just feel the lie coming, "tumbling down a hill. I caught her and then her we are." 

  "Down an hill. Are you kidding me? Holly, what were you doing on a hill?" James inquired. 

 I could feel my face reddening. "The view is great." I turned to Lily, cupped my hands around her ear and whispered, "Can we go? I should get to the Hospital Wing."

  Lily nodded and said, "Sirius, James, help me with Holly." I shot a death glare at Lily and she smiled mischievously.


When we got to the Hospital Wing, Madam Pomfrey fussed over me. She had put me behind a curtain and told Lily to help me undress. She'd told me that I'd broken a few bones in my leg and sprained my wrist. I know what you're thinking, magic can fix all you're problems, but you're WRONG! Madam Pomfrey said that the injuries had reacted wrongly with my......lycanthropy, so I have to bathe in a special mixture of potions to heal.

   I could see James whisper-shouting at Sirius behind the curtain. I couldn't make out what he was saying, but it must've been something about me. I made out the words 'Holly', 'you', and 'crush'. I could just feel my face turning red as Lily helped me wrap a towel around myself. I limped out from behind the curtain with Lily holding onto my arm. The boys looked up from their argument, but Sirius looked back down and said, "Holly, I'm sorry that I injured you. If I could do anything to make it up to you, I would do it."

 I shook my head and whispered, "Black, you saved my life. I can't thank you enough for that. Now, please excuse me, I need to heal." Sirius had looked distressed when I called him Black. 

  James said, "We'll leave you guys here. C'mon Padfoot. We gotta go." They both stood up and walked out of the Hospital Wing without another word. 

Madam Pomfrey took me into a small room that had a bathtub. About 10 bottles of potions were on a table in the order to pour them in. Even though it was only October, this was gonna be a long year.

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