Broken Loyalty

The fight with Gaea is over. With her death so comes others', including the beloved daughter of Athena. With grief, Athena convinces the Olympians that Percy should be banished to Tartarus, a hell he barely escaped. He is thrown away.

Years pass and a new war begins. The very personification where they sent their Hero comes to fight the gods. Tartarus has not only an infinite army of monsters, but with him a powerful being by his side. The two together are too powerful for the gods and their children fight. What will happen to them?

I know this sounds kinda cliche, by there are twists.


5. Who Is Dead

Camp Half Blood

Nico was in the middle of teaching his class when Chiron called for a meeting at the Big House. Like the others that had been called he went there as quickly as possible, after all he was one of the leaders. Every time he thought about that he thought it was weird. The Hades, emo kid was one of the leaders of camp. The campers had accepted him and with Will's help he was no longer that punk emo kid. That and being twenty-five does mature a person. He was no longer the short little kid, but a man in all rights. He looked the healthiest he had ever been. As he came up to the Big House an arm caught him around the waist.

"Wondered when you were going to come running," the deep masculine voice chuckled . Nico smiled as Will pulled him close.

"Do you know what this is about," Nico asked the blond son of Apollo.

"No, but I missed you." Being a couple inches taller than Nico, Will was still able put his chin on Nico's head. Nico laughed.

"We saw each other an hour ago Will."

"Doesn't mean I didn't miss you." Will was always like this, ever since the close call with a horde of monsters they had fought nine years ago. Nico had almost died.

"Move it or lose it," a female voice snarkily said. They looked to find Clarisse, linking arms with Chris. Like the rest of them, the almost thirty year old had grown up. Clarisse looked more feminine then she had ever had before, motherhood must have the effect as she had calmed down a little after their first child was born.

"Nice to see you two, when did you four get back to camp," Nico asked.

"An hour ago."

"Charles and Selina doing okay?"

"Just how a five and seven-year-old would be," Chris told them. "Though Selina is taking much after her mother. Nico laughed.

"Serves you right Clarisse." She scowled at them.

"Don't push me Death Boy, I can still kick your ass."

"Since when?" Clarisse went to step forward to wring his neck, but Chris pulled her back.

"Aren't we here for a meeting," he asked trying to calm his wife down. She sighed and nodded. Nico smirked, but Will hit him in the arm.

"Ow, what was that for."

"Don't antagonize her." Nico playfully rolled his eyes and the four of them went in.

"Glad you could join us," Chiron said. Nico was surprised to see the leaders of Camp Jupiter here also.

"Are we the last one," Will asked as the four went to their seats.

"You are slow pokes," Thalia said. Even the Hunters were here.

"Why is everyone here," Nico finally asked as he sat next to Will.

"I called them," Poseidon stepped forward. Everyone looked to him. It was not strange to see him here though, since he had been helping them train when he could.

"Why did you call us all here Poseidon," Nico asked.

"There is to be another war." Murmurs started to fill the room. The majority of the demigods here, excluding the Hunters, were all young.

"Against who?"

"Tartarus." All the younger campers started to freak out. They had never been in a war, plus they had all heard stories of the sacrifices against the last primordial the group had faced.

"Shut it," Clarisse roared. It was again quiet. Nico turned to Poseidon.

"What do we need to do?" Poseidon sighed.

"After a big argument on Olympus it has been decided that we are going to combine the two camps so we can train everyone. We do not know how soon Tartarus will attack. He has everything in his realm to throw at us, that includes the Giants and Titans. We need to be ready. Since Camp Half Blood is closer to Olympus we are going to make this the main camp and we gods are going to make it bigger to fit everyone. I know that Olympus has been torn for the past ten years, but for now we are going to put that aside as we fight. Maybe afterward we will finally make peace. Now everyone but the older demigods that were here ten years ago, the Hunters, and Chiron leave. I need to talk with them." Everyone filed out but who Poseidon asked to stay. When they were all gone Poseidon seemed to relax from his straight posture. He looked over the demigods, all of each he knew, all of each that knew Percy.

"When we were called to Olympus it was on the speculation that there was a war with Tartarus and while we were up there it was confirmed. A messenger was sent. Because this messenger was a servant of Tartarus I took the opportunity to ask him about Percy." The room seem to freeze as Poseidon paused.

"The messenger stated that Percy was dead." Tears formed in some eyes as others were too shocked to even do anything. All in the room had thought that he couldn't die, not just because he was immortal, but because he was Percy. For the past ten years they have been trying to get him out of Tartarus, each time they had failed to even get close to the Pit, but they still hadn't given up hope. Now there was nothing to hope for.

"He can't be dead," Thalia finally spoke, her voice hoarse from trying not to cry. "It has only been ten years. How could he die?" Nico shook his head.

"Time passes differently in Tartarus." Everyone looked at him.

"I had heard a rumor that it was, but I never knew," Poseidon sadly said. "From your time in Tartarus can you estimate how long it had been in Tartarus since Percy was sentenced there?" Nico's tear filled eyes met Poseidon's grief filled ones.

"I would say a thousand years have passed."

In The Pit

"He is dead," Típota growled. "My name is Típota, servant to Master Tartarus." Bia simply shook her head.

"No, I know that you are Percy. I was here the day that you fell. I was about to rescue you from the empousa, but Tartarus showed up and mother wouldn't let me come help you. For the past thousand years I have been trying to get to you."

"Well you failed. Tartarus killed Perseus Jackson and then trained me in his place. Now I suggest you leave before I kill you."

"You will go against the gods," Bia asked ignoring his threat.

"I will serve my Master!"

"The Percy I knew would never serve a Master."

"THAT'S BECAUSE HE'S DEAD!" Típota was now a second away from slitting her throat, the only reason he had not already was because he did not want to anger Styx. Though she was not as powerful as his master he knew that his master did not want to anger the nymph. Bia, sensing that she was standing on thin ice, decided that she had pushed him enough.

"I will be back Percy and I will help you get free from Tartarus, I swear on my Mother." Thunder boomed and Bia flashed away, letting Típota go back to his master.

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