The Imagine Story


17. Chapter seventeen

Zayn wakes up one morning and gets up to go to the restroom. He stops in front of the bathroom door and  knocks. He hears Teliyah reply with, “wait a minute… or five…”


    “Okay, you alright love?” Zayn asks concerned as he pulled up his boxers.

    “Oh…….. yeah I’m fine,” She paused before saying yes.


    Seconds later Teliyah exited the bathroom holding a pregnancy test. “It’s positive.”  Teliyah announced as her heart sank to the pit of her stomach.


    They both shared a moment of silence as they stood there, in shock. “Eh… I think I’m gonna be sick.” Teliyah covered her mouth as she ran back into the bathroom and set the pregnancy test on the counter sink. She positioned herself against the wall, hovering over the toilet as chunks from her last night’s dinner came propelling from the now pregnant stomach and out of her mouth.


    Zayn peered his head through the doorway of his luxury private bathroom. “Wait no, NOT THE DESIGNER ROBE! Aww… I got that for christmas.” he whined as he walked over towards Teliyah. He rested his arm on the counter and stared down at the pregnancy test. This is a moment that he would remember forever, this is a moment that would change his entire life.




    Once they finally finished up in the bathroom, which took hours, they both headed downstairs together to share the news. Zayn sat Teliyah down on the couch beside Lauren, Marisol, and Niall. Across the room, Belle and Liam were snuggled up, under a cozy blanket, on the same loveseat, whispering back and forth to each other with occasionally a giggle or chuckle here and there. While in the kitchen, Louis was sorting out his differences with Ed as he helped him eat his soup and keeping his icepack on his forehead.


    “Alright, uhm… Teliyah and I have something we’d like to say.” Zayn attempted to absorb everyone’s attention, “So, is everyone here?” he asked making his way to the center of the room for all to hear.


    “Nope.” Teliyah said. “Louis is in there with Ed, doing whatever it is they’re doing.” Lauren said as she pointed in the direction of the kitchen. “And Harry, I think, is standing outside of Allison’s bedroom door. He’s been there all night and morning, he even took a blanket with him.” Marisol said.


    “Then, I’ll be right back. Can y’all please get Louis and Ed in here?” Zayn asked as he took off up the stairs. Once he reached what was Allison and Harry’s bedroom, although by the looks of it, it’s now just Allison’s, he spotted Harry, like Marisol said, leaning up against the wall with his nose in the keyhole. He had bed hair, so he was obviously, as well, there all night, restless.


    “Ok uhm… this is sad.” Zayn said, referring to Harry. “She won’t talk to me.” Harry said in a low voice. “Well, according to what you did, I probably wouldn’t talk to you either.” Zayn said, stepping closer to him. “Not helping.” he said as he yet again tried opening the door, although, it didn’t budge.


    “Hey Allison, don’t you think it’s about to time you come out now?” Zayn asked knocking on the door. “

Why? So Harry can cheat on me again?” Allison asked, her voice as if she was just on the other side of the door.

“Look, I told you I was sorry. It’ll never happen again.” Harry apologized.

“That is if I were to give you a second chance to redeem yourself.” Allison teased.

“Right… a second chance.” Harry said, his voice fading in the distance.

“How about, you think it over. Till then, you come down stairs with us so you can also hear the big news.” Zayn offered


    Allison cracked the door open and peered her head through the door. “Big news?” she asked, raising an eyebrow.


“Yep” Zayn said swaying back and forth with his hands in his front pockets.

“Fine.” Allison accepted as she walked out into the hallway with Harry and Zayn.


    They all began walking down the stairs, Allison on the heels of Zayn and Harry a distance away, eyeing Allison from the back. “Ok so… now that everyone is here…” Zayn began as he entered the living room with both of them not far behind, “Ok, so…..u-umm….so we’re  p-pregnant.” he stuttered as sweat ran down the sides of his face.


    “Wha…” Marisol said as she threw her hot chips across the room in shock.

    “THE F**K, YOU MEAN SHE’S PREGNANT?!” Belle yelped.

    “Well no wonder, they’re always f**king when I’M TRYING TO SLEEP!” Lauren’s voice changed from a mumbled to a scream.

    “Well, Congrats mate,” Liam said calmly. Everyone looked at him awkwardly, then Belle added (after calming down as well), “Yeah, we didn’t know you were pregnant, too.” Everybody switched their looks to Belle instead, with complete silence. “Well, he did say we, right?” Belle explained while everyone caught on and began to laugh.

    Everyone instantly commenced rambling on and on, causing a ruckus, the room only getting louder and louder. Meanwhile, Teliyah began feeling nauseous. She rushed up the stairs to Zayn’s bathroom, and yet again barfed all over his toilet. Zayn’s eyes bulged out of his head as he bolted up the stairs after her, “NOT ON THE ROBE, NO NOT AGAIN!” he yelled after her.

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