Alexandra Rose, a bright and extrovert young women recently moved to the big sights of London in search of a career as a writer.

Alexandra comes along some troubles on her first few weeks in her new city but slowly settles in as she makes some friends along the way.

Lust, love, broken friendships. What else will happen to Alexandra as she makes her mark on London ?

Read on to find out.


3. III- Double Doors

Alexandra's POV:

I awoke the next morning with a smile plastered onto my face, today felt like it was going to be such a great day. I rose from my bed and headed towards the shower, the warm water on my cold body was the perfect wake up. Apart from a morning coffee of course. After my shower I applied a small load of makeup, nothing too stand out but still noticeable. I picked out a pair of black stockings, a black flowed skirt that sat nicely just above my knees, and a white button up shirt. I put on some nice black boots and brushed my long hair back. I was ready. 1pm. Only an hour to make it to my interview. I opened my laptop quickly so I could take a look at the local bus service

I opened the email and took at look at the address. 67 Bellgreave road. Block 2-3, that doesn't sound hard to find at all I said sarcastically to myself..

The bus I was supposed to catch was only around a fifteen minute walk from where my house was. So until I get a car if I get this job it isn't hard to get to and from work. I pack my laptop and books into my bag and head towards the kitchen. I needed something to eat before I left. I walked to my table and grabbed an apple from my fruit bowl.

The clock.. 1:10pm I really need to get going. I made my way to the front door taking the keys from the hook, made my way out the door locking it behind me.

The weather was really nice today, the sun was shining and there was a light wind but not too cold. And not even a cloud in the sky. I proceeded down the path towards the bus stop. The streets of London were really different to those of Australian streets.

Once I reached the bus stop I realised I had another six minutes before the bus turned up. I unlocked my phone and went onto Facebook, I hadn't really had the chance to check up on any social media since I got here as I was too busy settling in. I had received about 400 messages from my mum. Probably worried sick because I hadn't called her or texted.

I decided to give her a quick message

'Hey mum it's me. I made it here safely and have settled well into the new place. Hope to hear from you soon and I can't wait till you guys get to come visit'

Just as I hit send the bus popped up in front of me. I stepped on and took a seat. The bus wasn't to full so it was really quiet.

The bus ride was average. It was getting really warm. But that was probably only because I was getting really nervous about this interview. I stepped off the bus and started to venture up the street. I hope I didn't miss the block. There were a lot of high rise buildings and apartments. I found where I was looking for. I walked inside and up to the reception desk

"Hello, I'm here for a job interview, my name is Alexandra Rose"

I smiled at the lady behind the desk

She smiled back

"We have been expecting you Ms Rose, please follow me to Mr Darwell's office"

She stood up from behind the desk and proceeded down the hallway. I followed closely behind her before we were faced in front of two double doors. I was beginning to feel nervous. She pushed the doors open and stood next to them.

"Take a seat please"

She smiled pushing her hand towards where the seating was. I walked in slowly and took a seat. A Man. About my age was sitting in front of me.

"Hello Alexandra how are you today, I'm Joshua Darwell." He said in a really deep voice. It was.. Amazing

"Im doing well today, I'm excited, the weather is lovely"

He laughed a little.

"So have you brought any type of example work I would be able to take a look at"

He asked. I picked up my laptop bag and took out one of my notebooks handing it over the table to him. He took it from me and opened up. Started reading. Slightly smiling at different parts. After a while he looked up at me

"Alexandra your work is absolutely fantastic, we must have you aboard the company"

He smiled widely. My stomach twisting in knots. I got the job!!

"Oh thank you mr Darwell"

I smiled.

"Alexandra please, call me Joshua. I'll see you Monday okay. Have a lovely weekend"

He stood up from behind the desk passing me back my notebook and walking me towards the door. As I walked away from the building I was so happy. I was finally getting things done here and now a job is ticked off of my list!

Time to go home and start getting ready for Nick's lunch, I have no idea what to wear or what kind of impression I will make. Are Nicks friends nice? Will they think I'm weird? Who knows.

I'll have to see.

Little A/N: this is taking an awful long time to get into but trust me! Big things are coming !! ❤️❤️

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