The Imagine Story


13. Chapter thirteen

Harry, Niall, Marisol, and Allison hear banging, screaming, and yelling from upstairs. Harry jumped up from his chair and Niall put down the strawberries he was eating while talking to Marisol who stole one when they heard the screams for their names. They bolted upstairs with their girlfriends/female friends trailing behind.


They reach the top of the stairs and inspect the room. It was quite obvious where the ruckus was coming from when they spotted Belle attempting to hold Louis back from beating up Ed even more than he already has, while Lauren had tears rolling down her face; she was as well trying to keep Ed away from Louis. That’s when Niall ran to Lauren’s side and sent her over to Marisol to get her out of the room, then turned back to Ed and hauled him on the couch while Allison wobbled down the stairs, to the kitchen to retrieve an ice pack for Ed. While that was taking action, Belle was helping Harry take Louis to his room, away from all the commotion.


“Alright, what the h*ll just happened down there?!” Belle demanded right as Harry shut Louis’ bedroom door.

“THAT F***ING A**  JUST MADE A F***KING MOVE ON MY GIRLFRIEND!” Louis yelled with his veins popping out of his neck; Belle winced at the sudden outburst.

“Uhm… your knuckles are bleeding.” Harry said looking down at Louis’ clenched fists.


Belle turned her head to Harry and rolled her eyes. “Well then, make yourself useful and get a F***KING RAG!”


And with that, Harry was rushing to Louis’ bathroom and doing as told.


Meanwhile, in Marisol’s bathroom, Lauren was standing in front of the mirror and fixing her make-up as Marisol was drying her tears. “So what are you going to do?” Marisol asked as she took a piece of shattered table wood out of Lauren’s hair, “I mean, I think It’s sweet and all. You know, how possessive he is.”


“But Ed didn’t even do anything!... and now my butt hurts.” Lauren replied frowning. Marisol furrowed her eyebrows in a sort of puzzled understanding look and just replied, “yeah…”

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