There's a Snake in My Boot

‘Howday partner’
‘Reach for the Stars’
‘There’s a snake in my boots’

That’s what you expect me to say isn’t it? The standard phrases that spew out of my mouth giving you familiarity throughout all the films we made. Not sure what we’re up to right now, is it three or four? To be honest I never expected them to go on so long. Although they’ve given me enough money to live the lifestyle that I’m used to, the part really doesn’t really push me very far.

The Story of Woody Pride and his amazing expose of those Toy Story characters.


2. The First Film

So where do I start with the enigma that is Buzz. Like I say, he's a bit of a wally, but he seemed to get by. He had a huge fanbase by the end of that first film. It did affect him. If his head could have swollen then it would have struggled to shut his helmet. It was amazing casting by the director to be honest. Buzz on screen was this fantasist who believed that he was a space ranger from another planet rather than the toy that he really was.  


Buzz was actually great in the part, so believable because he was a sort of country bumpkin and probably did at one stage think he was a space ranger. Maybe that's why he'd go on the town with us wearing the suit. He was also incredibly annoying as well. To relieve the tension at times we'd pull some jokes on him.  


One time after he'd fluffed his catch phrase 'To Infinity and Beyond' for the umpteenth time, I had to stop Wheezy attached a real rocket to his back. Wheezy never had much patience, the chronic chest complaint of his always making him in pain. If Buzz had been tied to the rocket that Wheezy had planned, he'd have ended up really going beyond infinity. 


Buzz was a budding singer. Or should I say he thought he was. He'd grap hold of Mr Mike and disappear into his dressing room. The noise coming out of there seriously made us wonder what the hell they were getting up to. At one point we thought he was torturing poor Mike, the noise was so bad. However we were really intrigued about what he was doing. So we hatched a little plot. 


We sneaked Lenny the Binoculars in there one morning and waited until Buzz and Mike went in. There was this strange catawalling and weird sounds which went on for over an hour. Mike eventually came out with a horrific look on his face as though totally traumatised. Buzz appeared a while later, that big vacant smile on his face. 


Lenny told us later about how Buzz grasped hold of Mike and stood in front of the mirror. Then Buzz broke into song. Now I love music but the sound that came from Buzz's mouth wasn't what I'd call music. It was just a horrible grating of words devoid of any musical talent. When we got Mike to talk, he told us how Buzz wanted to be a rock star. He imagined he was the singer and writer of a rock band. Well I guess that was another part of the person who was Buzz, a fantasist of the highest order.  


We had some great fun making that first film though. Buzz became a little more manageable and even Sarge began to take to his weird ways. Me I was just happy to play a part that suited me. Woody was my greatest role and one that I was happy to get, in spite of me wanting to be the spaceman.  


We all parted after that first film never dreaming we'd be back together. We had this amazing party at the end and we all parted. I felt really sad to leave them all especially Bo. Even Buzz was hard to part from. We'd formed a bond that obviously the audience loved and the film went ballistic at the box office. Somehow we'd got a huge hit from kids to adults. They even made these realistic toys of us that that Christmas caused a sell out never seen before. 


It was inevitable that we'd be back with a sequel. This time there was a few other characters to throw into the mix. The ensemble cast was back but this time we were joined by the adorable Jess and my greatest sidekick Bullseye. More of that in the next chapter. 


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