The Imagine Story


4. Chapter Four


    Niall finally comes in from outside carrying doctor supplies with the Doctor right behind him. Louis walked in from the kitchen when he saw that a car had pulled up out front. The doctor told Harry to back up and he did so unwillingly. The procedure took hours and was not finished until almost 3. Lauren was really tired with all the events that had happened today and Louis noticed this so he brought her to his room upstairs.


Lauren went upstairs with Louis reluctantly, but was able to Chance another glance at everyone downstairs. Teliyah was sitting on the couch holding up the ice-pack to her head, smiling slightly, watching the doctor. Zayn was right next to Teliyah also watching the doctor’s skilled hands. Harry was holding Allison’s hand, 9-hband Niall and Liam were also watching. Louis was ushering Lauren upstairs, and she followed absorbing the rest of the house.


When Lauren reached the top, she stopped. Lauren didn’t realize that the upstairs had a viewing area to look down on the living room. She could see Allison, whose leg was bandaged and propped up once more. The doctor was standing up and gathering his things about to leave. Harry was thanking the doctor and--


“ Follow me, ” Louis said. He brought Lauren to a room on the other side of the upstairs hall, which was square shaped. “ Is-is this your room? ” Lauren asked? “ Yeah, it is, ” It was a very sleek, monochrome room, with windows to the ceiling. There was no light coming from the window because of the time of day it was.


“ Your things are right here, ” Louis was holding Lauren’s suitcase from their old hotel. “ Thanks, ” Lauren responded. “ The bathroom is over there. ” Louis pointed at the door in the left corner of the room. “ I better go help downstairs, just make yourself comfortable. ” Louis left the room that Lauren inferred was his and immediately passed out.”

Meanwhile downstairs, Teliyah is enjoying the company of Zayn. The doctor told her to rest and that she will be fine very soon. Allison is responding to the medicine very well and hopefully should be well in 3 or 4 months. Liam and Niall both went upstairs to sleep and Harry and Zayn spent the rest of the night downstairs watching over Allison and Teliyah.

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