What should have been

What if James and Lily lived?


9. *Punch*

“The day after what you remember, you and Sni- I mean Snape had a giant argument. You confronted him about all the dark arts he had been getting into. He called you a mudblood. You got mad. You didn't forgive him.” I started, and took a deep breath after seeing her hurt face. I hated having to tell her this. “After that you began to hang out with Sirius, Remus, Peter and I. You discovered  that Sirius, Peter and I were all animagus, and Remus was a werewolf.” She rolled her eyes.

“I’ve known that for 2 years James.” She said and I gaped at her.
“Annnnnyyyyyyyywaayyyyyyy……. Our nicknames are Padfoot, Moony, Wormtail, and I was Prongs.” She nodded
“You fell for me in 7th year because I matured a lot. I asked you out like I usually did. But that time you said “Yes.” I then said, “Eh you come around- WAIT DID YOU SAY YES???” And you nodded. Then I quickly ran upstairs into the boy's dorm and dragged Sirius down after me. “Say it again.” I told you. Quickly after 7th year we got engaged and married. Soon after that Voldemort began to gain in power, gathering followers called death eaters. Snape was one.” I took another deep breath and she was looking a bit overwhelmed. “We learned about a prophecy about Harry, that Voldemort somehow got a hold of. It was about Harry taking him down. We choose wormtail as our secret keeper instead of Padfoot cause we thought it would be less obvious. Wormtail betrayed us. You saw them coming toward us. You took Harry and hid outside, while I tried to  hold him off. He got the better of me of course, and tied me up. He went outside, and I don't know what happened, only that Harry defeated him somehow. You're the only one that knows….. or knew about it. I hadn't asked you that yet. But we were all Ok, and Padfoot helped me, and we got to you.” I told her, and took a huge breath. “And then Peter escaped from custody, snuck into our house, tried to kill Harry, didn’t succeed, and then obliviated you.” I said. “The end.”   She opened her mouth to respond when the door flew open. The last person I wanted to see was there. He stood there, a look of concern slipping through his blank expression mask. His dark eyes glaring at me. His black robes swirled around him as he came to a stop in the doorway. I stood up, glaring at him. “Excuse us.” I said to Lily, then walked at him, and he stepped back into the hall, I followed him out, slamming the door behind us. I promptly punched him in the face. He stuttered to the side, and I glared at him. “Snape.” I spat.
“I guess I deserved that….” He admitted, straightening up. I pulled out my wand.
“Calm yourself Potter.” He snarled. I held my wand steady.
“What are you doing here?” I asked, glaring daggers.
“I came to see lily. Obviously.” He said.
“I already told her about what happened. And who you are now.” I informed him. He glared at me.
-----------------------------------------------------Inside Lily’s room-------------------------------------------------
Lily saw Snape and suddenly a memory flooded into her head. It was a scene James had described minutes earlier, him calling her a mudblood, a few events after that. He was begging for forgiveness, but she didn’t.
((GUYS I am so so sooooooooooo sorry about no updates! I have been SUPER busy, but Im going to try to update a bunch this weekend. I have plans.))

((Hint: Some ones gonna dieeeeee))

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