Furry Little Problem

Holly Lune is a shy girl from Gryffindor, only friends with Lily Evans. The only social interaction she has with people is during classes. One day in her fifth year, something happens that will change her life, for better or worse, forever.


2. Chapter 1

 It was a cold October Wednesday. Holly Lune, now a fifth year, was sitting on a couch in the common room, practicing her stunning spells on a mouse she borrowed from Professor Flitwick. She would point her wand at the mouse, mutter, "Stupefy." A small get of red light came out of the tip of her wand, hit it squarely in its chest, and the mouse collapsed. A few seconds later the mouse started squeaking.

     Holly sighed and pointed her wand at the mouse again. At that same moment, Lily Evans walked through the portrait hole with James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew. Holly snatched her mouse and ran up to the girls dormitories. She didn't like being by other people besides Lily, especially boys. Even though she had little crushes on James, Sirius, and Remus, she couldn't show them. EVER.

Lily and the boys plopped down onto the couches in front of the fireplace. Lily looked up the girls stairs and sighed. "Remus, when are you going to tell her? You've kept the secret from her for 5 years. She deserves to know!"

       Remus took out his wand, made the fireplace light, and then said, "Lily, I know you want me to tell her, but I barely know her! She barely knows me, for Merlin's sake!"

  Lily crossed her arms and retorted, "Well she watches you boys all the time! You don't even notice, James and Sirius are always either engaging you in bullying or with you at the Whomping Willow! Besides, she's just too shy to talk you guys. I wish you'd just give her a chance."

 James and Sirius suddenly became interested in the conversation when they heard their names. James leaned forward and said, "Lily, the only interaction she's ever had with us is the first time we met, on the train when I paid her for the Hogwarts crest sketch. I don't remember anything other than that."

Lily said, "What about when she ran into you in the halls, and you started to engage her in conversation?"

  James rolled his eyes and said, "Lily, that was a little 1st year, and I didn't talk to her! She ran off."

 "What about that time when you tripped over her after losing the Quidditch Cup?"

   "That was a 3rd year, and she ran off too!"

  "When she dropped all her books last week and you saw that sketch of you, Sirius, and Remus with a heart?"

   "Come off it, Lily! She was an older 6th year, and the sketch was of a lion!"

      Lily threw her hands up in anguish and almost screamed (good thing the common room was empty), "Those are all lies, James! After all of those, she Confunded you and put a changed memory in your head! The first time, you started to talk to her, she Confunded you and ran off! The second time, she did the SAME THING! And the third was ABSOLUTELY the way I said it! Ask your own friends-they'll tell you the truth!"

 James looked to the other boys and said, "What?"

    Sirius bit his lip then quietly said, "That's all true, mate."

James jumped up and shouted, "Bloody hell!"

   Remus said, "We wanted to tell you, but Lily made sure that we didn't."

 Lily crossed her arms and hissed, "Now, back on topic. When are you blokes going to tell Holly?"

      Remus sighed and said, "Probably the day after tomorrow. Tonight's a full moon. I better get going."


Holly watched as the James, Sirius, and Peter slipped under the Invisibility Cloak. After they disappeared, Holly quickly but silently ran down the stairs and followed them. It was easy to see where they were going: Peter's clumsy feet kept slipping in and out of the Cloak.

    Confused, she followed them down towards the Whomping Willow. Holly gasped. The boys had turned into a stag, a black dog, and a rat. The rat touched a knot on the tree and it froze. Holly ran in behind the boys and saw a dark tunnel, leading into the unknown. She stayed hidden in the tunnel, keeping to the shadows, and watched as the Animagi approached Remus.

   Suddenly, Remus released a cry of pain. He whimpered, and his yell slowly turned into a fierce growl. Holly stepped into the light to see better. Watching one of the people she loved being put through pain was a burden, and her first instinct would be to help them. She stepped forward and Remus and the Animagi's heads turned to her.

Remus's P.O.V.

As pain racked my body, my vision cleared and my senses sharpened. Then I saw her, standing at the tunnels doorway. My mind was in a mental war with the Wolf.

 'No, I can't attack Holly! I know her!'

'You do not know her! She is not in your inner circle. Let me remind you: you do not attack your inner circle, others may perish.'

 'The only reasons I shouldn't attack her is that Lily would be devastated and Holly is amazing!'

'Then what are your reasons to give? She is not one of us; she does not know our pain!'

  'Yes, I wish she could know, but I shouldn't give her the bite!' I could feel my strong feelings wilting. If I don't give in, the Wolf will tear me apart, piece by piece over the night.

'Do what your ancestors would do: make her experience the torture you go through. Do it.' My walls collapsed. I attacked. I could taste the satisfying taste of cold flesh again. Someone was trying to rip me away from her body. I saw it was Sirius, in his dog form. Then I looked down. My heart fell to my stomach.

Holly's P.O.V.

My eyes fluttered. I could feel my skin burning, and my neck felt like it'd been severed. But I knew I was alive by the pain. I opened my eyes to see a white room that looked very sterile. I tried to get up, but the pain forbade me to, so I could only look upwards. Then I heard from outside the doors that I saw the sound of enraged shouts.

   "Professor Dumbledore, we can't take this any longer! It's been three days! The boy accidentally BIT an INNOCENT GIRL!!"

 "Minerva, please calm yourself. Miss Lune is asleep in the Infirmary, which is right to our left. I daresay we've awoken her."

There was the sound of running and muffled footsteps. "Professor Dumbledore,  I still don't know what happened! It's been three days, and you still haven't allowed us to go in! James, Sirius and Remus are still saying," *gulp*, "that my best friend was....."

      "I can't say that those are lies, Miss Evans. Miss Prewett and Miss McKinnon, please go back to your dormitories. Mr. Potter, Mr. Black, Mr. Lupin, Mr. Pettigrew, and Miss Evans, follow me."

 The doors were flung open. I quickly snap my eyes shut as Professor Dumbledore and the group strode over to the my bed. I hear a dry sob from Lily, so I fake stir.

    As I feel someone peering over me, Lily said, "You might not want to do that. If she wakes up now, you're gonna be sorry!" I snap my eyes back open right on cue, quick as a bullet. The one and only James Potter is leaning right over me. I open my mouth, but no sound comes out. I admit, I'm literally scared to death. Noting that my wand was at least an arms length away from me, I do the only thing possible in my time: I thrust my fist up into his stomach region (making us both wince), and I try to scrambled up the bed.

But something small but strong holds me in place. I look over and see the feeble hand of Professor Dumbledore holding me down. James was still in pain, so he just sat down next to Sirius on the side of my bed. Dumbledore said, "How are you, Holly?"

  Just then I noticed cuts and tears along my skin. I turned back to him and say, "Alive. Partially. What happened to me that was so bad that I had to be in the Hospital Wing?"

 Remus shifts uncomfortably in his seat. Dumbledore put his free hand on Remus's shoulder and said to me, "Do you remember anything before today?"

     I thought back, and then hugging my knees to my chest, I said, "There was a werewolf. It bit me, didn't it."

   Remus got up and ran out of the room. I saw tears dripping down his cheeks. Peter followed him as quickly as he could. Then everything clicked. The wolf, the cuts, the nerve-racking silence. I whispered, "Remus is a werewolf, and he bit me. He bit me." Now tears trickled down MY cheeks. Putting my head on my knees, I close my eyes and let the tears flow freely. "I'm a werewolf."

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