Broken Loyalty

The fight with Gaea is over. With her death so comes others', including the beloved daughter of Athena. With grief, Athena convinces the Olympians that Percy should be banished to Tartarus, a hell he barely escaped. He is thrown away.

Years pass and a new war begins. The very personification where they sent their Hero comes to fight the gods. Tartarus has not only an infinite army of monsters, but with him a powerful being by his side. The two together are too powerful for the gods and their children fight. What will happen to them?

I know this sounds kinda cliche, by there are twists.


6. Punishment

The Pit

Típota entered his master's home, the lowest level of the Pit. No other than Tartarus or he could go that far without Tartarus's permission. If they even tried they would die from the poisonous air. The only reason that Típota could come and go was because he had grown accustom to the poison. He entered the throne room, but Tartarus wasn't there. Típota knew that if he was there he would be in the dungeons. There had been a couple of beings that had recently angered his master and Típota suspected that he was teaching them a lesson. Típota himself had gone through many lessons. He flashed to the dungeons and heard the sounds of screaming. His master was here as he thought. Following the screams, Típota made his way down the hallways until he came to the cell where his master and one of the prisoners. Tartarus had a knife in its side causing the being to scream like he was being burned alive. It must be made of Pit metal, a metal only able to be made by Tartarus. Just touching the blade made a person go almost maddening with pain. The only one ever to survive being stabbed was Típota, he had angered Tartarus so much that he threw the knife without thinking. Tartarus quickly took out the blade and was shocked to find Típota still alive and sane. Though it did hurt Típota, actually it was the only think that could, it was not as effective on him.

"Master," Típota announced his presence. Tartarus stopped, after all he just made his prisoner die from madness, something he enjoyed immensely. He turned to Típota.

"Ah my pet, where did you run off to? I told you to come straight back and yet I felt your presence near Styx. Why is that my pet?" Tartarus grabbed Típota by his waist and pulled him close. He took down his hood and mask also. "You disobeyed me."

"I am sorry Master, one of Styx's daughters wanted to meet with me. Since you do not want to anger the water nymph it took some time to convince her to leave me." Tartarus lowered his head so he could nestle it in the crook of Típota's neck.

"Yes, I can smell her on you my pet." He let Típota go as he flashed them back to the throne room.

"You still disobeyed me though, and that deserves punishment."

"Whatever you say Master." Tartarus stared at Típota and was debating what to do first. He had a mission for Típota, but he also loved to punish him. Which one to do first? Remembering how much he had just enjoyed the screams of the one he tortured he decided punishment first.

"Come forward." Típota knew what was about to happen, ever since he had been stricken with his Master's knife and survived. Tartarus pulled out a collar, specifically made for this. He put it around Típota's neck and fastened it. As soon as it touched his skin Típota a discomforting feeling washed over him, the longer it stayed the more pain it would cause eventually. One time his Master had gotten so furious at him he left it on for a month. By then end Típota almost did go mad from the pain. He was barely able to function for a week after the collar had been taken off.

"Let's leave that on for a couple hours." Tartarus couldn't wait to see the pain that the collar would infuse on his pet.

Elsewhere in the Pit

Bia stood at her aunt's river and watched the happenings of Tartarus's lair. She had done this ever since Percy was captured. Since her Aunt Lethe's water held memories it could also show current ones. She watched on in disgust and sorrow. Disgust at Tartarus's actions and sorrow for what Percy was going through. Even though he had only met her earlier, this was not the first time meeting with him. The first time was when her sister Nike pointed Percy out during the battle at Camp Half Blood when monsters had invaded it through the Labyrinth. Ever since then she had watched him. She watched him and fell in love as he fell in love with someone else. Though she was upset, she understood. She was after all a goddess and he a demigod. Of course he would fall in love with a fellow demigod. Plus, it was very rare for a god or goddess to fall in love with a demigod now a days. It was nothing like the past. Yet, she still watched him. She watched all his brave acts, including bathing into her mother's waters. How he went up against Kronos and with his friends and won. How Hera/Juno took him away from his love and set him on a new course to again help save the world they knew. When he and his love fell into Tartarus. She tried as much as she could to help them, leaving little things here or there. Helping his friends hold back the monsters so the two could get out, though the actions done in secret. She even helped save Bob and Damian. She had placed them in her father's care. She watched as he defeated Gaea and fell into despair at the loss of his love. Then she watched in devastation as he was sentenced to Tartarus. As he fell she immediately when to her mother's river, hoping to beat him down there, to save him. No such luck as Tartarus got to him first, the only being that she and her family could not face. As he was tortured for years, until he finally broke. Finally, as he was trained by Tartarus to serve. She felt so useless after only being able to watch.

"Again watching him," she heard her father's voice. The image of Percy screaming from his punishment as the pain finally became too much, a punishment that she had invoked on him, disappeared as she turned to her father.

"Father." Pallas stared down at his daughter and felt sorry for her. She had been watching the Hero for more than a thousand years, had fallen in love, but even now could not reach him. It hurt him inside at the way his daughter's life had become. After all, all a father wants is for his children to be happy, for his girls to find someone that will take care of them properly. Not to be pinning after someone that she most likely has no chance with. He had tried to reason with her before, but it never worked. He even talked to his wife, but she simply stated that no one could stop a woman in love. They had to let Bia work it out, but that had been years upon years ago. He was tired of seeing one of his little girls like this. He had seen the two's interaction earlier too.

"Bia you could have been killed." 'Bia gazed harshly at her father as she faced him.

"I was in no danger Father, Percy wouldn't hurt me!" Pallas sighed.

"No, Percy wouldn't hurt you, but he isn't Percy anymore. He is a servant to Tartarus. It was unfortunate how he became that way, but none the less he is dangerous now. Anything Tartarus orders him to do he will. The only reason he didn't kill you was because of your Mother. Tartarus doesn't want to upset Styx so his servant knew that and did not strike."

"He is not his servant," Bia spat. "He is his prisoner, tortured into doing what he is doing now."

"Bia please," Pallas began, but his daughter would hear no more.

"I am done Father. You cannot change my mind. I will set Percy free." With that Bia flashed away. Pallas sighed, she must have gotten that stubbornness from her mother.

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