the first story in hopefully a series please tell me what you think of it.


4. ch. 3

    The mystery man noticed the butterfly on Sophie`s headband and looked shocked for a second.

"Hey you try touching that butterfly on your headband!"

"What why?"

"What did I say about asking questions just do it!"

"Ok, ok" Sophie touched the butterfly and suddenly there was a flash of light the headband turned into a sword! "W-what?!"

"Now use it!" Sophie charged at the wolves and slashed at them not killing them but making 4 of them run away there were 2 left and the teenage boy dealt with them. Sophie sighed and the sword turned back into a headband and she but it back on "I`m Blake and you are?"

"I`m Sophie... wait you have some explaining to do mister what just happened there?!"

"Well..." an hour long speech later

"Wait so I`m the chosen one to connect the islands again by myself!?"

"Well actually you`re one of the chosen ones and the others will be your companions as will I."

"One of them?" 

"Yes there are 6 other chosen ones you are the one for the sapphire butterfly." the sun starts to set

"Ahh! its sunset!? Oh moms gonna kill me!" Sophie starts to leave but Blake stops her by blocking her path "Blake? What are you doing?"

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