The Imagine Story


9. Chapter Nine

The girls peared their heads out the car window as they drove into the crowded driveway of the mansion. The party already seemed perfect with the sunset in the background, the nicely decorated lights wrapped around the palm trees, the blaring music, and the strobe lights flashing through the windows. It was all overwhelming, but they knew this was gonna be the time of their lives.


They parked their cars and approached the front door. There was maybe at least four hundred people outside on the front lot close to the house, and six hundred on the beach, all getting wasted. They entered the mansion which was a thousand times louder and more crowded. They eventually all got split up, but that was the last thing on their minds.


Belle made her way to the piano and shooed the few people away from her most prized possession as she cleared off the red solo cups from the keys. Based on how the party was going, she decided to guard the piano the whole night.


Meanwhile, Marisol pushed her way to the fridge and basically test-tasted whatever she could find. Surprisingly, this kept her busy for the longest time. I guess you could even say she had her own entertainment, too. She wasn’t really into drinking as much as the others, so she just ate the night away.


Apparently, Teliyah had spotted Zayn in the crowd. Cause by now they were in the basement sitting beside each other in the corner of the room. Zayn was more drunk than Teliyah, but it was for sure that whatever they were doing now, they certainly wouldn’t remember tomorrow.


    Allison was trying to convince the dj, A’sauni, to play “Little Things” obviously by One Direction. But all he cared about was bass. Since she really couldn’t go far, Allison just stayed in the main area of the mansion occasionally suggesting different songs by One Direction, but Ausani only played a few, hoping she’d eventually back off and let him do his job.


    And while all this was going on, Lauren was spending her time seated at the island in the kitchen with one of the bartenders the boys’ had hired for the night. She didn’t drink much, just mainly put up with the bartender and his annoying stories of his past. Although she only heard parts here and there, but just went along with it. Thankfully, he was interrupted by Ed who sat beside Lauren.


    “Hey, by the way, this party is epic. Thanks for inviting me.”

    “Oh of course, thanks for coming.”


    There was a moment of silence between the two as they gazed into each other’s eyes, but something felt wrong. This wasn’t how Lauren was supposed to feel. Not about Ed, but about Louis. She began to feel uncomfortable and started to miss Louis as the time went by.


    “So would you like to dance?” Ed asked as he held his hand out to Lauren.

    “Umm… I’m sorry, I’m actually here with Louis. I think I should probably go find him” Lauren said as she got up trying to excuse herself from that awkward moment.


    She made her way up the stairs searching for Louis throughout the hallway. But to her luck, he was nowhere to be seen. Until she came upon his bedroom door. She took one last glance in the hall and entered his room to find Louis on the edge of his bed. He was going back and forth from constantly jotting something down in his note pad to strumming different cords on his guitar. Surprisingly, he never, not once, looked up at Lauren. I’m sure he didn’t even notice she came in. So she sat beside him on the bed, still nothing. But all of a sudden, he looked up at her.


See page, Bedroom A/N I don't know if you all understand this of why we say 'see page, bedroom... well it is because we are using school computers to type this story basically and that is NOT school appropriate (catching on, yet?) anyways... us friends have physical copies rather than typed copies and yeah.... that goes for all other 'see pages...' -Crystal.Halfblood


    Meanwhile outside, Zayn and Teliyah managed to take their affair outside not noticing the random people who began to wolf-whistle at the scene of their very sloppy kisses. Finally pulling apart briefly for air, they realized how loud the music playing was and how rowdy people were dancing. Teliyah spotted Harry and Allison standing near the other side of the pool also snogging.


    The music was escalating quickly and the amount of drunk people dancing also arose before they knew it Teliyah as well as Allison, on the other side of the lighted pool, got hip-bumped into the pool.

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