How differently would the end of Frankenstein’s story have gone had it taken place in a more modern time? *Entered into Battle of the Fandoms!*


1. Monster

Victor Frankenstein’s POV


“I didn’t do it!” I shouted at the police as they walked into the the interrogation room where I had been brought nearly half an hour earlier. “I loved her! She was my wife! Why would I kill my dear Elizabeth?” I begged for the two cops in the room to believe me; and to my astonishment, they did.

The older male cop spoke first. “We know it wasn’t you. The DNA left on her neck doesn’t match yours and the bruises around her throat are much to large to have come from your hands.”
I leaned back in my chair, shocked that I wasn’t being accused. “Oh,” was all that I could muster to say.

The younger cop spoke this time. “Did you see you did it? Did you hear anything? Anything you tell us can help of catch your wife’s killer.” He was younger than me, maybe in his early twenties, and looked eager to catch what was probably his first killer.

I stared down at the table, building up the courage to say what needed said. “I know who did it…Or should I say what did it.”

I looked up after they spoke. “What do you mean by ‘what’ did it?” the younger cop asked me, looking at his superior to make sure that he was just as confused.

When the older cop raised an eyebrow, I said my piece. “I am a scientist,” I started and they nodded, understanding. “And several years ago I started in on a project. To make death not the end of human life. I reanimated a corpse that I built, one that was much larger than any man could ever be. As life came back to him, I grew frightened of what I had created. So I ran, leaving him and my workshop. He was the one who killed my brother, William, a few years back as revenge for me leaving him on his own. One night, as I hunted for him since I knew he killed my little brother, he found me and told me his story. He begged and begged me to make him a wife and promised to never be seen or heard of again. So, I said I would and went to Sweden to build her in peace. As I was building her, I realized that this could be the start of a new race; one that could kill us all. I destroyed my soon to be creation and my monster ran, leaving me. I found out later that he had killed my best friend, Henry Clerval, and had me accused of his murder. When that was all said and done, I was let go, and came back home to get married. Last night, my wedding night, the monster came back and killed my dear Elizabeth. I want revenge on him,” I said, growling out my words. “I want him to suffer the way I have. I want him to die. I want to kill him.” I stopped talking and my story sunk into the police officers.

The younger police officer no longer looked eager. “You…created…a…monster?” He asked and I looked down at the table in shame. “You brought someone back to life?”

“I did.”

“You realize that we will need proof to collaborate your story,” the older cop stated and I nodded.

“Yes, of course, it’s all in the briefcase that I brought with me,” I explained the the two cops looked at each other before the younger one nodded and left the room.

When he came back with the case, he put it gently on the table between us and gestured for me to open it. I did, pulling out all the papers and pictures I had taken of the creation.

It didn’t take long for them to believe me and they went out to talk to their coworkers and the sheriff about this.

My story quickly spread around the police station and some cops were volunteering to help me hunt down and kill the monster that I had created.

There was a group of about ten of us, all armed with guns that went out looking for my creation. We found him in the woods around the cabin that Elizabeth had been murdered in. He was sitting on the ground, back leaning against the tree, crying. That was, until he heard us approach. He stood up abruptly, all eight feet of him stood straight with a deadly glint in his watery eyes.

“Dear Creator, how do you feel? You’re only chance of happiness dead,” he spat out. Everyone held their ground, including me.
“Dear Monster, how do you feel? Knowing you’re about to die?” I countered and everyone raised their gun. As he charged, I shouted fire and there was a blast of continuous bullets hitting my monster and everything around him.

I stood by the Sheriff, who had a grenade attached to his belt loop just in case it was needed. I reached down, unclipping the explosive and tucking it into the back pocket of my pants as I called for everyone to stop firing.

My monster laid on the ground, loudly whimpering in pain. Bullet holes sprayed across his torso, but he wasn’t quiet dead yet. I wasn’t sure if he was even able to die; but what if there was no body to come back to?

I walked towards my creation, raising my hands like I was surrendering. He looked at me, begging me for mercy, and I gave him the amount he gave William, Henry, and Elizabeth.


I kneeled by his body, looking into his ugly face. Tears were streaming out of his eyes, and he was coughing up blood that was now covering his chin.

I reached back with one hand, pulling the grenade out from where it was tucked. The police behind me saw and started running away the the area, but I paid them no mind.

“Oh dear monster,” I said as I pulled out the pin and flipped off the safety clip, setting it between us, “If only there was someone out there who loved you.”

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