Steve and Bucky One Shots

I get some of my ideas from tumblr and other social medias so not all ideas are my own ��


2. Smiles

Steve crawled out of bed, being careful not to wake Bucky who had his arm securely around Steve's torso. As he shuffled off to the bathroom, he stood on the edge of his shield and it smacked him in the shin so hard Steve couldn't help but swear so loudly he had woken the inhabitance of the building.

Bucky sat up groggily and rubbed his eyes. When he caught sight of Steve clutching his leg he began to cry with laughter, much like everyone else did when they entered the room and started laughing at the way Steve was howling in pain and holding his leg.

Steve grumpily composed himself after a few minutes and sent everyone back on their way with a wave of his hand. Once he had finally had his trip to the bathroom, he crawled back into bed where Bucky pulled him into his side and giggled into his shoulder.


Steve and Bucky were making out on the counter in the kitchen in the Stark tower (they were actually planning on making toast they swear) and Bucky began to whisper in his ear.

"I love it when you speak Russian." Steve gasped in between kisses. Bucky smirked and proceeded with his earlier actions. He was murmuring up against Steve's neck in a deep voice, his hands roaming everywhere as he pressed open mouthed kisses against him in between words.

And then they saw Natasha had been standing there silently with a coffee for god knows how long and Steve was really embarrassed, his cheeks flushing horribly. He pushed himself off Bucky with a full body blush and he refused to look up from the floor but Bucky couldn't stop smirking at Steve's embarrassment until Natasha spoke up.

"Were you asking Steve to marry you? Here?" And that wiped the smirk off his face completely because his could he have forgotten Natasha speaks Russian. Steve finally looked up, a broad smile and gleaming eyes.


Tony strode into the kitchen craving some source of energy drink when he overheard a conversation about KFC between Bucky and Steve.

"I don't think it has much to do with Kentucky," Steve was saying, "Though maybe it does? Maybe Kentucky means something different in the future?"

Bucky grunted in agreement.

"Steve Steve Steve." Tony said, shaking his head. "If you need a tour of modern cuisine, all you had to do was ask. I could take you out."

"I don't- Bucky asked-" Steve said.

"Both of you," he clarified. "Come on, let's see how the fast food industry holds out against super soldier stomachs."

Steve and Bucky glanced at each other curiously. Until Bucky nodded at the door none of the men moved. All three grabbed a jacket and headed out.

"I haven't had chicken in years!" Bucky gushed in the back of Tonys car as they were coming to a slow halt. "Has any of it changed?" He put his arm in both front seat and leaned forward to listen for his answer.

"Well," he parked the car, then pulled the keys out and turned to face him. "I don't have anything to compare it to, but my guess is that it's gotten better."

As Tony clambered out of his car trying to remember if be had brought all of his money, Bucky smirked at Steve who raised his eyebrows in response.

As they were walking down the path to the fast food restraunt, Steve loosely held his boyfriends hand. Like it was on fire, Bucky pulled his hand back and stared a it wide eyed, much like he did Steve when he would look in his direction. "We can't," he his his face behind his mop of dark hair. "Someone will see. People will stare at us!"

"It's fine, Buck." Steve said with a smile, grasping Bucky's hand firmer than before. "Things have changed. It's okay. And people are always going to stare; you have a metal arm and I'm Captain fucking America!" And with his words, Bucky couldn't help but smile and blush for having doubts in the first place. He smiled for all of their hand holding under a table in Brooklyn.

He smiled for all of their hand holding during the war. He smiled for the secret hand holding before they broke apart to kick ass. He smiled for their first hand holding since 1945.

Needless to say, Tony was thrilled later when between the pair of them they finished that particular KFC's supply of chicken.


The next day, both men bumped into Sam.

"Tony took you to KFC?" He asked, appalled. "Man, you haven't even tried sushi yet. Don't go straight for the lowest common denominator, you know what I'm saying?"

"Actually, I noticed that the prices at the KFC made a pretty large meal affordable even for-" said Steve.

"Yes man, believe me, I know," said Sam. "But this is your introduction to the future. We can do better than K F Fucking C."

"Yeah?" Said Bucky, leaning back onto his chair all challenge. "Can you do better?"

"Can I do better-he says," scoffed Sam." Can I do- get your superasses up we're going for sushi."


Later, Bucky opened Steve's fridge and there was still nothing, much like there wasn't the night before.

"Where do you think we can convince them to take us next?" He called out over his shoulder. "I'm hungry again."

"Let's tell them we don't know what a cheeseburger is." Suggested Steve.

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