Submission for "Create Your Own Worlds Competition". A collection of snapshots.


4. Language

Our language is rooted in hand gestures. The first communication between Mere was not through spoken word, but rather gesticulation. There was some point where spoken word became developed, but the hand gestures never left. However, now, speaking solely in hand gestures is something either extremely casual, like slang, or it is offensive. When I was little, I was chastised for stealing a coin from my mother’s desk. I stubbornly refused to speak to my parents and responded them to the next month with curt gestures of annoyance. I then earned myself further punishment.

Our language is simplistically written. I always found a beauty in a way the lines stretched on and on. I've never been a writer, though. Most of what is written is poetry or history, inscribed on the bark of a tree. To be a designated scribe is a high honor; these scribes are dictated to chisel into stone, where the etchings are careful and permanent. Training to be a designated scribe can take from years to decades.


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