What should have been

What if James and Lily lived?


7. Its not a prank!

“Lily…….. What's the last thing you remember?” Sirius spoke up, and she looked at him a bit startled.
“Sirius! What-” She was cut off by Moony coming halfway down the stairs, holding Harry.
“Why does Remus have a baby!” She exclaimed, now looking kind of scared
“Lily! Focus! What's the last thing you remember!” I exclaimed this time.
“Going to sleep in my dorm!” she said. The boys and I exchanged a glance.
“Lily… This is gonna be a little bit of a shock….” I began, and she gave me a questioning look.
“You’ve been obliviated.” I said.
“You're kidding. This is just some kind of Elaborate attempt to get me to go out with you isn't it? Next your going to tell me that we are married, and that baby is ours!” She said, rolling her eyes. I gave her an exasperated look as she stood up, and I did at well. Moony was walking down the stairs slowly
“This isn't a prank Lily. But that is true.”  Moony told her
“They got you in it to?” She asked, folding her arms. “Is peter going to show up soon? He is the easiest to break when it was you guys.” She spat at us. Padfoot moved the petrified rat behind his back.
“To St. Mungo’s?” Sirius asked. And I nodded.
“We should send for Dumbledore to meet us there.” I said, and the nodded. Lily looked at us skeptically.
“You guys are really going all out.” She said as I scribbled a note to Dumbledore, my owl waiting. Where did you even get the baby?” She asked, walking over to Remus and picking up Harry. I attached the note to my owl, and it flew off.

“He is so cute!” Lily squeaked, holding Harry. Padfoot was face planting. “How did you get him to look like James with my eyes?” She asked.
I ignored her question.
“Lily, give Harry to Mo- I mean Remus.” I told her
“Oh is that his name? Aw.” She said, and handed Harry to Moony.
“Ok Lily, we are going to take you to the Hospital. Ok?” I said, approaching her.
“You are really committed to this prank.” She said backing up slightly. “Where is Severus?”
I gaped at her, I had not realizing that it was that far back. I shared a scared look with Moony and Padfoot, we couldn't just tell her.

“He is…… on vacation.” I lied.
“What did you do to him?” She questioned, giving me a glare.
“Look, Lily, come over here.” I said, and put a hand on her shoulder, guiding her to the fire place.
“Just step inside.” I told her. She glared, but did so. I quickly grabbed some floo powder, and threw it at her feet. “St. Mungo's!” I shouted, and she opened her mouth, but was gone. I stepped in, grabbing my own handful, gave a meaningful look at the boys, before flooing away.

((Sorry its so short, but I wanted to get you guys a new chapter as soon as possible. Next one will be longer.
Toodles! ~ Willow))
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