the first story in hopefully a series please tell me what you think of it.


1. proteloge

   Our story begins with the butterflys of creation in the world of Gemalery the rainbow butterfly was the leader of the group and the others followed in her wing flaps the eldest of the 6 others was Emerald the green butterfly the second eldest was Amber the orange butterfly the next one was Topaz and she was yellow the red butterfly Ruby was next Amethyst the purple butterfly was the second to last butterfly and finally the youngest was blue and her name was Sapphire. One day Obsidian the evil black butterfly came to the peaceful island the others lived in and when the connection ritual was commencing Obsidian froze the Rainbow butterfly in solid crystal the the island suddenly split apart separating all the butterflys from each other. They were so scared not just for themselves but for eachother too. Emerald usually showed no signs of emotion but she was definitely upset Amber was insainly scared she usually is jumpy Topaz was trying to make the best of the situation like her peppy self but she failed Ruby was infuriated she was hot headed but she rarely gets this mad Amethyst was mad at Obsidian and herself she felt responsible for it for some reason. Sapphire was so sad she was separated from her friends and she missed them already. Now it may seem hopeless for them now but there will be a chance to save the rainbow butterfly and reunite the kingdoms you just have to wait.

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