the first story in hopefully a series please tell me what you think of it.


2. ch. 1

     Now many years later...

 "Sophie its time to wake up!... Sophie? Where is that girl?" in the park across town we see a 14 year old girl with brown curly hair and big blue eyes in a dark blue school uniform she`s laughing and spinning around in the empty park. "Sophie?" she stops to listen a woman comes in the park she looks alot like the girl except older and she has shorter hair she glares at the girl and the girl makes a surprised face "Sophie! there you are it`s almost time for school!" she grabs Sophie`s ear "Now come inside and eat your breakfast."

"Ok mom you don`t have to pull my ear!" Sophie`s mom puts some jam on bread and gives it to Sophie she quickly eats it then runs upstairs brushes her hair puts on her favorite headband grabs her bag packs her lunch and puts some strawberry pocky in her bag. Then puts on her shoes tells her mom bye and leaves for school even though its not even close to time yet! She dashes to school and on her way sees a sapphire butterfly as she sees it she also hears a bell sound and dashes to school again she makes it a whole hour early and puts up the things she dosen`t need right now which is nothing actually except her bag its self then sits in her seat in class the teacher is not there yet but the work is so she picks up a paper and starts her work she finishes it just in time for the teacher to come. "Oh hi Mr. Gabe!"

"Sophie I see your early again have you finished your work already?"

"You know it!" She hands him the paper.

"Great job and now you can do whatever as long as it doesn`t bother the rest of the class."

"Thanks Mr. Gabe!" but no matter how many times she tried to sleep or draw she couldn`t stop thinking about that butterfly it was filling her with energy.

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