"An invasion of Privacy" tells the story of two boys Tom Taylor and Mickey Binks growing up in the middle 1950's. Mickey is the Elvis fan Tom is into James Dean. Tom is not interested in school and plays the wag most days. Mickey and Tom are inseparable and live in the same street. they leave school and Mickey takes on various labouring jobs, Works down on the quay; then as a coalman before getting a job on the Grainger market in Newcastle selling fruit and vegetables. Tom loves cooking and has helped his gran make bread, tarts and scones. he gets a job as an apprentice Baker and confectioner for Archer's bakery. read about their exploits as the two boys grow into men. If you remember what it was like growing up in the fifties then this is definitely one for you to read.


122. 122

Tom was the next to strike and again it was another whiting not as big as Mickey’s but a keeper all the same. It went into a bucket filled with seawater. Tom was re-baited and back out in under a minute. Using a rag tied around the stand he dried his hands.’

They sat down again this time Tom opened a cheese sandwich and threw in some crisps from the packet. “Here I never thought of that said Mickey as he opened his up and did the same.’

“Listen mate I’ve got something to tell you.’

“You haven’t heard from Alison have you?’

No, mate its nothing like that.’

What is it then?’

“Well if you listen I will explain.’

“I have been offered another job.’

“What you are giving up the business?’

“No, I am getting Liz to run that.’

“So what’s the job?’

The Co-op are opening a large bakery in West Monkseaton and they want me to run it.

“Great when do you start?’

As soon as I ring them and accept the job.’

“What’s the wage?’

“It’s over a thousand pounds a month.’

“You’re joking right.’

No Mickey I’m not; that’s not all I get a company car and a five bed roomed house with all the mod cons thrown in.’

“Jeezus Christ Tom, I would snap their hands off.’

“You don’t mind me moving away then.’

Listen mate opportunities like that come around once in a blue moon so go for it.’

“I’m glad you said that mate because we have been friends so long. I value your opinion.’

If it were me Tom I wouldn’t give it a second thought.’

The thing is Mickey I’m going to need a good fruit and veg dealer who can supply me with what I need to cover the whole of the North East are you up to that.’

“You know that I am mate. I can get my mother to help wor Christine who can run “The Barrow” herself. I will come along later and take the barrow back.’

Leave this with me and I will see if they will throw in a house for you as well.’

That would be something wouldn’t it.’

“It will happen if I tell them that if they sort you with a house even on a mortgage you will be earning a huge sum of money to cover it compared to the barrow each week.’ Its guaranteed work Mickey. No standing out in the cold waiting for customers; you just go to the wholesaler direct buy what you need then drop the goods off every day.’

“I’m definitely in.’

“There’s a condition though mate.’

“Oh aye’ what condition?’

“I have been asked to join the freemason’s’ but you must keep this under wraps until it is finalised.’

“Bloody hell; you mean the funny handshake brigade.’

“Yes now listen once I’m in I will get you in as well and you won’t look back mate I promise you.’

“Christ mate,’ I would run down Saville Street bullock naked if I can land this job.’

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