The boy next door

Amber is a young girl who's father gets a job in Sydney as a music producer she is scared,sad,and mad until she meets a young boy named Michael Clifford.(read to find what happens)


3. Two years later

    You are heading to your 6th grade graduation which really should be your 5th grade graduation but in NY your school taught you a year ahead. You are in the same class as calum,ash,luke,and michael. Michael still had it bad for you which was uncomfortable and funny.The 6th grade dance was after this and you were going with Michael,since he asked you and you didn't want to hurt his feelings. 

*skip graduation and dance*

     You are walking home with Michael as he holds your hand. You feel like puking cause you kinda liked him too. You are about halfway to your houses when Michael asks if you wanna go to the park and catch some pokemon, you agree as you pull out your phone and open pokemon go. You found a pokestop with a lure  and decided to wait a while to see what you could catch. An hour passes and you start getting hungry there is a food truck open and you ask Michael if you can get food.

 *skip food*

You go back to where you were sitting and thank Michael for going with you and for being a good sport with all of Luke's questions and giving death glares at him and hogging me the whole night. 

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