Alexandra Rose, a bright and extrovert young women recently moved to the big sights of London in search of a career as a writer.

Alexandra comes along some troubles on her first few weeks in her new city but slowly settles in as she makes some friends along the way.

Lust, love, broken friendships. What else will happen to Alexandra as she makes her mark on London ?

Read on to find out.


2. II- Hey You

Alexandra's POV:

I awoke the next morning just before 9am thanks to a small strip of sunlight managing to burst its way through my curtain. I managed my way out of bed and to the shower. I needed to freshen up before I even thought about food. The warm water pouring onto my skin felt like heaven after the past few days of constant plane flights and no showers. After exiting the shower I wrapped a towel around myself and went in search for an outfit for the day.

I found a pair of dark blue ripped skinny jeans and a blue and white striped sweater. I applied a small amount of makeup, I'm not really into makeup, I don't think it's completely necessary and I only use it when I'm going out somewhere. I put on some socks and my converse. I was always a lover of converse and I didn't really know why. My mum had always Brought them for me when I was younger and I sort of stuck to them.

I sat back down on my bed and rummaged through my purse. I hadn't had the chance to exchange any money yet and I didn't have a car either. How was I supposed to go and get any food for myself now. Then I remembered. Nick was just down the street.. I couldn't ask him to take me anywhere at this time of the morning though could I?.

I grabbed my keys and locked the door to my house. And began to walk down the street. I saw Nicks car sitting in the driveway of his house. I approached the door and gave it a few gentle knocks and hoped that he would be awake or hear it.

Surely enough the door opened slowly and Nicks head popped out the door. His eyes were sleepy and his hair was all messy. Did I wake him ?

"Hey you, what can I do for you"

he said really huskily. He must of been woken up.. Oops..

"Morning Nick, sorry if I woke you. But I have no food and no car and I'm really hungry"

I giggled grabbing at my stomach. He laughed and opened the door to let me in. His house seemed really lovely as I walked inside. I turned around to thank him when I realised he had no shirt on. Just a pair of black shorts. God I felt myself staring. I snapped my gaze from him and continued to walk through his house until I found myself in the kitchen.

"What would you like to eat this morning Alex"

Said Nick as he walked into the kitchen behind me

No one had ever really called me Alex, but it had a nice ring to it. Next thing was. What did I want for breakfast. Appearing in my mind were eggs and bacon, with pancakes and syrup.

"Maybe just some toast if that's okay"

I didn't want to hassle. He had only just woke up.

Nick gave me a smile and turned around to his fridge pulling out 4 eggs and a wrap of bacon.

"Alex you must know. That when you ask me for breakfast to be made. I don't settle for just 'maybe some toast'. Let's get you a real meal going, then after that I'll take you into the closest shopping centre and we can get you some food for your house"

I laughed and accepted. Nick tossed the bacon onto the pan and the room started to smell of its delicious scent. My stomach started to rumble. Probably because I didn't eat yesterday before I went to sleep. I was awfully tired and just wanted rest.

Nick handed me a plate and put two eggs and some bacon on my plate. I took a knife and fork from him and rushed it down. The feeling of satisfaction was made noticeable when I burped by accident. Nicks head shot up and he laughed at me. I smiled but I felt flustered and was a little embarrassed.

"Just let me change and we can be on our way, feel free to explore the house until I'm ready"

He got up and walked off into another room. I decided to make my way into the living room. It was small but cosy. There were many pictures of Nick and a small blonde girl. His younger sister maybe?. I continued around the room to find more pictures of his family and friends. When I noticed a picture. Is that ?. Oh gosh Nick knows that guy from that band. He's all over everywhere. What's his name.. Harry something ?. From One Direction I think ?. I don't listen to their music all that much. It's very mainstream I think.

Nick suddenly popped up next to me.

"I see you noticed my picture of my and my best mate"

Harry was Nicks best friend ?.

"We first met during school, he left to pursue his career in music and of course he did. But we always stayed in Contact"

I smiled sweetly at him. It was nice that Harry's fame hadn't parted him with his friends

"Actually Alex I'm having a barbecue this weekend with some of our mates, Harry might be coming too, it would be a great way for you to meet more people if you would like to come"

It was such a lovely gesture, I couldn't say no. I was in need of more friends

"Thank you Nick that's really sweet I'll be there"

He smiled and turned towards the door. I followed him out and to his car. We both jumped in and started our drive to the shopping centre. I attempted to remember all the directions so I could try on my own next time but there were so many Lefts and rights I got confused and gave up.

After we arrived at the store all I really wanted to do was exchange some more money. I walked over to the first money exchange store I found when we walked in. Sitting behind the counter was a pudgy old man. Droopy eyes with a beard.

"What can I do for you today"

"I would like to get all of this changed please"

I handed him my remaining $50's $20's and $100's and collected my new change. Money here was very different to Australian money. I walked back over to Nick who was standing outside of a Music store flipping through the CD racks.

"Hey Alex are you ready"

He smiled over at me. I nodded my head.

"Can we go to the supermarket so I can do some shopping"

I asked quietly.

We walked towards the supermarket. It was massive, I could of gotten lost. I picked a trolley and started rolling through the isles only grabbing what I really needed, Cereal. Bread. Milk. Snacks. I walked to the register and paid for all my shopping. Nick offered to help carry some of the bags which was nice.

It was raining outside so I wanted to hurry to the car. I wasn't so used to all the rain. We jumped quickly into the car and began our journey home.

"By the way I grabbed some stuff for the barbecue tomorrow, it's the least I could so considering you offered me into your home and done so much to help me so far"

He smiled

"Thanks Alex that's really cool of you"

We arrived at mine. I thanked Nick and took my shopping to the door, waving to him as he drove away. I walked inside and unpacked all of my shopping. My house was beginning to feel a littler fuller then before. I walked into the lounge and fell onto to couch. What's on TV I wondered. Crap. Crap. More crap. London TV was terrible compared to Australia. How am I supposed to live without Home and away ?.

I flicked it off and went to my room to grab my laptop. I opened it up and found my latest book opened. I'm currently writing a romance novel about a young women who was separated from her family at a young age and meets a man who she falls in love with and long soppy story short she finds her family and they marry and blah blah. An email popped up in the corner of my screen. I opened it to find it was an accepted Job interview ! Tomorrow ! I hope it doesn't interfere with the barbecue.

I replied straight away to tell them I would be there. 2pm sharp. I was nervous yet excited. I really needed something to kick start me here in London. A job would be the best start

I bummed around the house for the rest of the day as the day was too gloomy and wet to go outside. I sat in my room and watched the drops of water fall down my windowsill. Watching the day get darker and later. It made me tired and I had almost fallen asleep until I felt my stomach rumble

I sprung from my bed and made my way into the kitchen to grab some food. I boiled a pot and chucked in my noodles. I didn't feel like a proper meal as I was still tired and just wanted sleep.

I guzzled down my noodles quickly and went back to my room and flopped into bed. The warm covers Hitting my body and calming me. I closed my eyes and tried to think about the day tomorrow and what it had to bring..

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