The Imagine Story


6. Chapter Six

After the nice little swim, everyone treks back up the cliff to check on Allison. There was a soft summer feeling breeze even though it was the small beginnings of fall. Belle noticed all the little details engraved by erosion on the stairs leading back to the mansion, Liam behind her making the slight gesture of protectiveness in case she fell, while Teliyah was softly chattering to Zayn her giggling, him smiling. Lauren was also enjoying the view from the cliff’s stairs overlooking the beach, her hair, as Louis noticed, slightly flowing in the breeze.


    It was the beginning of December, yet everyone were not wearing any heavier garment due to the humidity of Florida. Allison was recovering with much acceleration, and was trying, in her part, to stand.


    “ Give me your hand at least, ” Harry told Allison. “ Okay… ” Allison replied enthusiastically. Lauren walks down from upstairs looking down at her phone, but glances toward the area Allison had been laying for the past 2 months only to see her trying to stand. (With Harry’s help of course)


    “ Uh… Ah, Ah, ah! ” Allison whimpered when trying to stand. “ You're okay, just look at me, ” Harry soothed. “ Look! You’re standing! ”


    Lauren then put her full attention to Allison who was now hugging Harry. “ OMG, Yay! Allison, ” Lauren said rushing to her.


    Teliyah and Zayn came from the backyard from swimming. They quickly notice the group hugging and wrapped their towels around their wet swimsuits so they could join the group hug, congratulating Allison.


    “ Okay… Thanks, but that’s enough hugging right now, ” Allison said bringing her arms back to her side. “ Hey, where’s Belle? ”


    “ Oh, she went down to the beach alone. ” Lauren replied “ You know she usually thinks a bit much on new things at hand so, ” Liam heard Lauren say this and decided to go and accompany Belle.


    Down at the beach, Belle is sitting in the sand. Half of her is covered in a shadow of the cliff, her face and shirt, but the rest of her in the sunlight. She is mumbling words under her breath. The breeze blowing her dark hair back, her eyes are closed.


    Liam walks out of the mansion and begins down the stone stairs spotting Belle halfway down the steps, but acted like he did not notice her ran down the beach and jumped into the ocean.


    Surprised by the sudden interruption, Belle opens her eyes and sees Liam. She also hears voices from the top of the cliff, Belle and Liam meet gazes, but Belle quickly looks away to the cliff’s archway to her right. The voices she heard then got closer, noticing that they were voices on her left she turned back around, careful not to look at the sea. Belle sees everyone walking down the steps with, with ALLISON!


    Belle stands and runs to the steps where Harry and Teliyah are helping Allison. “ Allison, Be careful! ” Belle shouted. “ I am, ow. ” Allison shouted back. When everyone got to the bottom of the stairs, Belle gave Allison a hug, but turned around and went up the stairs, “ I’ll see you all after your swim, K? ”


    To Belle’s surprise Zayn replies, “ Okay, ” Belle continued up the stairs.


    The day then became night, quicker than anticipated, so everyone decided to head back to the mansion, everyone except Teliyah. She decided to wade under the cliff’s archway.

See page, ocean.

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