Broken Loyalty

The fight with Gaea is over. With her death so comes others', including the beloved daughter of Athena. With grief, Athena convinces the Olympians that Percy should be banished to Tartarus, a hell he barely escaped. He is thrown away.

Years pass and a new war begins. The very personification where they sent their Hero comes to fight the gods. Tartarus has not only an infinite army of monsters, but with him a powerful being by his side. The two together are too powerful for the gods and their children fight. What will happen to them?

I know this sounds kinda cliche, by there are twists.


10. A Day in Rome

For the first time in a millennium Típota was on the topside, but he wasn't under order to do anything. Tartarus had told him to go away for a bit. It was weird not doing anything but to wander. So far he had traveled America, staying out sight of anything Greek related. In fact, only one thing took his interest so much that he went and looked. No longer in New York City, a small family lived near a beach in a small city in South Carolina. The family consisted of a mother, who had published a couple books, a father, who taught at the local high school as an English teacher, and a little girl, looking to be around the age of ten. Típota had watched the family a day before heading out. He was now in Europe, Italy to be precise. He was like a ghost as he went through the busy streets unseen. It was sunny, but Típota barely noticed as he made his way through Rome. If he had been his normal self he would probably had remarked on how much changed in ten years, but instead he just liked to be under the sky, something that he didn't get to see a lot. It was a little after noon by the time he made his way to the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. He looked on into the clear waters just to stare.

"Buon pomeriggio," a female greeted him. He knew exactly was as she came up beside him.

"What do you want?" Bia came up next to him in her human guise. She was wearing a white pair of shorts, a yellow cami, sandals, and a white floppy sun hat. Her eyes sparkled in the sun as she met his gaze. Besides Tartarus she was the only one able to look into his eyes without feeling creeped out.

"I happened to see you and thought I would visit." The wind blew a little bit and she closed her eyes with a smile. As it died down again she opened her eyes with the smile still on her face. "The sea breeze feels good doesn't it?" Típota snorted.

"Whatever." She didn't let this bother him as she asked her next question.

"Want to hang out?" He stared at her like he had heard her wrong.

"What," he finally asked.

"Do you," she pointed at him, "want to hang out with me?" She then pointed at herself. Típota went to walk away, but she grabbed his arm.

"Please, it is such a nice day out. We don't have to do much, just walk around like you were doing." He was suspicious, he always thought that any moment that she would attack. After all that is all he has had for the past millennium, beings attacking him. Now that he really looked he was surprised as he found no hostility at all, it was something new after so long.

"Fine." Her smile brightened and she snapped her fingers. He was now in a pair of tan khaki shorts, a sky blue tank top, and sandals. She paused her face scrunched up in thought. Then she grinned and snapped her fingers again. A pair of blacked out shades appeared on his face, though his eyes did not bother her if they wanted to walk without the Mist he would need to wear them.

"There, now we can walk without the Mist covering us." Típota fidgeted. Since he went to Tartarus he had never worn such loose clothing. He usually wore his fighting outfit, which consisted of his jeans, boots, t-shirt, cloak or jacket, and all his weapons. He looked down at his clothes and frowned, but before he could complain Bia grabbed his arm in hers.

"Let's go!" So with arms linked they traveled around Rome. They went and seen the old ruins and Bia would tell him what she remembered about different places.  As evening came and she talked him into dinner. She decided on an outside café, a little place that sold calzones. By now Típota was relaxed in her presence, something that he couldn't remember ever being with another. Though it was a quiet dinner it was comfortable. After they ate she dragged him down to the beach and they walked barefoot through the sand.

"Thank you for walking with me today."

"You really didn't give me much of a choice." She smirked.

"You could have left at any time, all you had to do was flash away." He grew silent. She sighed and came up to him. She reached up and took off his glasses to stare into his eyes. That's when he finally talked again.

"You don't flinch away." She again scrunched up her face in puzzlement this time.


"You don't flinch away when you see my eyes. Everyone but Tartarus does." She gave a small smile.

"That's because I think beauty counts on the inside not the outside. When I look into your eyes I see your soul shining brightly." Again in a comfortable silence they stared into each other's eyes. That's when a gust of wind blew harder than before and Bia's hat blew off.

"My hat," she said, not even thinking about how she could just make it reappear in her hand. She ran after it and Típota followed. Running side by side they both dove for it, with Típota being heavier he landed first, catching it. He had just turned to his back when Bia landed on him. The were both shocked from being so close together. Her because she never thought she would even get near Perseus Jackson. Him because he couldn't remember being this close to another being without being hurt in one way or another. Without thinking Bia leaned down and kissed Típota, so shocked he didn't respond nor did he get time to as she pulled away almost as quickly as she had kissed him. She blushed.

"I'm sorry I don't know what came over me." He gently pushed her so she would get off, which she did and sat in the sand beside him as he sat up hat still in hand.

"Bia why did you approach me?"

"Because I want to help you. I have told you that over and over. I want you to be happy again and have your freedom." He looked at her.

"I don't even remember what freedom is. I don't know what happiness is either. I guess today was the closest I have been. For that I thank you." He placed that hat on her head, but over her eyes so she couldn't see. When she moved it back correctly he was gone. 

Camp Half Blood

After the first battle training continued for the next couple days, though the classes were now bigger since some of the teachers were gone. Only those in the Big House that night knew the real reason, to others they simply said that Zeus gave an order to find something. Since everyone was busy did not notice the monsters that also seemed to be searching nor did they notice the goddess who seemed to be in her own world.  

In the Pit

Tartarus was getting frustrated as he sat in his throne. He had not been able to get rid of the 'Golden' female. It had been a month which wasn't long upside, but still. It was giving the upper world more time to search themselves and to prepare for battle. He had about burned all his bridges to find the female. Athena had kept him updated on what was going on top side and searching herself. Tartarus had commanded the monsters to be on the watch for a golden being. All had so far failed him. The only things he hadn't done yet was look himself, which was something that would only be done on a last resort. After all he was the commander, not some lackey. That and ask Típota, which he would have normally have done under any other circumstance. The only reason he hadn't was because he couldn't let the two get close. He was not so stupid to chance Fate like that. So now he sat frustrated, on the edge of anger, that he hadn't found what he wanted. He had no idea that the being he was looking for had just done what he didn't want, that she had spent half the day with Típota.

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