What should have been

What if James and Lily lived?


11. "Thats the worst impression of me I have ever heard."

NARRATOR VOICE: About a month has passed since Peter Pettigrew had erased Lily's memory. She remembers most things, but can still be a bit fuzzy at points. Now days, whats left of the Mauraders are out fighting whats left of Voldy's army. Lily is currently staying with Harry.



Lily, Harry, and I were eating breakfast on a bright Saturday. Suddenly, a large dog patronus came trotting through the window. I recognized it immediately as Padfoots. Harry cooed, and attempted to pet it.

“Prongs, come to the ministry, we got a job to do.” It said in Sirius’s voice. I said goodbye to Lily and Harry, and apperated to the Ministry of Magic. They gave us our location. The crew set out. We were taking on a large group of the left over death eaters, and Snivellus was one of them. We took off, dueling skillfully.

Sirius and I dueled side by side, our wands shooting out spells by the second. We were instinct. Things were going perfect. Then, out of nowhere, I heard a curse.
It came from behind us. We had no react time. It hit Sirius on his back. He fell to the ground in what seemed like slow motion.
“Noooo!” I cried, catching him as he fell. I held him on the floor, blood soaking his robes. Moony took out the person that fired it, and stood behind me, tears in his eye. I was crying as well. Sirius was was taking ragged breaths. He didn't have long.
“Sirius, please no. No, I can’t lose you.” I told him, shaking my head.
He looked at me in the eye. “You were the best thing to a brother I ever had.”
“Im being Serious!  You can’t leave me.” I Told him, my voice cracking
“That's the worst impression of me I have ever heard.” He croaked out. His eyes fluttered shut. I shook him. “No. no!” I choked.







((AN: Heh..... heh........ So........ Yall wanted to know who died. >:) I have the next chapter hot and ready. But im think I will make you wait. Also please dont kill me! Toodles!~Willow ))

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