The Imagine Story


2. Chapter Two

While in backstage, Lauren was freaking out saying quickly,“ Oh My Gosh!!! Are they Okay?!? We have to find them! ” Liam and Niall jumped. Louis knew she couldn’t bare the thought of injured loved ones. “ Calm down love. I’m sure they are fine. ” Louis said sweetly as he knelt down beside her chair, with his hand resting on her knee for comfort. Zayn then entered backstage with Teliyah who was still unconscious.


    “ I think she bumped her head. ” Zayn said worriedly, but he didn’t take his eyes off of her. Louis turned to see Teliyah and said, “ Yeah, looks like it. We might have to take them to the hospital or something. ” Niall then spoke up and said, “ Or we can take them back to our place. ”

“ That’s a good idea… The hospital is a bit far. ” Liam then added. “ Okay, that works, but… ”


    Harry then came rushing into backstage with Allison in his arms. “ What the f***?! How’d this happen to her?! ” she screamed with tears streaming down Lauren’s face as she saw blood running down Allison’s leg, dripping on the floor. And forming a puddle.


    “ She was shot in the knee, and… and… and I-I went to h-her side to help her. ” said Harry extremely worried and tired. Lauren rushes to Harry and slaps him with her whole hand to leave a red mark. “ Why the h*** did you let her get shot!? ”  Lauren yelled at Harry, “ I’m s-sorry, I’m sorry, but we have to get her somewhere safe, like now, ” Harry raised his voice therefore his veins popping out with urgency. Louis grabbed his car keys and headed towards the exit. Liam told the manager and other stage workers to postpone concerts for the time being, and everyone was out the door. Allison in Harry’s arms and Teliyah in Zayn’s.

    They all hopped into Louis’ car and drove South, pass all the city, pass all the government roads, nearer and nearer to the coast.

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