The Imagine Story


12. Chapter twelve

Teliyah wakes completely to the sound of Belle screaming for all the party guests to get out, “ALRIGHT I’M TIRED OF THIS S***, WAKE UP!!! GET YOUR FAT A**ES OFF THE F***ING COUCH! OFF THE FLOOR, (she kicks a person on the floor), OFF THE S***TY STAIRS, GET OFF THE CHANDELIER!!!” Asauni walks from the corner of the room and presses a button on his dj table. Chandelier begins to play By Sia. “ASAUNI!!! IF YOU DON’T GET OUT OF THIS F***ING HOUSE!!! TAKE EVERY BLOODY PERSON WITH YOU… Thank you Asauni!” Belle ends with a soft sing-song voice.


Watching intently Niall and Marisol peek through the front door glass currently locked out because of Belle. Liam walks up behind her and tries soothingly, “Calm down, it’s fine love,”


“Oh, O really… YOU DO NOT TELL A GIRL TO CALM DOWN (at this moment two random people sneak past Belle and Liam) GET OUT!!!” Belle yells now mumbling. She sits down on the hardwood floor currently scuffed, “Sorry…” Belle begins shaking her head. Niall and Marisol walk in finally when the guests exit and move to the stairs. Teliyah walks in from downstairs, and looks at Belle, she motions to Zayn to come up quietly towards the kitchen.


They enter the kitchen and see Louis in the Refrigerator looking down at his phone. “Good Morning” Teliyah said to Louis.


“Oh uh, (he looks up from his phone and closes the fridge door) Morning.” Louis says putting his phone in his pocket. He moves to the cabinet near the sink and takes out two glasses and sets them down


Louis turns to face Zayn and Teliyah. “I suppose you two enjoyed the party,” he said with a smirk


“Yeah, it was enjoyable,” Zayn said kissing Teliyah on the cheek. Teliyah takes her phone and goes to her Starbucks app “Hey, what do you want from Starbucks’?” Teliyah and Zayn talk about that while Louis picks up the drinks and exits the kitchen. Right before he begins to descend the stairs, he hears the doorbell. Louis quickly brings the drinks downstairs and tells Lauren he’s going to go get the door.


“Comin’,” Louis yelled from the bottom of the stairs.


Louis opens the door to see none other than Ed Sheeran. Meanwhile downstairs, Lauren decided to pause the movie and go upstairs to see who it was. “Oh your Ed Sheeran… not to be rude or anything, but why exactly are you here?”


“Oh, right,” Ed says peering over Louis shoulder to see Lauren. “I think I left my jacket here yesterday, that was a pretty epic party, as I see especially by the reminisce.”


“Well, you are welcome to look around.” Louis extends his arm to allow Ed in.

“Thanks” he replies looking around… Mainly at Lauren.


Louis sees the eye contact between the two, and a wave of jealousy hits him square in the face. “Hey dude, maybe it is upstairs…” Louis suggests. “Yeah, good call,” Ed says while moving towards the stairs. Lauren walks to Louis and he wraps his arms around her waist. Lauren turns around and says, “Maybe I can ask Belle if she saw it anywhere since she is just laying in bed right now,”

    “Yeah, Okay” Louis said pecking her lips.


Lauren walks upstairs and notices pretty much every door open, Probably just Ed Lauren thought to herself. She walks into her and Louis’ room quickly to put her phone on the charger. Since her side of the bed is on the side of the windows her back facing the door.


She heard a noise behind her and turned around. It was Ed, and he was scanning the room stopping when he saw her clothes scattered on the floor as well as Louis’. He looked up to Lauren and put on a fake smile. Turning around he began again to search for his jacket.


Lauren had no idea what just happened but realized that she and Louis did share a room and that their clothes were scattered across the floor. Her cheeks flushed but quickly shook it off because she needed to go see Belle.


Turning the corner, Lauren walked into what is now Belle and Liam’s room. Belle was sprawled across the bed in a light slumber, breathing quietly. Lauren woke Belle up by shaking her ankle. “Huh? Oh, hey Lauren,” Belle said rubbing her eyes.


“Hey, Uh, did you see maybe a, uh, Ed’s jacket laying around anywhere?”

“I saw many jackets, you need to be more specific.”

“Uh maybe an orange jacket”

“I think I saw an orange jacket downstairs, maybe?”

“Okay, thanks”


Lauren walks back to the room where Ed is still searching for the jacket “I think i found your jacket” says Lauren.


“Thank you so much Lauren for everything” Ed says as he hugs Lauren tightly, his hands travelling down her waist. At that moment Louis walks in holding Ed’s jacket and see’s when Ed hugs Lauren.


“What the f*** are you doing with my girlfriend?!” Louis now charging at Ed. “Oh uh… It’s not what it looks like.” Lauren said backing away from Ed and putting herself between him and Louis. She tried holding him back, but he was just so furious with Ed and HER. Louis aggressively pushed her away, causing her to fall to the floor. As soon as Lauren was out of the way, and Louis was close enough to Ed, he threw his arm out and punched Ed in the nose. As Ed stumbles backward he runs into a wall almost hitting his head, but Louis pushes him back, really hitting his head, multiple times.


“LOUIS! Louis! STOP, Leave Ed alone!” Lauren sobbed as she got back to her feet, tearing at Louis’ shirt.


Belle comes bustling into the room and sees Ed swing a punch as well to Louis. “Louis! Ed! W-what?!? L-LIAM!!! HARRY!!! NIALL!!!”  

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