Smoke//Calum Hood

That one person who counts is never there, then you meet him. He saves you. But you didn't save him


1. One

The Blood In My Veins Is Made Up Of Mistakes Lets Forget Who We Are And Dive Into The Dark

Part One


There is no yesterday, nor is there a tomorrow when you have no one to care for and no one to care for you the cuts and bruises that make up the sky are just stars and planets but none are what you can call a wish. Wishes aren't real and neither is the sky. The sky is just a thing. Along with every thing else. Yet there is nothing, but nothing is everything and that is the moment when you realize that you were wrong the whole time and you want to become right but everyone has heard and you can't get away from them.

Without the doubt in your eyes you can become a flower that blossoms but you have so much fear and pain that you can't get away. You have no escape until he comes into your life and changes it all. How does he do it? Your heart flutters with the sound of his voice.

He is the true meaning of happiness. But death won't let go and you want to win the fight

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