The Imagine Story


18. Chapter eighteen

All of the girls were talking excitedly with each other to Teliyah at the dinner table. Suddenly Lauren hushed her friends and turned around to make sure the guys were in deep conversation about futbol in the living room when she said, “So Teliyah, I’m literally kept awake when you guys, you know-- so… Is he any good?” Lauren whispered for the girls to hear.

“Uh, doi!” Teliyah exclaimed a little too loud. Zayn turned around when Belle began to hush everyone again, so that he turned back to the conversation.

“Well, how about you Belle,” Lauren nudged Belle.

“Oh um…” Belle began, “It actually hasn’t happened yet.” she mumbled almost inaudible

“What?” Marisol said leaning in closer.

“It actually hasn’t happened yet.” Belle mumbled a couple more times

“What’s that you say?” Teliyah teased, also leaning in closer.

“I SAID, IT ACTUALLY HASN’T HAPPENED YET!” At that moment the girls heard a spit-take from the back of the door connecting the kitchen and dining room.


Belle turned around and saw from the living room door, Liam bolt through the living room door and up the stairs. Instinctively, Belle jumped up from her chair and ran up the stairs too, making Harry’s drink fall from his hand and into Allison’s lap.


“Oh My Gosh! Harry!” Allison exclaimed as she poured the rest of the drink on Harry.

“I’m so-ory, Oi!” Harry shot to his feet. Allison followed the same pursuit but before she could retort, Harry had kissed her and Allison kissed back hard. Pulling apart Harry asked, “I’ve got to take a shower Love,” Harry said breathing in between words.


“Want to save water?” Allison teased breathlessly, laying her head on his chest. Harry then took Allison’s hand and walked her up the stairs.

At the top of the stairs Harry and Allison met Liam and Belle, holding hands as well, walking down the stairs. “Hey, we’ll see you all later, okay?” Belle called after them, and they were gone before Allison or Harry could say anything back.


See page, shower.


Meanwhile, see page, living room.



… “I love and so, will you marry me?”

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