The boy next door

Amber is a young girl who's father gets a job in Sydney as a music producer she is scared,sad,and mad until she meets a young boy named Michael Clifford.(read to find what happens)


2. Moving day

        "Omg, I can't believe your moving," says your bff Issac. "Dont worry I promise I'll face time you everyday" you say."Bye I'll see you in  about 6 months" you say. "Bye text me when you there" Issac shouts as you drive away. You can see him crying as you drive away, which makes you cry as well

*skip to when you arrive in Sydney*

       "Isn't it beautiful cupcake" your dad says as you are staring at your new what you think looks like a palace. Your cousins live right next door so they came to say hi. "Hi Amber" you hear a voice shout, it was your cousin ,Luke. Luke is a couple months older than you but your the more mature one. You ran up to him and gave him a huge hug."I missed you he said" as he pulled you in a tighter hug." I missed you too" you said. He pulled you away , grabbed your hand and led you to three boys. "Amber these are my friends,the one on the right with the black hair is Calum,the one on the left the really short one is Ashton , the one in the middle that's really tall is Michael."Nice to meet you all" you say. Michael was starring at you which made you very uncomfortable. Luke decided to speak up and say that Michael, the tall one lives right next door to you which made you even more uncomfortable

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