The Cursed Lightning Bolt

Albus thinks a lot of his father after the so called "time-turning accident in a parallel universe", but is Harry Potter the "chosen one" strong enough to resist the mirror of Erised?


1. Dad are you sure?

Albus was sitting in his room, everything the same except the blanket and the love potion. The spilled potion was cleaned up and the blanket was folded on this table. He was drained both physically and mentally. It was hard for him to show any emotions the whole year was a disaster on one hand but as his father said "At least we knew about her early". Albus got things mixed up in his head the different worlds he experienced felt too familiar, even though he knew what is reality 100% his instinct was a lil' broken. But what he knew for sure was that he now personally knew the bravest man on Earth. No it was not Severus Snape though he heard some great things of was Harry Potter his father, that in his eyes looked so fantastic. He knew he did amazing things but when they were in the Godric's Hollow in 1981 it felt so...weird. He saw his grandparents and knew they were going to die that night, he didn't know them at all but he felt a strong need to save them even at a high cost. And when he looked on the face of his dad he didn't see the same expression there. Dad knew they are gonna die. He thought to himself. And he didn't even show a hint of wanting to save them in his eyes. First he fell hatred for him, how could he be so ruthless, but later he was just proud. He was proud of his dad, and for the first time he was happy thd dad is Harry Potter. 

Albus stood up opened the door and went downstairs to get something he'll be able to chunk on. Maybe a chocolate? He though as he sprinted down the stairs only to almost knock out someone. He fell right through the body of someone hitting the stairs with his jaw and rolling down a few stairs hitting himself EVERYWHERE. "Ouch!" He whispered and then started laughing maniacally...his humour was cheap but he liked it a lot. Just then he realised there is a second person on the stairs. He didn't roll down the stairs but was rubbing his head, Albus probably kicked him when he fell over. Albus stood up balancing on his feet "Um sorry dad" it was Harry. Albus thought he'd get a laugh or a scold from his dad. But he had a blank expression and at first he didn't want to question it because he was really hungry. But Harry said nothing. At all. So he decided to apologize, his dad just said it's ok. So Albus turned around to get to the kitchen but in the dark of the stairway something tickled his eyesight it was a metal thin chain hanging from Harrys' pocket. "Dad you have a pocket watch?" Harry didn't understand the question till Albus pointed at his pocket. He looked down on the hanging chain, quickly realising what he saw he ruffled the "pocketwatch?" into the pocket of his coat. "Oh um yes, Hermione gave them to me for my birthday. She says that a minister worker should be on time" he gives the answer a little laugh but he still looks uncertain. Albus felt weird his dad never talked like this, but he remembered the face it has his lying face. When he told Ron how good his jokes were this is the face he gave him. "Dad this is your lying face." Albus points that out right away. "Whaaaat? No." Yeah now he was 100% sure he was lying. But suddenly he saw a hint of sadness in him. And a lightbulb popped above his head. 

"Dad I think you should return the time-turner."

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