What should have been

What if James and Lily lived?


12. "Snape!"

I was shaking my head violently, and Moony began taking out Death Eaters around us, as they were coming, and he was mad. Suddenly, Snape's face appeared Level with mine. I fiddled for my wand, and Moony was busy.
“Expelliarmus!” Snape spat quickly, and my wand flew from my hand. I looked at him with a glare, but instead of taking me out, he pointed his wand at Sirius. I gave him a questioning look, as he began muttering a spell that sounded like a song. I watched as Sirius’s wounds began to heal the blood seemingly going back into him. They were clotting, and then mending together. He began taking deeper breaths. I gaped at Snape, looking between the two of them. Snape did the spell again, and Padfoot seemed to be OK. Snape looked at me with his cold black eyes.
“Not for you, not for him. For Lily.” He said darkly to me, and to Moony who had turned his attention to us after Snape had begun the charm. Every other Death Eater was taken out. Moony and I watched him, speechless. He set my wand down.
“Now stun me so that it doesn’t look like I helped.” He told Moony, who did so.
“Bloody hell.” I whispered, as Snape was blasted back.
“We need to get out of here.” Moony told me and grabbed my shoulder. I nodded. Moony apperated the three of us, and we reappeared in Mungos.











((So hi guys. Because im such a kind person I decided to be nice. JK (ROWLING) I HAVE HAD THIS PLANNED SINCE I STARTED THIS SERIES AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. XD))

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