The Darkest Part Of Me

Esmeralda went through life believing all was normal but will Aiden showing up and prove what she believed was normal is in fact not?

~So you're always honest," I said.
"Aren't you?"
"No," I told him. "I'm not."
"Well, that's good to know, I guess."
"I'm not saying I'm a liar," I told him. He raised his eyebrows. "That's not how I meant it, anyways."
"How'd you mean it, then?"
"I just...I don't always say what I feel."
"Why not?"
"Because the truth sometimes hurts," I said.
"Yeah," he said. "So do lies, though.


3. Adrian Bainbridge


"The boundaries which divide Life from Death are at best shadowy and vague. Who shall say where the one ends, and where the other begins?
Edgar Allan Poe."


Running my finger over the glass filled with whiskey I let out a heavy sigh. "What's wrong Sugar?" Zoe asked. "Didn't Haden tell you? Dean Cart-well was murdered yesterday night." I said downing the whiskey in one drink. "He was close to finding who we're looking for." Sighing I look at Zoe, Who's face was suddenly ghastly. "Don't worry about it Zoe, I'll make sure Haden doesn't continue this with me." Putting my hand over her's I give her a caring look."You guy's need to take care of your family." I said while rubbing my thumb over the top of her hand. Zoe and Haden go way back I thought to myself while feeling sympathy for Zoe, She knew what she was getting into when she married my brother, The way we live, The way we sleep, and most of all the continuous amount of danger us and everyone around us is in. Getting up I make my way to the stairs, Who's great idea was it to live right above the bar I thought to myself sarcastically, Haden had moved us all above the bar so we could make sure everyone is safe while working and to make sure we don't get exposed by people who like to come around and cause trouble. Opening my bedroom door I walk towards the inviting bed. "why are you so hard to find." I said while plopping down onto the bed that swallowed my me, Sighing I turn and grab the picture off of my nightstand. "I need to find you before you're put in danger again." Examining the picture of the 5'6 pale girl with curly black hair that was shoulder length. "You've grown up since then." He whispered to him self while thinking back to the life changing event that happened 14 years ago.

14 Year's ago"You need to come now!" I growled into the phone. "I was injured!" I yelled to my dimwitted brother who was taking his sweat ass time to come get me. "Where are you?" My brother Sneered at me, Looking around to examine my surroundings I see what looks like an abandoned building . "Hold on." I said while making my way towards the ran down building. "I'm at what looks like an abandoned factory.." Looking around I notice all the trees and field of grass. "I'm sure it's on the outskirts of town." Standing in front of the building I pull my sleeve over my hand I wipe the dust off one of the buildings window, and look in. "I'll call you back." I whisper why'll staring into the building with disbelief at what I was seeing. There was what seemed a little girl tied to a chair and a.. Wait I know that man, Taking out my phone I pull up the image I took of  Vandermil who was from The Council Of  Valhalla. The council of Valhalla was one of the most evil with craft groups around, Rumor has it Vandermil was one of the worst members, Looking back inside I watch as he strikes the girl hard in the face, So hard the chair breaks from all the force. Rage suddenly builds through out my body causing me to change my focus to go towards him and not my injury, Watching him closely as he picks up the young girl by the neck and throw he against the wall, Vandermil laughed as he heard the young girls body land with a thud, Feeling an overwhelming  amount of rage builds in my chest as I let out a thunderous roar, Jumping through the window I tackle Vandermil slamming him to the ground before he could reach the young girl's limp body. "What the fuck do you think you're doing." I roared while I wrap my fingers around his neck, Pining him down by his neck I turn and check to see if the girl's all right but all of a sudden I'm thrown off of Vandermil by some sort of force, Flying through the wall I land outside in a crouching position. "Your a dead man." Running full speed towards him I kick my foot out and knock him off of his feet long enough to strike him once, Hearing a cringe worthy crack as if  I broke his bone I watch as he start's laughing. "You don't know what you're messing with young man." Vandermil said as he spit blood onto my face, Wiping my face as fast as I could to get the blood out of my eye's, I look back down to where Vandermil should be but instead there's an empty space. "What's going on? It's like he vanished." Looking around to see if he is really gone I make my way towards the young girl, Picking her up I pull her close and rest her head on my chest. "Poor thing." Holding the young girls cold and limp body close to me to warm her up I notice the blood around her mouth, It isn't her blood I thought to myself as i wiped it away, He didn't share blood with her did he? That's the worst thing he could do, Doesn't he know the moment they do that, that they will be connected for life I thought to myself as a sudden panic filled my body, Looking down at the poor girl I squeeze my eye's shut. "I hate having to do this but it's what I need to do to help you." Grabbing the sharpest thing I could find I slit my wrist and hold it over her slightly parted lips. "This is going to hurt my love." Turning away I look out the window as the girl starts to lift her back from the ground, the girl's bones started to grind and crack as my blood made it's way through her body. "I'm so sorry this happened to you." Looking back at the girl I watch as her bones start to deform, Slowly the girl starts to form into a Black Baby Jaguar. Sighing I look away. "We will be connected now, I have to go but don't worry I'll find you when you reach 24." Holding his hand over the Black Baby Jaguar it instantly turn's into the young girl, Standing up I head towards the door without looking back, Headlights shine through the window as his brothers car comes to a screeching halt. "Don't worry I will find you." Walking out the door I get into my brothers car. "What happened?" My brother asked, Looking down I notice the cut's and bruises that cover my body. Flinching while I put on my seat belt I remember my prior injury and take off my shirt to wrap around it. "I'll tell you later but for now let me borrow your phone." I said firmly. "Uh okay?" My brother sighed and handed me his phone. "Thanks." Dialing the local police station number a man that sounded like he was in his mid thirties answers. "Hello this is Officer Batters, how may I be of assistance." The officer said as he picked up the phone. "Hello officer Desmond I have some information about one of your on going investigations." I said as the car pulled into the police station parking lot.


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