What should have been

What if James and Lily lived?


14. Nicole Lily Potter





“James?” Lily asked me. I turned to face her
“Whats up?”
“James im pregnant!” She told me. The next thing I knew I was laying on the ground, Sirius dumping a bucket of cold water on me. I woke up coughing
“DUDE!” I exclaimed. Sirius grinned at me
“You handled it better then you did with Harry.” He told me, and I remembered that when she had told me about Harry, we had been in a battle with death eaters. I guess she thought it would inspire me as we were loosing. It didn’t. I passed out there too. Luckily renforcments arrived at that moment so, yah know. I glared at him all the same. Lily walked over looking amused.
“Nice one Potter.” She said with a smile.
“I thought so myself.” I then tackled her with a hug, which she protested as I was wet.
“JAMES!” SHe exclaimed laughing. Siruis smiled and headed towards the door.
“I will give you guys some privacy.” He said, and opened the door. He screamed, “MOONY!” and ran off. I turned to Lily

“Girl or boy?” I asked.
“Girl.” She told me. I felt the smile come onto my face.
“How about, since I named Harry, you name this one?” She offered. I opened my mouth, but she spoke before I could, “And we are NOT naming her “Actual proof I had sex with Lily Evans again.”” She told me. I laughed, as that was my suggestion for Harry’s name.
“Fine.” I grumbled jokingly “What about Nicole Lily Potter?”
She beamed at me



((AN: Hewwoooo!!!! PLEASE DONT KILL ME!!!!!!! Here is the update. I dont feel like dying tho, so dont kill me. Im back guys! Sorry for the hiatus. Now, like another of my storys, Ive kinda forgotten where this was going, so if you have any ideas for me, let me know in the comments.))

((PS- Although, be warned. I didnt kill anyone, yet. Someone will still die. >=) ))

Toodles! ~ Willow

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