The Imagine Story


10. Chapter ten

A/N this chapter is literally so short... i swear 11 is longer


    The last thing other than water that Harry, Zayn, and the pool dancers saw was two girls falling and currently flailing in the pool.


    “Allison, Allison Oh My God! Can you swim?!?” Harry yelled over the music


    Zayn, on the other hand, pulled his shirt off and jumped in the pool to Teliyah who was making her way to Allison, who was still flailing.


    Hoisting Allison out of the pool with the help of Harry, Allison sat with her head on Harry’s shoulder sobbing quietly at the edge of the pool. The music became loud once again and Marisol walked out the mansion scanning the crowd only to spot Allison shivering and crying on Harry. Marisol walked back into the Mansion and came back out with a towel.


    Teliyah was still in the pool not caring much of the cold water and swam around. Closing her eyes she dived underwater and bumped into something. She came up for air, but was shocked that instead of the gulp of air she was expecting, she was engulfed in a passionate kiss. Clutching his chest and hoisting her up, Zayn and Teliyah were on a huge floaty, kissing and only pulling apart for air.


    The night seemed to last ages until people literally passed out on the dance floor.



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