"An invasion of Privacy" tells the story of two boys Tom Taylor and Mickey Binks growing up in the middle 1950's. Mickey is the Elvis fan Tom is into James Dean. Tom is not interested in school and plays the wag most days. Mickey and Tom are inseparable and live in the same street. they leave school and Mickey takes on various labouring jobs, Works down on the quay; then as a coalman before getting a job on the Grainger market in Newcastle selling fruit and vegetables. Tom loves cooking and has helped his gran make bread, tarts and scones. he gets a job as an apprentice Baker and confectioner for Archer's bakery. read about their exploits as the two boys grow into men. If you remember what it was like growing up in the fifties then this is definitely one for you to read.


96. 96

Pint everyone said Tom; as he ordered three pints of best scotch.’

Sandra smiled at Tom who knew him when he was at school.’

“How’s the Bakery going Tom?’ said Sandra as she pulled the first pint.’

Ticking over nicely thanks replied Tom; you ought to pop in and try some of my pies and fresh cream cakes.’

“My mother told me about them; she says the chocolate fudge cake is to die for.’

I have to watch my weight because I just have to look at a cake and five pounds goes on my hips.’

“You have got to treat yourself now and again though.’

“I do that’s why I’m on a constant diet.’

Sandra had huge breasts even at school and was never short of attention.

She set the beers on the counter and Tom gave her ten shillings and told her to get a drink for herself.

“Thanks Tom.’

 Tom passed the drinks to his father and Peter.’

I see Sandra still has a thing for you said his father as he playfully nudged him in the ribs.’

“Well you know you’ve either got it or you haven’t he laughed.’

George took a drink from his pint then wiped the froth from his lips with the back of his hand. The committee man came up to him and gave him five pounds for winning the card.’

Money goes to money said a man standing nearby.’

“You pay’s your money, you takes your choice said George.’

So what’s it like running your own business then you two.’

To be honest it’s a lot harder because you come home and have to do the books each night so you don’t get much time to relax.’

“That’s right said George to his son. I cannot complain though it is the best thing that I have ever done.’ God bless Sarah Jane.’

“Yes, I second that said Tom.’

“Who would have thought it eh; two members of the same family running their own business.’

“Certainly not me said George.’

The way things are now; I can see myself working until I’m in my seventies; I mean not in a physical sense maybe but running things in the back ground. “I mean I could still be able to make the odd dining room suite.’

“Would you want to work that long George asked Peter.’

“Whey aye, I would want to work as long as I could. It gives you a reason to live, a reason to get up every morning and thank the good Lord that your still here.’

I don’t think I will carry on baking when I’m sixty five dad; it takes a lot out of you starting at four thirty in the morning six days a week.’ Its heavy physical work is baking.’

You could spend more time making the finer cakes that you sell.’

I want to teach Jeffery how to bake so that one day he can take over the business.’

Well I hope that you have another son who will come and learn about carpentry or there will be no one to hand my business over to.’

“Steady on dad I’m just getting used to having this one.’ I couldn’t cope with losing more sleep.’

“I remember when the girls were born; Elizabeth and I had to take turns changing them and making bottles. We were so tired; I don’t know how I held down my job.’

You are on auto pilot half of the day aren’t you?’

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