Broken Loyalty

The fight with Gaea is over. With her death so comes others', including the beloved daughter of Athena. With grief, Athena convinces the Olympians that Percy should be banished to Tartarus, a hell he barely escaped. He is thrown away.

Years pass and a new war begins. The very personification where they sent their Hero comes to fight the gods. Tartarus has not only an infinite army of monsters, but with him a powerful being by his side. The two together are too powerful for the gods and their children fight. What will happen to them?

I know this sounds kinda cliche, by there are twists.


15. That Just Happened

The gods and demigods watched in horror as, who they knew was once a hero, pushed his blade that was glowing silver, through Bia. Golden ichor dripped from the point of the sword as it went all the way through. Percy pulled the sword out and caught Bia as she fell. Percy looked Tartarus in the eyes. Tartarus's mouth was agape as he stared back. Tartarus fell to his knees as golden ichor dripped out his mouth.

"But how," he asked feeling himself going to sleep.

"You underestimated Love," Percy stated staring down at him. Bia opened her eyes and looked to see Percy's sea green eyes, this time without a filmy white.

"How," she asked as Percy helped her stand. Tartarus, along with everyone else was surprised to see her alive. Before he answered he turned to Tartarus.

"I couldn't make you fade, not because I do not have the power, but because no one can take your place unlike others did with your sister. With help I am putting you into an eternal sleep. You will never again wake to wreak havoc upon others." Tartarus stared unbelievably at Percy as his eyes uncontrollably closed. He couldn't do anything as his eyes closed and he sank back into the ground. Now all Percy had to deal with was the monsters, Giants and Titans.

"I suggest you all go somewhere and never come back. I don't care where that is, but if I see any of you ever again I will make you all pay." They enemy hesitated, there was such a big number of them, but it was Percy Jackson that they were about to face. He had been powerful even before Tartarus had trained him and given him more abilities. What decided it for them was when Percy noticed there was something gleaming where Tartarus had been standing. Percy knew exactly what it was and what he could do with it. He picked it up and was surprised when he didn't feel any pain that was normally associated with it.

"Unless you want me to kill you all with Pit Metal I suggest that you leave. If I ever see you I swear to you I will strike you before you know I am even there. If you cause trouble it is the same." Titans, Giants, and monster ran over each other trying to get away. Everyone turned to Percy, who now felt uncomfortable with everyone's stares.

"You guys staring is making me very uncomfortable."

"Percy," Poseidon asked. Percy gave his signature lop side grin.

"Percy," Bia said pulling on his sleeve dragging his attention away. He looked down at her and saw that she was pointing at something. Athena, she was trying to get away as an owl. Percy was not going to have that.

"Since I cannot fly would you please grab her Bia?" Bia gave a dark grin.

"With pleasure." All watched Bia fly fast as she went and grabbed an owl, who they had no idea was Athena. As soon as Bia touched her she flashed both of them back to Percy. Not anticipating this Athena had switched back into her human form since she had planned to fight Bia off.

"Hello Athena," Percy darkly chuckled as he grabbed her by the wrist and gave it a twist. Athena cried out and dropped the knife she had had in her hand.

"I think you have done enough killing." Percy turned to the crowd in front of him.

"We give you your traitor." Percy flung Athena into his dad's arms. Poseidon caught her and clamped on to her wrists making Imperial Gold appear so she couldn't get away.

"Stop for one moment," Artemis finally yelled. She was getting tired of being jerked around. "Can someone please tell us what the Hades is going on?" Hades cleared his throat. Artemis looked sheepish for a second. "Sorry uncle." Then she went back to normal and glared at Bia and Percy. Percy looked at Bia and smiled.

"Shall we?" Bia put her hands on her hips.

"You have some explaining to do to me too mister." Percy gulped.

"First things first," Poseidon said, handing Zeus his traitorous daughter. He walked until he was facing Percy, they were the same height now. Poseidon wrapped his son tightly in a hug. Percy laughed and hugged back.

"You seem to be in a better mood than I remember," Hades said coming forward. He also hugged his nephew.

"I have had time to adjust."

"Percy," an eight-year-old came running to him, hugging his legs. Percy chuckled and picked up the goddess to give her a hug.

"Hestia it is nice to see you too." Soon everyone who had known and liked Percy hugged him.

"Are we done with the hug fest," Zeus asked bored. Hera hit him.

"Shut up, can't you see his family missed him." Everyone, but Percy, looked shockingly at Hera. Her mood seemed to have improved. Her appearance wasn't as cold either. She went over and got the last hug from Percy.

"It is nice to see you Percy. Without you and the others the family fell apart and it affected me a great deal. I am sorry for voting to send you down to Tartarus, it was really awful of me." Percy hugged her back.

"I forgive you Aunt Hera." Hera beamed at him calling her aunt.

"Okay that just happened," Apollo said and got hit because of it by Artemis.

"Shut up fool." She glared, she also liked this and he was ruining it. Hermes stepped forward.

"I am also sorry for voting against you. I just missed Luke so much." Percy held up his hand.

"I forgive you too Hermes." To show no hard feeling Percy held out his hand and Hermes took it, they shook hands smiling. Hephaestus came next.

"Boy I will admit that I was angry that you got to live while two of my children sacrificed themselves. It however, was not a reason to send you to Tartarus."

"I am sorry that you lost your children too, they were my family and I loved them. I still wish that I could have traded my life for theirs. I hold nothing against you." Dionysus came forward.

"I never liked you. You were a trouble maker and always got the camp in a frenzy. You knew this and even after that you protected my children as much as you could. You did not deserve Tartarus." Percy smiled.

"That's one type of an apology, but I forgive you." Ares pushed his way to Percy and for once stared up at him. Ares glared at him.

"You ain't so bad Punk. Even though you are a better warrior and I was jealous things shouldn't have went down as they did."

"How about I show you some moves I learned in Tartarus," Percy offered and Ares knew he was forgiven.

"So I can kick yer butt."

"You can try." Everyone but Zeus and Athena had apologized, but no one expected an apology from Athena so everyone looked to Zeus.

"Perhaps the boy's punishment was a little too harsh," he finally said which got him glared at.

"You know what," Poseidon said. "I think it is time we have a real vote to see who is King. No tricks, just a vote here in now. Who is with me?" Cheers were shouted. The sky grew dark and lightening sparked through the air.

"How dare you," Zeus thundered. He pulled out his Master Bolt and was about to shoot it at Poseidon, that was until Percy was at his throat in a flash with Tartarus's knife.

"Try it and you will feel what this can do. Just a touch from it will make you cry for your mother, a small cut will send you crumbled to the floor in a fetal position, and a stab will make you go mad and die. I dare you." Zeus, clearly afraid lowered his bolt. Percy lowered the knife.

"Good now consider your apology giving up your crown and I accept it." Zeus nodded.

"So story first or voting first," Percy asked. 

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