The Imagine Story



14. Chapter fourteen

Liam walks in from the front door to see Allison limping quickly up the stairs with what looked like an ice-pack. Not knowing what that was for, he set the grocery bags he was holding down on the coffee table and followed Allison


“Hey, is everything alright,” Liam asked motioning to the ice-pack in her hand.


“Not really, I don’t know exactly what happen, just that---” Allison got cut off by a yell of pain from Ed.


Liam and Allison exchanged expression of confusion and worry and dashed to where the wail came from. Liam was very confused by this point, but spotted Niall tending to the many bruises and gashes along Ed Sheeran’s self. Lauren and Marisol came rushing into the room; as well looking very pale in the face.


“W-what happened? Where is everyone else?” Liam asked Lauren

Lauren sighed, “Well…. There w-was this… fight--”

“A fight?!” Liam now having a concerned look appear across his face.


Another outburst from Ed interrupts a conversation.


Lauren turned to Ed, and sighed once again “We’ll explain later.”


In the opposite room from where Ed was being kept, Louis was holding the rag, Harry brought, on his hands. Belle was sitting next to Louis on the edge of the bed looking down at her lap waiting for something to happen, and Harry took a seat on the other side of Louis with thoughtful eyes. Finally, Niall walked into the room saying, “We are going to move Ed into one of the spare guest rooms, are you okay?”


“ Hm?... Yeah, I suppose, can you tell Lauren I want to see her? ” Louis asked


“ Yeah sure, ” Niall responded beginning to walk out. Belle set her hand on Louis shoulder then walked out as well followed by Harry.


Lauren peeks into the room that Louis is in. “ Hey… ” she says feebly.


“ Hey ” Louis began, “ Look, I’m sorry, I-I-I need to be-I need ”


“ Yes….? ” Lauren said leaning on the door frame.


" I’m sorry, I need to trust you, I-I was just really happy to finally have someone I can talk to and joke with and-and love… Trust is an attribute I need to work out don’t I? ” Louis looked at Lauren with puppy dog eyes.  


Lauren nodded her head softly. Louis stood up from the edge of the bed and walked to Lauren. He extended his arms and she let him wrap his arms around her into an embrace.


“ I love you, ” Louis said pecking Lauren’s lips.


Lauren looked up at him, in shock. But as soon as they met each other’s gaze, she knew… “ I love you too. ” Lauren replied smiling and kissed him back.

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