Steve and Bucky One Shots

I get some of my ideas from tumblr and other social medias so not all ideas are my own ��


1. lonely

The winter air bit the passers by with no remorse, hooting and whooshing past them as they scowled at the bitter weather and pulled their coats closer to their chest sourly. Trees sparkled as melting snow had settled onto it, glistening in the sun which had barely risen. Bucky smiled contently to himself, nestling himself further back into his fuzzy blanket and he took a sip of his hot coffee enjoying the calming view from the top of the Stark tower.

"James?" Bucky turned his head slightly in the direction of Natasha's voice. "There's something up with Steve, he's really irritable and he won't talk to anyone ." Bucky nodded and placed his nearly empty cup by his side, sliding of the window sill and he shuffled over to the door. Steve probably wasn't aware that Bucky had returned from his mission yet. Natasha smiled gratefully and patted his back, leaving him to see Steve privately.Bucky was unstoppable. With his frown and his two-sizes-too-big pyjama pants, he tightened his grip on his blanket and headed straight to Steve's room.

"Hiya Stevie." Bucky tried to sound as cheerful as possible, but both boys heard the cautious edge his voice held. "You alright?" He asked tentatively, almost like an afterthought.

"I'm fine." Steve hummed in response. He was standing, back to Bucky looking out of the window. With his reflection, Bucky could see Steve's vacant expression. His grey pants swam at his feet and the blue top hung loosely on his muscular frame. Bucky gingerly pushed the door further open and made his way inside, standing beside his boyfriend. Without a word, bucky nudged the other man with his shoulder, gaining a small smile in response.

Smiling, Steve grabbed Bucky's hand, to which he blushed, and wordlessly led him up to the roof of the tower. Steve pushed the hatch of the roof door and pulled at the handle of the glass , climbing a ladder and stepping outside,staring expectantly at Bucky. "It's freezing!" Bucky protested, wrapping the blanket around himself even more.

"We've literally been frozen before. I'll think we'll survive." Steve rolled his eyes with a smile, grabbing Bucky's biceps and pulling him to his side. Bucky groaned at the temperature but he opened his arms in order to let Steve join him in the blanket

Bucky hissed as the sole of his feet were met with the frosty chill of snow . Steve smiled and lead the pair to the edge, where he swiped the snow with his foot, both peering over to the street below to see where it would land. Steve went inside for a second and Bucky watched as he returned carrying an assortment of towels and blankets and two cups, which Bucky took from his hands, letting his own blanket fall to the floor.

Bucky did nothing but watch as Steve lay them out one atop of another, then sat down crossed legs in the pile. Bucky laughed to himself shaking his head, but sitting none the less, passing Steve a cup and wrapping on arm around the others shoulders, putting a blanket over them both.

Steve laughed as Bucky drank his hot coco and had cream all over his nose, to which Bucky beamed back and swiped it off with his index finger. Putting his head on Bucky's shoulder, Steve played with loose strands hanging from his boyfriends oversized jumper absentmindedly. Both boys were silent for awhile until Steve spoke.

"It's magical, isn't it?" He asked dreamily, looking ahead. "I mean, look how much we've grown over a short amount of time. I think I like being here, mum would've loved it." He closed his eyes and breathed though his nose. "It's amazing." he stated to himself under his breath.

Bucky squeezed his shoulder which made Steve look up at him. " I told you I was bringing you to the future, didn't I Stevie?" Steve couldn't help but huff in amusement at Bucky's lazy, lob sided grin which was spread across his face. Bucky let his arm drop from Steve, instead curling both hands around his hot beverage.

They talked and joked for some time, unaware that numerous people were watching them from behind. Their legs continued to dangle and their shoulders continued to brush.

"I wonder if something's wrong." Nat whispered to the gang of people trying not to be heard.

But as they continued to observe, with Bucky's bright smile and Steve had a happier glint in his eyes which none of them thought he was even capable of. Bucky tucked Steve under his arm, chuckling happily, Steve's head was resting on his shoulder. Both men's head snapped towards them when they all let out a big, relieved gasp of laughter. He wasn't irritable- he was lonely!

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