The boy next door

Amber is a young girl who's father gets a job in Sydney as a music producer she is scared,sad,and mad until she meets a young boy named Michael Clifford.(read to find what happens)


4. Why?

    Michael says it's fine "Amber?" He asks with a sweet face "do you love me the way I love you." Your face turns bright red as you smile and tell him" yes I love you." He smiles and next thing you know you feel warm,soft lips crash onto yours. After about a minute you where on Michaels lap making out with him , his hands squeezing your butt ."Amber, how about we go somewhere a little more private." You both decide on a accessible bathroom. The second you get in you hear the door lock.You turn around and instantly you feel Michaels warm lips kissing you. Your thoughts are on how you only just graduated 6th grade. You push Michael away "why did you do that," he asks with a puzzled look on his face. "We only just graduated 6th grade, I can't do this." You run out as you hear footsteps running behind you. You ran all the way home but you still hear the footsteps. You turn around expecting to see Michael but instead it was your best friend Ashton (ash calls you roo and you call him kanga) 

"Roo wait up," you turn around and cry in his shoulder as he hugs you and tells you," it's just 7th grade drama you'll be ok." You see Luke and Calum in the distance and run strait for them. Cal and ash are like brothers to you.

*skip crying*

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